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OptoDataLink Data Exchange Software

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Production Specification

OptoDataLink, part of the PAC Project Professional Software Suite, provides data exchange between groov EPIC processors or the SNAP PAC System and popular databases such as Microsoft(R) SQL Server, Microsoft Access, and MySQL. OptoDataLink connects your control system with the tools used for making business decisions.

NOTE: OptoDataLink is compatible with groov EPIC but may not be needed The advanced groov EPIC system includes multiple data exchange methods.

OptoDataLink transparently provides multiple connections for exchanging data. The data elements you created when programming your PAC Control strategy, such as I/O points and variables, are automatically available for use in OptoDataLink. Simply choose data elements from the list and use OptoDataLink’s configuration tool to link the data source and the data destination.

OptoDataLink is available separately or as part of PAC Project Professional. Either way you purchase it, complete documentation in Adobe PDF format is included with your download.

To find out if you can upgrade to this version for free, see the Opto 22 Software Upgrade Policy

If you are using older (non-SNAP PAC) controllers or brains with PAC Project, see the SNAP PAC System Migration Technical Note (form 1688) for important information.

All PAC Project software, both Basic and Professional, is in one single download. You can install the Basic version right away to get started. To install OptoDataLink, first purchase the software, and then contact Opto 22 to confirm your purchase and receive your password. More about purchasing software and getting a password.

When you have your password, download and run the installer file. Choose PAC Project Professional and enter your password for OptoDataLink.

The following applications are installed by default. If you don't want them all, when prompted during the installation process, uncheck the ones you don't want.
  • OptoDataLink
  • PAC Control Basic
  • PAC Display Basic
  • PAC Manager
  • Tools (PAC Utilities)
  • EtherNet/IP Configurator
OptoDataLink can be purchased separately or as part of the PAC Project Professional Software Suite.

Databases: Microsoft SQL Server™ versions 2000, 2005, 2008, and 2012; MySQL® versions 3.5 and 5.1 (32-bit); Microsoft Access® versions 2000 – 2003 and 2007 – 2010; and other ODBC compliant databases.

Installation requirements:
  • A computer with at least the minimum processor and memory required for your version of Microsoft® Windows®, and Ethernet capability. Additional memory may be required for some configurations.
  • Any of the following operating systems:
    • Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (32-bit or 64-bit)
    • Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (32-bit or 64-bit)
    • For OptoOPCServer and OptoDataLink only, Windows Server® 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2008 R2 are also supported.
Note: Other versions of Windows operating systems and embedded Windows operating systems are not supported.‚Äč
  • VGA or higher resolution monitor (Super VGA recommended). Minimum size: 800x600 with small fonts.
  • Mouse or other pointing device.
  • Installed Windows printer (optional).
  • Available hard disk space required:
    • OptoDataLink only: 18.5 MB
    • PAC Project Professional (installed with default components, including OptoDataLink): 691.5 MB

PAC Project Data Sheet

The PAC Project software suite is one of the four components of the SNAP PAC System. PAC Project comes in two forms: Basic and Professional.

PAC Project Basic is included free in your purchase of a SNAP PAC controller. It includes everything you need for most automation or monitoring applications: control programming, HMI development, and I/O configuration software.

PAC Project Professional is available for purchase as a suite or as individual software components. It includes everything in Basic and adds OPC communication, database connectivity, additional features, and support for legacy Opto 22 hardware.

PAC Project Basic and Professional Comparison Chart

This chart compares the features included in PAC Project Basic and Professional. These software suites provide automation software for the groov EPIC system and the SNAP PAC System. 

OptoDataLink Data Sheet

OptoDataLink, part of the PAC Project Professional software suite, provides data exchange between the SNAP PAC System and popular databases such as Microsoft® SQL Server®, Access®, and MySQL®.

SNAP PAC System Product Guide

This document lists and describes all Opto 22 SNAP PAC System part numbers, including PAC Project software, SNAP PAC controllers, SNAP PAC brains, and SNAP I/O modules of all kinds. SNAP PAC mounting racks and SNAP power supplies are also listed.

PAC Project Readme Notes

Latest Readme for PAC Project Basic and Professional. Includes information on new features, enhancements, and bug fixes for each PAC Project application: PAC Control, PAC Display, OptoOPCServer, PAC Manager, and Tools.

PAC Project R10.0 Release Notes

Release Notes for PAC Project Software Suite, version 10.0.

PAC Project Basic provides control programming, HMI development and runtime, and configuration and utility programs.

PAC Project Professional adds a robust OPC server, database connectivity, multiple PAC Display seats, controller redundancy, legacy hardware support, and a software-based controller for PC-based control.

These release notes include new features and enhancements for PAC Control, PAC Display, and PAC Manager, as well as important notes on installation and use. For information about bug fixes in this release, see the PAC Project Readme Notes.


OptoDataLink, part of the PAC Project Professional Software Suite, provides data exchange between the SNAP PAC System and popular databases such as Microsoft(R) SQL Server, Microsoft Access, and MySQL. OptoDataLink connects your SNAP PAC System with the tools used for making business decisions.

OptoDataLink is available separately or as part of PAC Project Professional. Complete documentation is included in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The download file includes other PAC Project software in addition to OptoDataLink.

PAC Project Software - MSI for Command Line Installation

Use this .msi (Microsoft® Installer) installation file to install PAC Project software from the command line in Microsoft Windows®.

A command line installation of PAC Project in silent mode requires no user input once installation has begun. This is useful if you are an OEM machine builder who makes many copies of the same machine, or if you are an integrator or someone at a large company who wants to use an installation script. An .msi installation file is designed for a network-wide installation, and it works with Microsoft network features such as Active Directory.

Video: SNAP PAC System Overview

This overview describes the four integrated components of the SNAP PAC system: software, controllers, brains and I/O. This hardware and software system is designed for industrial control, remote monitoring and data acquisition.

Video: OptoDataLink Introduction

OptoDataLink is an easy-to-use database communication application that shares data between your company database and the SNAP PAC system.

Learn how to configure a datalink, log data to an ASCII file and database, and send data to a PAC from a database.

Video: OptoDataLink Database Integration Software

A quick overview on OptoDataLink Database Integration Software.

Video: Webinar: Introduction to OptoDataLink

Learn about how to use OptoDataLink in this webinar.