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Controller Redundancy Just Got Easier

SNAP PAC redundant controllers

Now you can create a redundant industrial control and automation system for even greater system reliability without having to buy special controllers, cables, or I/O.

  • Use Opto 22 SNAP PAC S-series programmable automation controllers, our regular standalone PACs at regular prices—the same ones you use in any SNAP PAC System.
  • Use SNAP I/O, known for its reliability and wide variety of signal inputs. Standard product.
  • Connect controllers with standard Cat5 Ethernet network and RS-485 serial cabling. No special wires.
  • Develop your redundant control program with our standard PAC Project Professional 9.0 industrial control software suite.

Standard controllers make commissioning and testing easier. Since either controller can be active or backup, you can swap controller roles at any time.

What is controller redundancy? It's a way to increase your system's mean time between failures (MTBF) by providing a backup controller that takes over running the control program in the unlikely event that the first controller fails.

For details on setting up a redundant system, see the SNAP PAC Redundancy Option User's Guide, form #1831.

Programming flexibility

PAC Project Professional 9.0 includes all the industrial control software you need:

  • PAC Control—Easy-to-use flowchart-based control programming with optional scripting. For redundancy, you have complete control over which variables and points are synchronized and when synchronization occurs.
  • PAC Display—Full-featured HMI (alarming, trending, operator security, automation graphics library)
  • OptoOPCServer—Robust OPC server
  • OptoDataLink—Database connectivity software
  • PAC Redundancy Manager—Utility for easy setup and maintenance of your redundant system

Introducing the SNAP-PAC-ROK

To set up your redundant controller system, you'll need two identical SNAP PAC S-series controllers, the PAC Project Professional 9.0 software suite, and the SNAP PAC Redundancy Option Kit (SNAP-PAC-ROK).

The SNAP-PAC-ROK includes:

  • Arbiter—an industrial hardware device that constantly monitors controller status and switches controllers from backup to active when needed
  • Redundant Power Switch—a relay device that restarts the redundant controllers based on decisions from the arbiter

Read the SNAP-PAC-ROK data sheet.

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