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Join Us at the 2011 West Coast EMC

Download Your Complimentary Pass to the Expo

OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring unit

Join us in booth 329 at the Expo and see the easy-to-use OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring unit. Download a complimentary Expo pass.

OptoEMU connects directly to electrical equipment such as compressors, to pulsing meters, and to electrical panels in your facility.

Pulse Energy displays energy data from OptoEMU Sensor

Then the Sensor delivers energy data in real time so you can analyze the data for patterns and use it for complete energy management. Learn more about the OptoEMU Sensor.

See live data from an OptoEMU Sensor at Opto 22 headquarters in California.

About Opto 22

Commercial and industrial businesses have used Opto 22 products for more than 35 years to monitor, control, and get data from all kinds of equipment.

  • Opto 22 products communicate over standard networks using open protocols.
  • Energy data can be exchanged with company databases and control systems.
  • All products are manufactured and supported in the U.S.A.
  • Save Energy Now Leader logo
  • Product support is free.

Learn more about Opto 22.

Energy Management Congress Conference and Expo

West Coast Energy Management Congress 2011 Conference and Expo

When: June 15-16, 2011
Where: Long Beach, California

The West Coast EMC Conference focuses on energy innovation. Come to the conference and learn about:

- New legal codes and requirements
- Energy efficiency success stories
- The latest developments in renewable energy
- Green building design
- And more

We'll be at the Expo in Booth 329. See you there!

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