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43044 Business Park Drive, Temecula, CA 92590 USA
Local & outside the USA:(951) 695-3000
Toll-Free within the USA:(800) 321-6786
Fax: (951) 695-3095
Email: sales@opto22.com
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Not Only Free, But Great Support

Hear what our customers are saying about our expert Product Support Team:

  • "Not once but twice within several days I was given quick, courteous and professional technical support."
  • "Their eagerness, prompt and competent support greatly contributes and enhances customers using Opto 22 products."
  • "They are among the best support people of any of the vendors I deal with. It is a pleasure working with them."
  • "Many thanks for your extensive help, I call this TOP-support, from whom many firms can learn."
  • "...knowledgeable, determined, pleasant and a pleasure to work with -- I know this is what your company stands for, I have had nothing but good experiences with your people. Thanks again for the support...your support says much about your product."
  • "You saved me and the company a great deal of time by pointing us to the right information! If only all companies' tech support was this efficient and courteous..."
  • "I only wish there were more engineers with your skill and patience in the industry."
  • "One of the fastest responses to a request that I have ever received!"
  • "Thank you very much. Such great support makes me very proud to be an Opto 22 customer."
  • "The tech support I've received...has been nothing short of exemplary."

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Product Support

Our Product Support team, located in the United States at our corporate office in California, is available to answer your questions Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time.

Product support is FREE!
Phone: 951-695-3080
Toll-free (in the U.S. and Canada): 800-835-6786
Email: support@opto22.com

Need Help After Hours?

Our website is here to serve you, too. Check out all the free tools available to support you at any time:

More Customer Testimonials

  • "OUTSTANDING support!!"
  • "I would like to extend my appreciation for having a TRUE support team. They don't stop until they have fixed the problem."
  • "Wow. Having been in your shoes in the past, I'm flattered to be getting so much attention!...Your dedicated support to fix them is what keeps me your customer."
  • "...diligence, patience and friendly telephone manner is a credit to you and to the Opto family. I am sold on Opto products and with the type of support afforded to me, you can be assured that I will be using Opto products in my future endeavors."
  • "...my thanks for all the trouble you went to to solve our long-standing problem...We are pleased that the high quality hardware is backed up by high quality technical assistance."
  • "Thanks sooo much for your help in finding a solution on this. You all really made me look good for a meeting I had this afternoon. Tell your boss you get an A+ on customer service!!
  • "The tech support that I received is without a doubt, THE MOST PROFESSIONAL, COURTEOUS AND TRULY CONCERNED that I have ever come across. I truly salute him and your staff."
  • "It is really heartening to have such great technical support backing us up."
  • "Cool! You guys rule. Rock On!"
  • Product Support Group
  • "Kudos to you... Awesome job."
  • "I am just blown away at the support I have been getting. I have 25 years experience...not once have I found a level of support that equals the efforts of Opto22. Every person that I have e-mailed or talked to on the phone has been polite, helpful, knowledgeable and not grumpy. In addition, the support turn around time has usually been less than 24 hours and sometimes faster."
  • "Thanks again for your outstanding support and follow-up!"
  • "...my experience with Opto22 has been excellent from start to finish. From getting answers to my technical questions, to placing an order..."
  • "...demeanor and capabilities should be applauded, especially when often times customer support is anything but that. Thank you so much..."
  • "IT'S WORKING GREAT! ...Once again thank you for your help"
  • "...you are a lifesaver..."
  • "Thanks for the information. This is one of the reasons I love working with Opto22. Support is cool."
  • "Your support service always has been and is continuing to be excellent."
  • "Thank you for your help, you can not imagine how much you helped me get this task going."
  • "Again, thanks for promptly responding to my questions..."
  • "I appreciate using a product that has such good support."
  • "I thank you for your prompt assistance."
  • "...there is still some great product support out there. I really enjoy working with the Opto22 line of products and always appreciate support after the sale."
  • "Thank you. Thank you many times over -- it is rare enough to get a support response, let alone a response as quick and helpful as yours."
  • "...how impressed I was in working with your technical support people..."
  • "...thank you for taking a very active role in helping me. Your response times were always terrific and you always had a very good grasp of the problem."
  • "...professional that is fully intent on our customer's problem being fully solved."
  • "I am impressed with the level of service."
  • "...the staff at OPTO22 have been great. The pre-sales help and the support during the startup phases has just been outstanding. I am very pleased with my decision to use OPTO 22 for this project. Thank you so much for the help."
  • "...the tech support group gets, an A+!!"
  • "If all support people responded to customer needs as you did today. Life would be great. Thanks again."
  • "Your patience and perseverance are greatly appreciated."
  • "Thank you very much for your fast response."
  • "...you have some great folks working with you - their technical prowess is only surpassed by their willingness (and ability) to please."
  • "I wish to express my gratitude for your fast response to help me out of this problem...Wish all suppliers were like this ..."
  • "Please accept my sincerest thanks for the efforts you and your colleagues put into sorting out our problems..."
  • "I have been really impressed with the level of technical support provided by Opto 22..."
  • "Excellent service thank you very, very much."
  • "Well, once again it seems I am in debt to you and the others at Opto 22 for bailing us out of trouble yet again..."
  • "Thank you very much for your quick response."
  • "BRAVO! Thanks for quick and efficient help!! It DID solve my problem and the customer felt real support from the manufacturer."
  • "...exemplifies what great customer service is all about...knowledge, ability and willingness to help cannot be beat...It is not very often you find someone who is willing to go the extra mile for the customer."
  • "...messages from customers expressing how pleased and satisfied they are with the response time and product knowledge from the Tech Support Group. Many thanks for making our customers know they can count on Opto."
  • "I compliment you on the level of service in an age where we are doing 'more with less'."
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