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Product Data Sheets & Overviews1065 SNAP Analog Input Modules Data Sheet

SNAP I/O analog input modules are part of Opto 22's SNAP PAC System. This document includes descriptions, specifications, and wiring and dimensional diagrams for most analog input modules.

For analog modules with channel-to-channel isolation, see form #1182.

Marketing Materials1761 SNAP PAC System: The Automation Solution for Machine Builders
This document discusses the advantages of Opto 22's SNAP PAC System for machine builders and OEMs: easy-to-use software, hardware with OEM-specific advantages, a lower cost of ownership, and Opto 22's years of experience working with machine builders.
Release NotesRM_GROOV_APP groov App Readme Notes

Latest Readme for groov App, which includes groov Build and groov View. This Readme provides information on new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. To get the latest groov updates, go to activate.groov.com.

Release NotesRM_GROOV_SERVER groov Server for Windows Readme Notes
Product Data Sheets & Overviews2060 groov Data Sheet

groov is Opto 22’s way to build and view mobile operator interfaces to monitor and control systems and equipment from smartphones and tablets.

Using only a modern web browser, groov lets you quickly and securely build and deploy mobile interfaces for automation, monitoring, and control applications. No programming or coding required.

These operator interfaces can then be viewed on mobile devices using the free groov View apps for iOS and Android. They can also be viewed on any brand computer, mobile device, or web-enabled TV that has a web browser, regardless of the device's size or operating system.

Manuals2027 groov Build and View User's Guide
This user's guide shows you how to set up, configure, and use groov to develop a mobile operator interface to monitor and control your automation systems and equipment.
Release NotesRM_SNAP_PAC_FW SNAP PAC Controllers and Brains Firmware README
This README file lists revision changes made to the firmware used in the SNAP PAC S-series and R-series controllers, and SNAP PAC EB-series brains.
Manuals1909 IO4AB User's Guide
This guide provides instructions on how to set up EtherNet/IP messaging between an Allen-Bradley® Logix™ controller and Opto 22’s SNAP PAC I/O using Opto 22’s EtherNet/IP Configurator as well as Allen-Bradley’s RSLogix™ 5000 software.
Product Data Sheets & Overviews1182 SNAP Isolated Analog Input Modules Data Sheet
The isolated analog input modules described in this document are part of Opto 22's SNAP PAC System. They provide optical isolation, transformer isolation, and channel-to-channel isolation.
Product Data Sheets & Overviews2072 ICTD Temperature Probes Data Sheet
ICTD temperature probes are temperature sensors used with Opto 22 ICTD analog input modules, including SNAP, G4, and Standard (G1) modules.
Product Data Sheets & Overviews1144 SNAP Digital Output Modules Data Sheet
Opto 22 SNAP digital output modules are designed to mount on SNAP PAC racks and be used with SNAP PAC brains and R-series controllers, both standard wired and Wired+Wireless models. Customers can choose from AC or DC output modules.

These modules are also compatible with SNAP D-series and legacy M-series and B-series racks, and they can be used with legacy Ethernet-based brains as well as other SNAP brains, such as the serial B3000 or the B3000-HA.
Product Data Sheets & Overviews0773 SNAP Digital Input Modules Data Sheet
SNAP digital input modules are designed to work with SNAP PAC racks and can sense either AC or DC signals. All SNAP digital input modules are compatible with SNAP PAC brains and R-series controllers, including Wired+Wireless models.

Most digital input modules are also compatible with SNAP D-series or legacy M-series and B-series racks and with the brains that mount on them.
Other Technical Documents2126 Opto 22 Mobile Apps for Automation

Opto 22 offers two types of mobile apps for use in automation:

- Diagnostic and commissioning apps for Opto 22 SNAP I/O and SNAP PAC Systems: Opto iPAC and Opto aPAC.

- Monitoring and controlling apps for almost any automation system or equipment from any manufacturer, including Opto 22 SNAP PAC Systems: groov View for iOS and groov View for Android.

This technical note compares these two types of apps and describes the best ways to use each.

Pressroom2127 Opto 22 Updates groov to Easily Connect Modbus/TCP Devices with Smartphones and Tablets
groov 2.3 press release
Release NotesRM_PAC_PROJ PAC Project Readme Notes

Latest Readme for PAC Project Basic and Professional. Includes information on new features, enhancements, and bug fixes for each PAC Project application: PAC Control, PAC Display, OptoOPCServer, PAC Manager, and Tools.

Also see form 2117, the PAC Project 9.4 Release Notes, which include important information on installation and use.

Other Technical Documents1805 Opto 22 REACH SVHC Confirmation Letter
This document responds to Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 and addresses the use of Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) in Opto 22 products.
Product Data Sheets & Overviews1981 G4EB2 Brain Data Sheet
The G4EB2 brain replaces a 32-channel digital brain in a serial or Pamux system with an Ethernet-based 32-channel brain that uses the OptoMMP protocol. Three part numbers are available for specific purposes.
Manuals2009 Modbus Integration Kit for PAC Control User's Guide
This Modbus Integration Kit for PAC Control allows Opto 22 SNAP PAC controllers using PAC Control to communicate using the Modbus Serial RTU, Modbus Serial ASCII or Modbus/TCP protocol. This kit replaces the Modbus/TCP Integration Kit for PAC Control (part # PAC-INT-MBTCP) and the Modbus Serial Integration Kit for PAC Control (part # PAC-INT-MBSER).

The Integration Kit contains a set of PAC Control master subroutines, an example Modbus Master chart, a PAC Control slave subroutine, an example Modbus Slave that uses the slave subroutine, a demo data chart, and example initialization files.

Manuals2104 groov Box User's Guide for GROOV AR1
This user's guide shows you how to set up and configure a GROOV-AR1 groov Box. You can use groov to develop an operator interface to monitor and control your system.
Manuals1465 OptoMMP Protocol Guide

This guide is for programmers who are writing custom applications to communicate with Opto 22 memory-mapped devices. These devices include SNAP PAC controllers and SNAP PAC EB and SB brains; G4EB2 brains; SNAP Ultimate, SNAP Ethernet, and SNAP Simple I/O; E1 and E2 brain boards, and SNAP-LCE controllers.

The guide describes how to use the IEEE 1394-based OptoMMP memory-mapped protocol for programming. The guide also contains the complete memory map for all Opto 22 memory-mapped devices.

NOTE: This guide replaced previous individual programming guides for SNAP Ultimate I/O (form #1312) and SNAP Ethernet I/O (form #1227). This document was formerly called the "SNAP Ethernet-Based I/O Units Protocols and Programming Guide."

Product Data Sheets & Overviews1780 PAC Terminal SSD Data Sheet
PAC Terminal SSD (Secure Strategy Distribution™) is a special version of PAC Terminal that allows you to to safely distribute a PAC Control strategy (either Basic or Pro) and to protect it once it is downloaded to a controller. PAC Terminal SSD also can ensure that new controller firmware is from Opto 22 and has not been modified by anyone.
Manuals1678 Modbus/TCP Protocol Guide
This document shows you how to set up communication between Ethernet-based Modbus systems (using Modbus/TCP) and the SNAP PAC System. In addition to the SNAP PAC System (SNAP PAC S-series and R-series controllers and SNAP PAC brains), the guide also covers Modbus/TCP communication with older Opto 22 Ethernet-based devices, including SNAP Ethernet, SNAP Simple, and SNAP Ultimate I/O; and E1 and E2 brain boards.
White Papers1785 Expanding Allen-Bradley Systems with Intelligent Remote I/O
This white paper explores a new way to expand Allen-Bradley PLC systems, adding functionality as well as additional I/O, with less strain on the central PLC and little programming.
White Papers1795 White Paper: Adding Process Control to a PLC-Based System
This white paper discusses the strengths of traditional programmable logic controller (PLC) systems and distributed control systems (DCSs). The paper weighs methods of adding process control to a PLC-based system and proposes distributed I/O processing as the best method. It also introduces intelligent remote SNAP I/O, which adds process control analog functions.
Other Technical Documents1799 Using Intelligent SNAP I/O with Allen-Bradley PLC Systems

This technical note introduces SNAP I/O (brain, mounting rack, and I/O modules) for Allen-Bradley industrial PLC systems that use EtherNet/IP, including ControlLogix, CompactLogix, and MicroLogix.

The technical note briefly presents communication concepts, such as implicit and explicit messaging, and describes how to use implicit messaging to communicate with an A-B RSLogix-based PLC system.

Other Technical Documents2135 .NET OptoMMP SDK for SNAP PAC
The .NET OptoMMP Software Development Kit (SDK) for SNAP PAC provides an easy-to-use interface for a developer to quickly create an Ethernet I/O-based application for Opto 22 products that use the OptoMMP protocol. This technical note shows you how to get started with the SDK.
Other Technical Documents2136 ActiveX OptoMMP Technical Note
This technical note helps you use the ActiveX portion of the C++ OptoMMP Software Development Kit (SDK) for SNAP PAC (part number PAC-DEV-OPTOMMP-CPLUS).
Other Technical Documents1648 Opto 22 RoHS Statement of Compliance - Lead-Free Products
This document is a statement of compliance with the EU Directive 2011/65/EU, Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). This document lists Opto 22 products that are lead free. For additional products not listed in this document, see Opto 22 form #1647, Opto 22 RoHS Statement of Compliance—Industrial Control and Monitoring Instruments.
Manuals2077 groov Box User's Guide for GROOV AT1
This user's guide shows you how to set up and configure a groov Box. You can use groov to develop an operator interface to monitor and control your system.
Manuals1191 SNAP Serial Communication Modules User's Guide

The SNAP-SCM-232, SNAP-SCM-485-422, SNAP-SCM-PROFI, SNAP-SCM-W2, SNAP-SCM-CAN2B, and SNAP-SCM-ST2 serial communication modules are designed for use with the SNAP PAC System and can also be used in standalone I/O units. Each of these modules conveniently provides serial data at a remote Ethernet location.

  • - The SNAP-SCM-232 and SNAP-SCM-485-422 typically interface with printers, scales, chart recorders, and barcode systems.
  • - The SNAP-SCM-PROFI provides a standard electrical interface with PROFIBUS DP® networks.
  • - The SNAP-SCM-CAN2B provides an interface to a Controller Area Network (CAN), so your SNAP PAC system can receive data from CANbus devices.
  • - The SNAP-SCM-ST2 provides pulse and direction signals for stepper motor drives.
  • - The SNAP-SCM-W2 complies with the Wiegand interface format and is used for access control applications.
Manuals1702 PAC Display User's Guide
This guide shows you how to use PAC Display, part of the PAC Project Software Suite, to create human-machine interfaces (HMIs) for your SNAP PAC System.
Manuals1712 Legacy Edition, PAC Display User's Guide
This document is the Legacy Edition of the PAC Display User's Guide. This guide includes all the information you need if you are using both SNAP PAC hardware and older Opto 22 hardware with PAC Display.

Use this guide if you have SNAP Ultimate, SNAP Ethernet, SNAP Simple, SNAP-LCE, or mistic I/O units, or ioProject or FactoryFloor controllers that you're using with PAC Display.

If you have SNAP PAC hardware only, use form #1702 instead of this guide.
Product Data Sheets & Overviews1684 SNAP PAC Racks Data Sheet

SNAP PAC racks mount one SNAP PAC brain or on-the-rack controller, plus up to 4, 8, 12, or 16 SNAP input/output (I/O) modules. Both standard wired controllers and brains and Wired+Wireless models are mounted on these racks.

I/O modules may be analog, digital, or serial modules. All module types can be mixed together on the same rack in any position.

Product Data Sheets & Overviews1772 SNAP TEX Mounting/Wiring Tools and Spare Parts Data Sheet
SNAP TEX wiring and mounting accessories are covered in two data sheets. This document includes DIN-rail mounting kits, rack accessories, spare parts, and tools. For cables and breakout boards, see form #1756.