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Expand your Allen-Bradley® PLC System

Reliable, inexpensive SNAP I/O™ from Opto 22 expands your A-B PLC system. Most I/O modules are guaranteed for life.
Product support is free.

Use our distributed intelligence to shift I/O scanning and control to the local I/O level. Add new functions, reduce network traffic, and improve overall system performance.

groov. Create mobile-ready HMIs for your A-B system that can be securely used on any brand computer, tablet, or smartphone with a web browser. Learn more on groov.com.

Learn more about IO4AB:


Build your intelligent remote I/O

Control Engineering Engineers' Choice Award

Build your I/O online with the SNAP I/O Configurator.
Or follow these steps to learn more about components:

Choose a mounting rack: 4, 8, 12, or 16 slots

Choose a brain for remote I/O processing, including PID loop control:

  • analog / serial / simple digital brain
  • analog / serial / high-speed digital brain

Choose the I/O you need: analog, discrete (digital), serial

Free help from Opto Engineers

Learn More about IO4AB

Questions? Call Pre-sales Engineering for answers:
800-321-6786 (toll-free in the U.S.) or 951-695-3000.
Pre-sales engineering is free.

See for Yourself

Get all your questions answered in a live online demo. Call your local distributor or Arun Sinha at Opto 22 (phone 800-321-6786 or email asinha@opto22.com) to schedule.

Learn how...watch the videos

IO4AB Video

Opto 22 Engineer Alexi Beck Gray walks you through using SNAP I/O with an A-B system, step by step.

  • Part 1—Configuring SNAP I/O, creating assembly instances, and bringing data into RSLogix.
  • Part 2—Using distributed discrete functions: counter, watchdog, fail state, and pulse train.
  • Part 3—Using distributed analog functions: scaling in engineering units, maximum values, and clamping.
  • Part 4—Configuring PID loops to run on the I/O; tuning PIDs graphically.

Watch the videos.

Try it Yourself

SNAP IO4AB Learning Center

The SNAP IO4AB Learning Center includes everything you need to learn how to use SNAP I/O with A-B systems—rack, brain, I/O, configuration software, load panel, and step-by-step tutorial. Find out more.

All Opto 22 products are made and supported in the U.S.A.

All Opto 22 products are manufactured and supported in the U.S.A.

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