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3-Phase Power Monitoring—New Wider Voltage Range

Two modules to choose from

Power monitoring analog input module

SNAP-AIPM-3: Monitors 85-300 volts and
0-5 amps
SNAP-AIPM-3V: Monitors 85-300 volts and uses 0.333 VAC CT inputs for easier, safer installation

Each module has two wired inputs for each phase (voltage and current).

Each module calculates:

  • True power and volt-amps for each phase
  • True power sums for all three phases

You can easily calculate leading or lagging power factor from module data.

See the SNAP-AIPM data sheet.


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Manage electrical usage & costs

SNAP-AIPM-3 with rack

Mount either power monitoring module on a SNAP PAC rack with any combination of , , and I/O modules and a SNAP PAC or rack-mounted .

For complete control, use a SNAP PAC rack-mounted controller. Easy-to-program PAC Control logic can automatically calculate power factor and manage motors, machines, and devices.

For Allen-Bradley® Logix systems, use the power monitoring modules with a SNAP PAC brain. The brain processes I/O and communicates with the PLC.
Learn more about I/O for A-B PLCs

Electricity transmission

For more about energy monitoring, read the white paper, Automation and the Smart Grid: Energy Management Today.

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