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Marketing Materials1335S Novedades y Descripción General (Spanish)
Un documento conciso que describe la compañia Opto 22 y los controladores, software, brains, y entradas y salidas (E/S) que forman el sistema fácil de usar de SNAP PAC. (Brief company profile plus overview of Opto 22's SNAP PAC System. Document is in Spanish.)
Marketing Materials1335C Mes D'Opto 22
Mes D'Opto 22
Marketing Materials1335CS Mas sobre Opto 22
Más sobre Opto 22
Marketing Materials1335 More About Opto 22
This document provides an introduction to Opto 22 and its products.
Marketing Materials1636 Opto 22 Company Profile
The Opto 22 Company Profile briefly describes the company, its history, and its philosophy.
Marketing Materials1724S 6 Razones Para Considerar el Sistema SNAP PAC
Este documento corto sugiere seis razones porqué debe de considerar el Sistema SNAP PAC para su siguiente proyecto de automatización.
Marketing Materials1658 OptoPartner Program Overview
This overview tells you about the OptoPartner program and how to become an OptoPartner.
Marketing Materials1761 SNAP PAC System: The Automation Solution for Machine Builders
This document discusses the advantages of Opto 22's SNAP PAC System for machine builders and OEMs: easy-to-use software, hardware with OEM-specific advantages, a lower cost of ownership, and Opto 22's years of experience working with machine builders.
Marketing Materials2106 What Is groov?
This one-page brochure describes groov, Opto 22's easy-to-use tool for building and viewing mobile operator interfaces. You can build interfaces for almost any automation system and use them on virtually any smartphone or tablet, regardless of size or brand.
Marketing Materials2106S ¿Qué es groov?
(Español) Este folleto de una página explica lo que es groov, una herramienta de Opto 22 para la construcción y visualización de interfaces de operador móvil que es fácil de usar. Usted puede construir interfaces para casi cualquier sistema de automatización y utilizarlos en prácticamente cualquier Smartphone o Tablet, sin importar la marca o el tamaño del dispositivo.
Marketing Materials1953 Energy Monitoring Made Simple

This two-page, full-color brochure describes the OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring unit, including diagrams, brief description, and specifications.

For more detailed data, see the OptoEMU Sensor 3V data sheet, form #1936, and the OptoEMU Sensor DR data sheet, form #1990.

Marketing Materials1758 Opto 22 Case Study Program
This document describes the Opto 22 Case Study Program, which encourages customers to share their automation applications with others. For us, case studies are a good way to show how Opto 22 products are used. For you, our customers or integrators, case studies publicize your business, products, and services. Read this document to find out the levels of participation we offer and how to get started.
Marketing Materials1763 Opto 22 Website Tour
This guide shows you quick ways to find and do things on the Opto 22 website. Build your I/O in our online configurator, find the specs on products you're interested in, ask and answer questions on OptoForums, and much more.
Marketing Materials1724 6 Reasons to Consider the SNAP PAC System for Your Next Project
This short document suggests six reasons why you should consider the SNAP PAC System for your next automation project.
Marketing Materials1732 OptoGreen Program Grant Application
This application can be used to apply for an OptoGreen Grant. The OptoGreen Grant Program is designed to provide Opto 22 automation hardware and software to customers who are working on products, research, or services related to renewable or alternative energy.
Marketing Materials1553 SNAP DNP I/O Product Overview
SNAP DNP I/O from Opto 22 is a DNP slave hardware device for use with DNP3-based SCADA systems. A low-cost alternative to remote telemetry units (RTUs), SNAP DNP I/O systems provide a non-proprietary, standards-based way to bring critical utility assets under the scope of a DNP3 SCADA network.
Marketing Materials1069 FactoryFloor and SNAP Control System Overview
A single page overview describing the roles of the different components of a FactoryFloor and SNAP based control system.
Marketing Materials1398 SNAP-IT Systems
This document describes Opto 22's SNAP-IT systems---a packaged hardware system for connecting organizations' essential physical assets to their enterprise business applications and databases. These SNAP-IT units may be panel-mounted, rack mounted, or set on a desk or table.


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