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Network LED Dimmer

A solid-state dimmer you can put on your serial network


With our new solid-state Network LED Dimmer, you can control low-voltage LED lamps, bulbs, strips, bars, and rope through your RS-485 serial network.

Designed to control 12/24 VDC constant-voltage LED assemblies, the Dimmer uses any of three serial protocols: DMX512-A, Modbus/ASCII, or Optomux.

Since the Dimmer uses pulse width modulation to dim LEDs linearly, there's minimal color shift and performance is flicker free. Best applications:

  • LED color mixing
  • Studio and theater lighting
  • Roadway, step, or path marking
  • Backlighting
  • Facade or wall lighting
  • Other applications that require variable light from LEDs

See product details and specifications for the Network LED Dimmer.

Special Bonus Feature with a Smart Phone

LED Dimmer QR Code for Mobile Page

Use your smart phone and our special mobile page to determine how to set configuration for the Dimmer, or to find out what the current configuration means.

It's easy and fast. Just scan or tap the QR code here and follow the link, or scan the QR code on the Dimmer's inside cover. Or open a browser and go to op22.co/LED-SPCV-LV100W. This page has been formatted for a mobile device. Once you're on the page, click or tap Configuring.

About Opto 22

OEMs, machine builders, and system designers have used Opto 22 products for more than 35 years to monitor, acquire data from, and control all kinds of machines and devices.

  • Our field-proven solid-state relays and I/O modules are famous for their reliability, and most are guaranteed for life.
  • Opto 22 controllers communicate over standard networks using open protocols.
  • Controllers can exchange data with company databases, Allen-Bradley PLC systems, Modbus systems, OPC clients.
  • Opto 22 products are manufactured and supported in the U.S.A. Product support is free.

Learn more about Opto 22.

Watch the Video

LED Dimmer OptoMinute Video

Take an OptoMinute and watch the LED Dimmer video to learn more.

Or read the LED Dimmer data sheet.

Opto 22 is using the LED Dimmer for lighting the assembly lines on its own manufacturing floor.

LED Dimmer lighting at Opto 22 factory

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