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SNAP Ethernet-Based I/O

Connect industrial I/O to standard Ethernet networks

Opto 22 SNAP I/O works with off-the-shelf networks, wired or wireless.

The I/O processor () provides communication and local intelligence:

SNAP Ethernet-based I/O

Reliable industrial I/O modules include , , and inputs and outputs, most with a lifetime guarantee.

Product support is FREE.

Use SNAP I/O in three ways:

  • Connected to an Opto 22 control system. With a SNAP PAC programmable automation controller and PAC Project industrial control software, SNAP I/O distributes local intelligence to the I/O level for greater system efficiency.
  • As intelligent remote I/O in another system. Connect to Allen-Bradley industrial PLC systems, use the built-in protocol, or use to exchange data with other manufacturers' systems.
  • For PC-based control. Use SoftPAC, a software-based programmable automation controller that runs PAC Control programs on your PC. Or develop custom applications using our free SNAP PAC .NET OptoMMP Messaging Toolkit. You can also use to send traps to a network management system, to email alarms and conditions, or even to communicate remotely over a modem.
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