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Machine Builders and Opto 22

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Are these some of your goals as a machine builder?

  • Reduce costs
  • Be able to change your design easily
  • Put the machine in service and forget about it
  • Add value for your customers through unique capabilities
  • Offer global support and availability of spare parts
  • Protect your intellectual property
  • Monitor and service remotely

Opto 22's SNAP PAC System and groov mobile operator interfaces make these goals possible with powerful yet easy-to-use software, hardware with OEM-specific advantages, and years of experience working with machine builders.

Powerful, easy-to-use software

PAC Control automation software

PAC Project. Compare PAC Project to traditional ladder logic programming. PAC Project offers:

  • Intuitive flowchart programming that "mirrors your machine" for easier design and maintenance
  • Plain English commands; plain language variable and I/O names you assign
  • Shared tag database for control program and HMI
  • Protection for your code

groov. groov makes it easy to develop an operator interface for your machine using an inexpensive commercial tablet.

  • All you need is a web browser to build your interface on any brand computer. No plugins.
  • Drag and drop from a library of pre-built gadgets, then tag them from the database you already built. No programming or coding.
  • Secure communications using SSL
  • Free groov View app for iOS so you can lock down your tablet interface.
groov interface for machine

Hardware with OEM-specific advantages

  • Local controller memory for data logging
  • True distributed intelligence
  • Low-cost modular I/O systems that are easy to wire and network
  • Flexible communication options, including open protocols and remote monitoring over modem, radio, smartphone, tablet, and wireless 802.11a, b, or g
  • groov Box
  • Small-footprint, fanless groov Box that securely serves easy-to-build operator interfaces on inexpensive, off-the-shelf tablets or smartphones

Experience with machine builders

Since 1974, when Opto 22 introduced a line of optically isolated solid-state relays (SSRs) for the component OEM market, we've given machine builders reliable products to meet their needs.

The SNAP PAC System and groov are used by OEMs throughout the world in a wide variety of machines and applications—including process control, discrete automation, data acquisition, and remote monitoring.

Why do business with Opto 22?

Quality. Your machine is only as reliable as the components used to build it. Every Opto 22 part is tested (no statistical testing), twice. All our products are manufactured at our headquarters in California, assuring control over all aspects of quality.

People. Opto 22 is big enough to be stable, yet small enough to be close to our customers. Pre-sales engineering and product support are free. Call Opto 22 and talk with a real person!

Lower Cost of Ownership. Some OEMs look at the initial cost of a system but fail to look at the overall cost of ownership over time. With the SNAP PAC System and groov, your cost of ownership is low. Here's why:

  • Free control software (compare to $3,000–5,000 for others)
  • Free pre-sales engineering
  • Free factory training and website resources for fast learning
  • Free product support—no support contract required
  • Reliable products that just keep working, and a lifetime warranty on most I/O modules

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