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Manuals0876 SNAP I/O Module Integration Guide
This manual is designed for OEMs and others who are communicating directly with SNAP I/O analog, digital, and serial modules. Details of both the serial and ARCNET protocols are included.
Manuals1465 OptoMMP Protocol Guide

This guide is for programmers who are writing custom applications to communicate with Opto 22 memory-mapped devices. These devices include SNAP PAC controllers and SNAP PAC EB and SB brains; G4EB2 brains; SNAP Ultimate, SNAP Ethernet, and SNAP Simple I/O; E1 and E2 brain boards, and SNAP-LCE controllers.

The guide describes how to use the IEEE 1394-based OptoMMP memory-mapped protocol for programming. The guide also contains the complete memory map for all Opto 22 memory-mapped devices.

NOTE: This guide replaced previous individual programming guides for SNAP Ultimate I/O (form #1312) and SNAP Ethernet I/O (form #1227). This document was formerly called the "SNAP Ethernet-Based I/O Units Protocols and Programming Guide."

Case Studies2183 Case Study: San Diego Supercomputer Center
A new cooling system design at the San Diego Supercomputer Center conserves energy, saves SDSC money, and helps to preserve critical data.
Product Data Sheets & Overviews0773 SNAP Digital Input Modules Data Sheet
SNAP digital input modules are designed to work with SNAP PAC racks and can sense either AC or DC signals. All SNAP digital input modules are compatible with SNAP PAC brains and R-series controllers, including Wired+Wireless models.

Most digital input modules are also compatible with SNAP D-series or legacy M-series and B-series racks and with the brains that mount on them.
Product Data Sheets & Overviews1569 SNAP PAC System Product Guide
This document lists and describes all Opto 22 SNAP PAC System part numbers, including PAC Project software, SNAP PAC controllers, SNAP PAC brains, and SNAP I/O modules of all kinds. SNAP PAC mounting racks and SNAP power supplies are also listed.
Other Technical Documents1784 RPM Measurement Techniques
This technical note discusses field devices and methods for measuring the rotational speed of a shaft in revolutions per minute (RPM). RPM measurement is important when controlling or monitoring the speed of motors, conveyors, turbines, etc.
Case Studies1729 Case Study: Ballarat Health Services
Ballarat Health Services in Victoria, Australia, is a major health care organization comprising two hospitals, convalescent homes, psychiatric services, six nursing home hostels, and rehabilitation centers. Ballarat upgraded from older Opto 22 M4 controllers and now uses Opto 22's SNAP PAC System for equipment automation and building management. Their broad set of applications includes remote monitoring, alarming, process and discrete control, and data acquisition for performance optimization, energy management, and regulatory compliance reporting.
Case Studies2185 Case Study: Automating Semiconductor Tooling with PACs
Case study of how semiconductor tooling manufacturer Applied Microstructures (AMST) integrated the Opto 22 SNAP PAC System into their flagship molecular vapor deposition (MVD) tool.
Manuals1563 E1 and E2 User's Guide

E1 and E2 brain boards are drop-in replacements for B1 and B2 Optomux brain boards. E1s and E2s offer both serial and Ethernet networking as well as multiple simultaneous protocols, including Optomux over both serial and Ethernet, Modbus/TCP, and OptoMMP (the memory-mapped protocol also used with SNAP Ethernet systems).

E1 and E2 brain boards can also be used with PAC Project software, such as PAC Control and OptoOPCServer.

Product Data Sheets & Overviews1567 E1 and E2 Architecture and Migration Overview
The E1 and E2 brain boards are Ethernet-ready I/O and communication processors for digital and analog I/O systems. Designed as drop-in replacements for Opto 22's serial-based B1 and B2 brain boards, the E1 and E2 support both serial and Ethernet networking and multiple simultaneous protocols, including Optomux, OptoMMP, and Modbus/TCP.

This overview describes the system capabilities of the E1 and E2 and illustrates methods for migrating existing Optomux systems to use Ethernet networking, while preserving existing I/O racks, modules, and field wiring.

Other Technical Documents1576 I/O Configuration for E1 and E2 Brain Boards
Use the steps in this technical note to configure I/O points and features for E1 and E2 brain boards used with Modbus/TCP, OptoMMP (memory-mapped protocol), OPC, or any PAC Project software. (You do not need this technical note if you are using E1s and E2s with Optomux only.)
Manuals1191 SNAP Serial Communication Modules User's Guide

The SNAP-SCM-232, SNAP-SCM-485-422, SNAP-SCM-PROFI, SNAP-SCM-W2, SNAP-SCM-CAN2B, and SNAP-SCM-ST2 serial communication modules are designed for use with the SNAP PAC System and can also be used in standalone I/O units. Each of these modules conveniently provides serial data at a remote Ethernet location.

  • - The SNAP-SCM-232 and SNAP-SCM-485-422 typically interface with printers, scales, chart recorders, and barcode systems.
  • - The SNAP-SCM-PROFI provides a standard electrical interface with PROFIBUS DP┬« networks.
  • - The SNAP-SCM-CAN2B provides an interface to a Controller Area Network (CAN), so your SNAP PAC system can receive data from CANbus devices.
  • - The SNAP-SCM-ST2 provides pulse and direction signals for stepper motor drives.
  • - The SNAP-SCM-W2 complies with the Wiegand interface format and is used for access control applications.
Other Technical Documents1059 FM Approval Document
This document lists all Opto 22 part numbers that have Factory Mutual (FM) approval.
Manuals1678 Modbus/TCP Protocol Guide
This document shows you how to set up communication between Ethernet-based Modbus systems (using Modbus/TCP) and the SNAP PAC System. In addition to the SNAP PAC System (SNAP PAC S-series and R-series controllers and SNAP PAC brains), the guide also covers Modbus/TCP communication with older Opto 22 Ethernet-based devices, including SNAP Ethernet, SNAP Simple, and SNAP Ultimate I/O; and E1 and E2 brain boards.
Other Technical Documents1783 Opto 22 Warranties and Repair/Return Policy
This document describes Opto 22's product warranties, including the lifetime warranty on solid-state I/O modules and solid-state relays (SSRs). It includes a list of all products by part number showing the warranty that applies to each product.
Release NotesRM_GROOV_APP groov App Readme Notes

Latest Readme for groov App, which includes groov Build and groov View. This Readme provides information on new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. To get the latest groov updates, go to activate.groov.com.

Release NotesRM_GROOV_SERVER groov Server for Windows Readme Notes

Latest Readme for groov Server for Windows. This Readme provides information on new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. To get the latest groov updates, go to activate.groov.com.

Product Data Sheets & Overviews1684 SNAP PAC Racks Data Sheet

SNAP PAC racks mount one SNAP PAC brain or on-the-rack controller, plus up to 4, 8, 12, or 16 SNAP input/output (I/O) modules. Both standard wired controllers and brains and Wired+Wireless models are mounted on these racks.

I/O modules may be analog, digital, or serial modules. All module types can be mixed together on the same rack in any position.

Product Data Sheets & Overviews1065 SNAP Analog Input Modules Data Sheet

SNAP I/O analog input modules are part of Opto 22's SNAP PAC System. This document includes descriptions, specifications, and wiring and dimensional diagrams for most analog input modules.

For analog modules with channel-to-channel isolation, see form #1182.

Product Data Sheets & Overviews1066 SNAP Analog Output Modules Data Sheet
SNAP I/O analog output modules are part of Opto 22's SNAP PAC System. This document includes descriptions, specifications, and wiring and dimensional diagrams for all SNAP analog output modules.
Product Data Sheets & Overviews1053 SNAP Two-Axis Quadrature Input Module Data Sheet
The SNAP-IDC5Q quadrature input module is designed to allow a SNAP I/O unit to resolve two axes of rotating position information from quadrature encoder devices.
Product Data Sheets & Overviews1184 SNAP Serial Communication Modules Data Sheet