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43044 Business Park Drive, Temecula, CA 92590 USA
Local & outside the USA:(951) 695-3000
Toll-Free within the USA:(800) 321-6786
Fax: (951) 695-3095
Email: sales@opto22.com

Easy Access Links for Things You Want To Do

My.Opto navigation at www.opto22.com

Here are some quick ways to do things you want to do on the Opto 22 website—things like these:

  • Find information on products you're interested in
  • Get data sheets or other documents you refer to frequently
  • Register software
  • Sign up for training classes
  • And more

Most pages on the Opto 22 website have a navigation bar on the right side of the page (see image at right). Let's look at this bar, starting from the bottom.

For fast access to products, documents, and downloads you've looked at recently, click Recently Viewed. Note that this works while you're on the same computer or anytime you're logged into your My.Opto22 account.

Most Popular lists products, docs, and downloads a lot of Opto customers (not just you)
look at.

Click Contact Opto 22 to see our phone numbers, email, and hours.

Moving up the nav bar, there's your Cart. Whether or not you buy products online, you can save them in your cart and just click to see their details again.

My OptoProducts

My OptoProducts is worth a closer look. From here you can click the tabs to see a lot of interesting things. You'll need to log into your My.Opto22 account to see these (and they're a good reason to create a free account):

  • Your favorite Products, Documents & KBs, and Downloads
  • Your Cart (this tab is just another way to access your Cart)
  • BOMs (bills of material) you've created from Opto parts
  • I/O Units you've built in the SNAP PAC Configurator
  • Your current Subscriptions (email notices about specific products, etc.)
My OptoProducts - favorites, BOMs, I/O unit configurations

Notice that you can use the icons within each tab to change, add, or delete items. Take a few minutes to explore My OptoProducts and see which tabs you find useful.

My.Opto22 Home

My.Opto Home for changing your profile, checking online orders, registering software, registering for training

My.Opto22 Home gives you another set of tools. You'll also need to be logged into your My.Opto22 account to use these. You can:

  • Follow quick links to tabs in My OptoProducts
  • Change your Profile on My.Opto22
  • See your online Order History
  • Register Opto 22 software and see registration numbers
  • Register for Training classes

If you already have a My.Opto22 account, you're ready to roll. If not, why not create one now? It's easy—and free.

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