Opto 22

43044 Business Park Drive, Temecula, CA 92590 USA
Local & outside the USA:(951) 695-3000
Toll-Free within the USA:(800) 321-6786
Fax: (951) 695-3095
Email: sales@opto22.com

Happy holidays from all of us at Opto 22


Whose dog is that?

Frida of Opto 22

That's Frida, our own Opto 22 dog.

A rescue dog, Frida has roamed the halls at Opto 22 in the company of her owner, our CEO Mark Engman, for five years now.

Once confined to a cage in a puppy mill and bred constantly, Frida was rescued by Mark and his wife Karen, a director of the rescue organization BostonBuddies.

Now Frida lives a happy life with a whole company of people who pet her and talk to her and try to give her treats she shouldn't have.

Boston Terriers at Opto 22

Frida carries on a long tradition of Boston Terriers who've joined the Engmans at work here and been happily spoiled by everyone at Opto 22.

Opto 22 Founders Bob and Mary Jane Engman first brought in Mr. Emerson in 1984.

Next came Sabrina in the 1990s, later followed by the brother and sister team Ben and Amy, shown below.

Ben and Amy at Opto 22

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