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Opto 22 Integration Kits

Download these free, easy-to-use integration kits and let your SNAP PAC System talk to other systems. Documentation included.


Modbus Integration Kit for PAC Control

Modbus Integration Kit for PAC Control—SNAP PAC controllers using PAC Control can connect via a serial or Ethernet network to any Modbus device and communicate using the Modbus (or Modbus/TCP) protocol.

The Integration Kit contains a set of PAC Control master subroutines, an example Modbus Master chart, a PAC Control slave subroutine, an example Modbus Slave that uses the slave subroutine, a demo data chart, and example initialization files.

Allen-Bradley DF1

Allen-Bradley Data Highway DF1 Integration Kit for PAC Control—In this integration kit, subroutines provide an easy method of communicating with Allen-Bradley drivers or PLCs using the DF1 protocol. Opto 22 controllers can act as either a master or a slave device. They can be connected directly to the serial port on an Allen-Bradley PLC or to Data Highway networks using standard Data Highway interface devices.

NOTE: Did you know that SNAP PAC controllers and brains have built-in support for EtherNet/IP, the protocol used by many A-B PLCs such as MicroLogix, CompactLogix, and ControlLogix? You don't need an integration kit to communicate with these systems.


Optomux Integration Kit for PAC Control Professional—Subroutines and a sample strategy in this integration kit make it easy to communicate with Optomux I/O (B1, B2, E1, and E2 brain boards) from a SNAP PAC controller using standard PAC Control Professional commands. Requires PAC Control Professional 8.1a or newer.

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Energy, Utilities, Buildings

BACnet Protocol Integration Kit for SNAP-PAC-S—This integration kit enables your SNAP PAC System equipped with a SNAP-PAC-S1 or SNAP-PAC-S2 controller to communicate with a BACnet MS/TP network via RS-485. BACnet is a communications protocol for building automation and control networks. MS/TP is a Master-Slave/Token-Passing specification of BACnet. The integration kit contains BACnet_Protocol and Master_Sub charts you can use in your PAC Control strategy.

DNP3 Integration Kit for PAC Control—Opto 22 SNAP PAC controllers, using PAC Control, can connect via an Ethernet network or serial port and communicate using DNP3, the Distributed Network Protocol. The integration kit contains a set of PAC Control subroutines that are added to a strategy to add DNP events, an example DNP3 strategy containing the DNP3_protocol, and DNP3_CROB charts that are imported into a strategy to enable an Opto 22 controller to communicate as a DNP3 Level 2 Outstation.

IEC60870-5 Integration Kit for PAC Project Professional—With this kit your Opto 22 SNAP PAC controllers using PAC Control can connect via an Ethernet network and a serial port or serial module in order to communicate using IEC60870-5-101 and IEC60870-5-104. IEC60870-5 is a standard from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), used to manage automated power systems. The integration kit includes a sample strategy and subroutines.


TL1 Integration Kit for PAC Control—The example strategy in this integration kit shows you how to manage telecommunication network elements (NEs) using the Transaction Language 1 (TL1) protocol, an element management protocol widely used in North America.


Basler DGC-2020 Digital Genset Controller Integration Kit for PAC Control—PAC Control and PAC Display files included in this Opto 22 kit provide an interface to use a SNAP PAC controller to read and write Modbus parameters to a DGC-2020 Digital Genset Controller by Basler Electric.

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