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Case Studies2180 Case Study: Controlled Atmosphere Storage
Case study for controlled atmosphere (CA) storage
Case Studies2178 Case Study: Enterprise Data Center Retrofit
Case study that describes a retrofit of an enterprise data center
Other Technical Documents2181 Sinking or Sourcing Technical Note
Are you confused about sinking and sourcing when wiring DC circuits? This technical note explains what sinking and sourcing mean, explores where you would use one wiring method rather than the other, and shows how to use a digital output module with your DC circuit.
Case Studies2179 Case Study: Vista Irrigation District
Case study on Vista Irrigation District, a water district in Southern California
Manuals2132 HART SNAP I/O Modules User's Guide
This guide shows you how to install and use Opto 22's HART SNAP I/O analog input and output modules, either with PAC Control or in a custom program you develop.
Product Data Sheets & Overviews2080 HART SNAP I/O Modules Data Sheet

HART® SNAP I/O modules for analog current input and output provide communication with other Highway Addressable Remote Transducer (HART) current loop devices.

Product Data Sheets & Overviews1120 SNAP Power Supplies Data Sheet
SNAP power supplies provide the best source of AC or DC power for your Opto 22 SNAP PAC hardware. Packaged in a compact, sturdy housing, SNAP power supplies include a built-in fuse, an LED status indicator, and an ON/OFF power switch for ease of use.

This document provides information and specifications for SNAP-PS5, SNAP-PS5U, SNAP-PS24, SNAP-PS24U, and SNAP-PS5-24DC power supplies. It includes power supplies that were previously documented in form #953 (0953) as well as those covered in form #1120.
Product Data Sheets & Overviews1594 SNAP PAC R-Series Controller Data Sheet
This data sheet describes Opto 22's SNAP PAC R-series programmable automation controllers, part of the SNAP PAC System. A SNAP PAC R-series controller is an on-the-rack, industrially hardened unit that handles multiple control, automation, and data acquisition tasks involving digital and analog control, serial string handling, PID, and enterprise connectivity.
Manuals1595 SNAP PAC R-Series Controllers User's Guide

This user's guide shows you how to install and use Opto 22's SNAP PAC R-series programmable automation controllers. SNAP PAC R-series controllers are on-the-rack industrial controllers. Each controller monitors and controls a wide range of devices and equipment wired to the I/O on its own rack and on distributed racks equipped with SNAP PAC EB-series brains. Alternatively, the R-series controller can be used as a slave to a larger, SNAP PAC S-series standalone industrial controller.

SNAP PAC controllers are programmed with PAC Control Basic or PAC Control Professional, Opto 22's flowchart-based development software, which is part of the PAC Project software suite.

Product Data Sheets & Overviews1689 SNAP PAC Brains Data Sheet

SNAP PAC brains are powerful and versatile I/O and network communications processors. Designed primarily to work in distributed systems controlled by a SNAP PAC controller, SNAP PAC Ethernet brains can also be used as intelligent remote I/O for Allen-Bradley Logix-based PLC systems.

SNAP PAC brains provide local intelligence for functions such as latching, counting, thermocouple linearization, watchdog timers, and PID loop control.

Manuals1690 SNAP PAC Brains User's Guide

SNAP PAC brains, one of the four components of the SNAP PAC System, provide I/O processing and network communications for your distributed SNAP PAC System. SNAP PAC Ethernet brains can also be used as intelligent remote I/O in an Allen-Bradley Logix-based PLC system.

This guide shows you how to install and use all SNAP PAC brains: wired Ethernet, Wired+Wireless, and serial.

Other Technical Documents2171 Tuning a PID Control Loop Technical Note

This technical note explains the basic elements of a proportional integral derivative (PID) control loop and shows you how to use our online PID tuner.

In the online tuner you input specific data for your real-world PID loop. The tuner calculates functional P, I, and D values to tune your loop, as well as a suggested scan time.

The tuner is optimized for Opto 22 Velocity Type C and similar algorithms.

Manuals1673 SNAP PAC Motion Control User's Guide
This guide shows you how to install and use the SNAP PAC Motion Control Subsystem, which provides an integrated hardware and software toolset for controlling multi-axis stepper motors. The subsystem consists of serial host communication modules, breakout racks, and a free library of motion commands, which are used with Opto 22 PAC Control software.
Product Data Sheets & Overviews1672 SNAP Motion Control Subsystem Data Sheet
The SNAP-SCM-MCH16 motion control host module is a serial communication module that links up to four SNAP-SCM-BB4 motion control breakout boards with a SNAP PAC brain or rack-mounted controller. When mounted on a SNAP PAC rack and connected to a breakout board, a single SNAP-SCM-MCH16 module allows a SNAP PAC controller running a PAC Control™ programming strategy to control up to 16 stepper motors.
Product Data Sheets & Overviews1756 SNAP TEX Cables and Breakout Boards Data Sheet
SNAP TEX cables and breakout boards are part of the SNAP TEX family of wiring and mounting accessories. These parts save time and expense during installation, maintenance, and debugging by reducing the time and effort required to wire field devices to SNAP I/O modules.
Manuals1191 SNAP Serial Communication Modules User's Guide

The SNAP-SCM-232, SNAP-SCM-485-422, SNAP-SCM-PROFI, SNAP-SCM-W2, SNAP-SCM-CAN2B, and SNAP-SCM-ST2 serial communication modules are designed for use with the SNAP PAC System and can also be used in standalone I/O units. Each of these modules conveniently provides serial data at a remote Ethernet location.

  • - The SNAP-SCM-232 and SNAP-SCM-485-422 typically interface with printers, scales, chart recorders, and barcode systems.
  • - The SNAP-SCM-PROFI provides a standard electrical interface with PROFIBUS DP® networks.
  • - The SNAP-SCM-CAN2B provides an interface to a Controller Area Network (CAN), so your SNAP PAC system can receive data from CANbus devices.
  • - The SNAP-SCM-ST2 provides pulse and direction signals for stepper motor drives.
  • - The SNAP-SCM-W2 complies with the Wiegand interface format and is used for access control applications.
Product Data Sheets & Overviews1537 SNAP-SCM-CAN2B Communication Module Data Sheet
The SNAP-SCM-CAN2B is a high-speed serial communications module that provides one channel for transmitting data to or receiving data from devices on a Controller Area Network (CAN).

The SNAP-SCM-CAN2B module is designed for use with Opto 22’s SNAP PAC R-series controllers and SNAP PAC EB-series brains. The brain or controller processes the data from the module and can communicate the data to other parts of an Opto 22 SNAP PAC System™ or to another system (such as a Modbus® system or an OPC client).

Other Technical Documents1104 Guide to Troubleshooting Legacy Opto 22 Products
This document provides troubleshooting and use information for legacy Opto 22 products, including solid-state relays, G1 (Standard) and G4 I/O, Pamux, Optomux, SNAP digital and analog I/O modules, and serial B3000 SNAP brains.
Manuals2063 groov Quick Start Guide for GROOV-AT1

GROOV-AT1 NOTE: This quick start is for the older model GROOV-AT1 groov Box. If you have a GROOV-AR1 fanless Box, see form 2103 instead.

Opto 22's groov lets you easily build effective operator interfaces and view them on virtually any computer or mobile device, any size or manufacturer, from anywhere.

This Quick Start guide shows you how to set up groov, build a simple interface, and view it.

Manuals2077 groov Box User's Guide for GROOV AT1

This user's guide shows you how to set up and configure a groov Box, part number GROOV-AT1 or GROOV-AT1-SNAP. You can use groov to develop an operator interface to monitor and control your automation systems and equipment.

Product Data Sheets & Overviews1967 SNAP Mechanical Power Relay Output Module Data Sheet

The SNAP-OMR6T-C and SNAP-OMR6-C mechanical power relay output modules give you four isolated channels for switching loads up to 6 amps at 250 VAC or 30 VDC.

NOTE: Specifications and wiring diagrams for the obsolete SNAP-OMR6-A module are included in this data sheet for reference.

Product Data Sheets & Overviews1184 SNAP Serial Communication Modules Data Sheet

SNAP serial communication modules are designed for use with the SNAP PAC System and can also be used in I/O units without a controller. Each module provides one or two channels of serial data—RS-232 or RS-485/422—at a remote Ethernet location, on the same mounting rack with digital and analog I/O.

This document describes the SNAP-SCM-232 and SNAP-SCM-485-422 serial communication modules.

Manuals1563 E1 and E2 User's Guide

E1 and E2 brain boards are drop-in replacements for B1 and B2 Optomux brain boards. E1s and E2s offer both serial and Ethernet networking as well as multiple simultaneous protocols, including Optomux over both serial and Ethernet, Modbus/TCP, and OptoMMP (the memory-mapped protocol also used with SNAP Ethernet systems).

E1 and E2 brain boards can also be used with PAC Project software, such as PAC Control and OptoOPCServer.