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Pressroom2217 Opto 22 announces strategic partnership with IBM and acceptance into the IBM Watson IoT partner ecosystem

Opto 22 announces strategic partnership with IBM and acceptance into the IBM Watson IoT partner ecosystem, providing developers a full stack end-to-end toolset for rapidly developing and deploying industrial IoT applications.

Automation manufacturer Opto 22 and information technology company IBM join forces to bridge the gap between existing industrial assets and infrastructure, and the digital world of mobile, cloud, and information technology.

Watch the video and see how to get started:

Pressroom2206S Opto 22 conecta dispositivos industriales del mundo real a millones de Raspberry Pi con el lanzamiento de una tarjeta de montaje, Digital I/O Carrier Board para Raspberry Pi

Opto 22 conecta dispositivos industriales del mundo real a millones de Raspberry Pi® con el lanzamiento de una tarjeta de montaje, Digital I/O Carrier Board para Raspberry Pi.

El Digital I/O Carrier Board destaca el camino para que los desarrolladores de Raspberry Pi diseñen y implementen soluciones basadas en Pi para aplicaciones industriales y comerciales.

Pressroom2205 Opto 22 announces relationship with Dell to develop and deploy Internet of Things (IoT) applications
Opto 22 announces relationship with Dell to develop and deploy Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Automation manufacturer Opto 22 and Dell join forces to bridge the gap between existing industrial assets and infrastructure, and the digital world of mobile, cloud, and information technology.
Pressroom2206 Opto 22 connects real-world industrial devices to millions of Raspberry Pi single-board computers with release of Digital I/O Carrier Board for Raspberry Pi

Opto 22 connects real-world industrial devices to millions of Raspberry Pi® single-board computers with release of Digital I/O Carrier Board for Raspberry Pi.

The Digital I/O Carrier Board blazes a trail for Raspberry Pi developers to design and deploy Pi-based solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

Pressroom2202S Opto 22 agrega Node-RED al dispositivo de automatizacion industrial de groov para el desarrollo rapido de aplicaciones IIoT
Opto 22 agrega Node-RED al dispositivo de automatización industrial de groov para el desarrollo rápido de aplicaciones IIoT
Pressroom2202 Opto 22 announces Node-RED on groov IIoT application development appliance at IoT Solutions World Congress
Opto 22 announces Node-RED on groov IIoT application development appliance at IoT Solutions World Congress. See groov bridge the gap between existing industrial assets and infrastructure, and the digital world of cloud computing and information technology in Hall 1 Stand F725; Node-RED software development environment now included in the industrial HMI/dashboard/data logging groov® Box
Pressroom2189S Opto 22 Permite Desarrollo Rápido de Aplicaciones Industriales para la Internet de las Cosas con el Lanzamiento de la API REST para Controladores Programables de Automatización (PACs) In
Pressroom2191S Opto 22 Conecta Digitalmente el IIoT con el Lanzamiento de Nodos de Node-RED para los PAC Industriales
Pressroom2191 Opto 22 Digitally Wires the IIoT with Release of Node-RED Nodes for Industrial PACs
Opto 22 announces immediate availability of Node-RED nodes for its industrial programmable automation controllers (PACs), significantly decreasing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) application development time and complexity.
Pressroom2174 Opto 22 Releases PAC Project Automation Software v9.5
Press release for PAC Project version R9.5a
Pressroom2189 Opto 22 Enables Rapid Industrial Internet of Things Application Development With Release of RESTful API to Industrial Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs)

Press release announcing new built-in HTTP/HTTPS server and RESTful API in Opto 22 SNAP PAC standalone and rack-mounted programmable automation controllers.

For complete API documentation and steps to get started, visit developer.opto22.com.

Pressroom2167 Opto 22 Expands groov with New Graphics Capabilities and OEM Customization
Press release for groov 3.1
Pressroom2166 New I/O Breakout Boards Increase Current Switching Up to 12x, Simplify Wiring, and Save Panel Space
Press release for SNAP-UDC-HDB-G4 and SNAP-UDC-HDB breakout racks for SNAP 32-point SNAP digital I/O modules
Pressroom2162 Opto 22's New groov Action Plan Accelerates Development of Mobile Operator Interfaces
Pressroom2149 Opto 22 Integrates Custom Applications with SNAP PAC Control Systems
Press release for Opto 22 .NET Controller Software Development Kit (SDK) for SNAP PAC
Pressroom2144 Opto 22 Adds Event Notifications and Lower-cost Options to groov
Pressroom2127 Opto 22 Updates groov to Easily Connect Modbus/TCP Devices with Smartphones and Tablets
groov 2.3 press release
Pressroom2121 Opto 22 Releases HART SNAP Analog I/O Modules
Pressroom2124 Opto 22 Releases PAC Project 9.4 Industrial Automation Software
Press release announcing PAC Project 9.4
Pressroom2120 Updates to Opto 22's groov Improve Interface Development and Expand Mobile Device Support
Press release announcing groov 2.2
Pressroom2125 Opto 22 Celebrates 40 Years of Automation Innovation
Press release announcing Opto 22's 40-year anniversary.
Pressroom2123 Opto 22's New groov Box Offers Mobile Access Anywhere
Press release announcing the new GROOV-AR1 groov Box.
Pressroom2109 New Updates to Opto 22's groov Provide Faster Interface Development and Improved Mobile Communications
Press release announcing groov 2.1
Pressroom2097 New Version of Opto 22's groov Now Works with Any Automation System
Press release announcing groov 2.0
Pressroom2094 New High-Frequency SNAP I/O Modules from Opto 22 Expand Analog Signal Options for SNAP PAC System
Press release announcing SNAP-AIRATE-HFi and SNAP-AOD-29-HFi high-frequency modules.
Pressroom2089 Opto 22 Promotes Ken Johnson to Engineering Vice President
Press release announcing the promotion of Ken Johnson to Engineering Vice President
Pressroom2084 Opto 22 Sponsorship Benefits Chemical Engineering Students at University of Utah
Press release announcing Opto 22 support of University of Utah's Department of Chemical Engineering
Pressroom2079 Opto 22's groov Server for Windows Adds New Software Option to groov Mobile HMI Product
Press release for groov Server for Windows
Pressroom2071 New groov View App from Opto 22 Simplifies and Secures groov Operator Interfaces on iOS and Android Devices
Pressroom2057 New Browser-based groov from Opto 22 Brings Scalable HMIs to PCs, Smartphones, Tablets, and Other Mobile Devices
New Browser-based groov from Opto 22 Brings Scalable HMIs to PCs, Smartphones, Tablets, and Other Mobile Devices
Pressroom2046 New LED Dimmer from Opto 22 Connects to Serial Networks for Low-Voltage LED Lighting Control
Press release announcing Opto 22's Network LED Dimmer
Pressroom2042 Opto 22 To Present OptoEMU Sensor Energy Management Products at World Energy Engineering Congress
Press release on Opto 22 attending World Energy Engineering Congress 2012
Pressroom2040 Opto 22 To Present "OptoEMU Sensor" Energy Management Products at Emerging Technologies Summit in Pasadena
Press release announcing Opto 22's attendance at Emerging Technologies Summit 2012 in Pasadena, CA
Pressroom2021 New SoftPAC Controller from Opto 22 Expands SNAP PAC Choices to Include PC-based Control
Press release announcing SoftPAC, a software-based programmable automation controller.
Pressroom2014 New I/O Processors from Opto 22 Upgrade Legacy Digital I/O Systems to Ethernet
Press release for G4D32EB2-UPG, G4EB2, and G4D32EB2 Ethernet-based I/O processors, or "brains," for use with legacy mistic and Pamux digital I/O systems.
Pressroom2035 Opto 22's Opto aPAC App for Android Wins First Place Award for "New Innovations" at ISA ExpoControl 2012
Pressroom2029 Opto 22 To Present OptoEMU Sensor Products at eSight Energy Annual Summit in Chicago
Press release announcing Opto 22's participation in Aug. 2012 eSight Energy Annual Summit in Chicago.
Pressroom2013 New SNAP I/O Module from Opto 22 Adds Controller Area Network (CAN) Connectivity to SNAP PAC System
Press release for the SNAP-SCM-CAN2B high-speed serial communication module for use with Controller Area Network (CAN)
Pressroom2019 Opto 22 Webinar Introduces "Energy Monitoring for Profit"
Opto 22 Press Release: Opto 22 Webinar Introduces “Energy Monitoring for Profit” -- “Demand Response” programs can reward energy management with revenue
Pressroom2012 Demand-Response Energy Monitoring Unit from Opto 22 Monitors Real-Time Power Usage and Manages Electrical Loads on Demand
The OptoEMU Sensor DR energy monitoring unit monitors the electrical energy used in your facility and then signals electrical equipment to turn on or off in response to a request from an electric utility, demand response aggregator, or curtailment service provider (CSP). To reduce peak energy use that triggers demand charges, electrical equipment loads can also be shed on predefined usage thresholds.
Pressroom2015 Opto 22 Announces First Zero-Configuration Android App for Automation and Control Systems
Opto 22 Press Release: Opto aPAC application lets automation engineers and field technicians access SNAP PAC control systems from Android-based mobile devices.
Pressroom2005 James Cameron's Historic Return to Mariana Trench Relies on Latest Advances in Engineering and Technology
Opto 22 Press Release: California-based Opto 22 provides primary control system and key expertise for James Cameron’s record-setting dive to the Mariana Trench as part of the DEEPSEA CHALLENGE expedition.
Pressroom2002 Opto 22 Releases PAC Project 9.2
Industrial automation manufacturer Opto 22 has released PAC Project 9.2, an upgrade to its PAC Project suite of software applications and utilities that provide control programming, HMI development, OPC connectivity, and database integration. PAC Project is part of Opto 22’s SNAP PAC System, an integrated system of hardware and software for industrial control, energy management, remote monitoring, and data acquisition applications.
Pressroom2006 Opto 22 Sponsors eSight Energy's U.S. "Energy Management Road Shows"
Pressroom1999 Opto 22 Adds New 1000 Ohm RTD Temperature Sensing I/O Module
The SNAP-AIRTD-1K is a two-channel,isolated analog input module for use with 1000 ohm platinum resistance temperature detectors (RTDs). With the SNAP-AIRTD-1K, Opto 22’s line of SNAP I/O modules now includes RTD input modules for use with 10 ohm copper, 100 ohm platinum, and 1000 ohm platinum RTD probes.
Pressroom1979 New Opto 22 Mechanical Relay Modules Switch Up To 12X the Power in the Same Amount of Space
New Modules Offer Standard, Simpler Way to Switch Higher Loads in Energy Management and Power-Related Applications
Pressroom1649 OptoEMU Sensor and eSight Software Enable Web-based Energy Management for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses
Opto 22’s Monitoring Hardware Integrates with the eSight Energy Management Software Suite to Help Companies Reduce Utility Bills
Pressroom1969 Opto 22 Announces iOS App for Automation and Control Systems
Opto iPAC Mobile Application Lets Automation Engineers and Field Technicians Interact with their SNAP PAC Control Systems Using Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad
Pressroom1968 New Isolated Input Module for Thermocouple Temperature Monitoring and Millivolt Measurements
Opto 22’s SNAP-AITM-4i Thermocouple Input Module Provides Channel-to-Channel Isolation for Trouble-free Installation and Accurate Temperature Measurements
Pressroom1962 OptoEMU Sensor Energy Monitoring Appliance Provides New Options for Utilizing Energy Data in Business and Control Systems
Support for Additional Standard Protocols and Interfaces Means More Ways to Analyze Energy Data to Improve Energy Efficiency and Reduce Energy Costs
Pressroom1961 Power Module Enhancements Make Energy Monitoring Simpler
New SNAP I/O Modules Offer Customers Greater Connectivity, Easier Scaling and Improved Capability for Three-Phase Power Monitoring and Management
Pressroom1956 Engineers Choose OptoEMU Sensor for Energy Monitoring
Pressroom1950 Opto 22 and Pulse Energy Help Building Owners, Businesses, and Industrial Facilities Reduce Utility Bills
This press release announces a partnership between Opto 22 and Vancouver-based Pulse Energy. The two companies have combined their expertise to offer customers the data they need to understand their energy usage, pinpoint problems, and reduce costs.
Pressroom1945 Serial Synchronous Interface Module Ideal for Motion Control and Position Sensing Applications
Pressroom1942 New Opto 22 Energy Monitoring Appliance Helps Customers Track and Reduce Energy Consumption
OptoEMU Sensor Combines Energy Monitoring and Data Integration to Business Systems
Pressroom1941 Opto 22 Pledges to Save Energy Now
Participation in U.S. Department of Energy Program Continues Company’s Efforts Toward Conservation and Sustainability
Pressroom1939 New Features on Opto22.com Simplify Product Review, Selection, and Configuration
Interactive website tools provide visual interface for selecting SNAP PAC System components.
Pressroom1937 New Opto 22 Webinar Focuses on Energy Management
Pressroom1922 Opto 22 Offers Free Product Training for 8th Consecutive Year
Pressroom1924 Opto 22 Releases PAC Project 9.0
Pressroom1925 Opto 22 Introduces SNAP PAC Redundancy Option Kit
Pressroom1926 Opto 22 Adds New RTD Temperature Sensing I/O Module
Pressroom1917 Engineers Honor Opto 22's SNAP PAC Wired+Wireless System
Pressroom1904 Industrial Wireless Kicks Off Opto 22 Online Training Series
Pressroom1877 Opto 22 Releases PAC Project 8.5
Automation Software Suite Features Support for Company’s New Wired+Wireless™ Controllers and I/O
Pressroom1873 Opto 22 Introduces SNAP IO4AB Learning Center
System Provides Self-Paced, Hands-On Training for Expanding Allen-Bradley® Systems with Opto 22 Intelligent Distributed I/O
Pressroom1876 Opto 22 Breaks New Ground in Wireless Networking
Company’s SNAP PAC programmable automation controllers and I/O are first to offer 802.11a/b/g wireless networking along with standard Ethernet networking
Pressroom1875 Opto 22 SNAP PAC System Supports microSD Technology
Removable Data Storage also Enables Easy Firmware and Control Strategy Updates
Pressroom1872 Opto 22 SNAP I/O Adds 3-Phase Power Monitoring Module
Analog Input Module Monitors AC Voltage and Current, Helps Companies Manage Power Quality and Energy Consumption
Pressroom1874 Opto 22's "IO4AB" Seminar Tour Continues into 2009
Free Technical Seminar Explores Benefits of Adding Intelligent Remote SNAP I/O™ to Allen-Bradley® Systems
Pressroom1864 Opto 22 SNAP I/O Receives ODVA Certification
Intelligent Remote I/O Passes EtherNet/IP™ Conformance Testing
Pressroom1863 Opto 22 Technical Seminar Tour Highlights Company's Intelligent Remote I/O for Allen-Bradley© Logix Systems
Half-Day Seminars in Select Cities Demonstrate New Functionality
Pressroom1866 Opto 22 Upgrades SNAP I/O Adding Distributed Control to Allen-Bradley© ControlLogix© and CompactLogix© Architectures
New Features Bring Intelligence to Remote I/O Options—with No Programming
Pressroom1865 Opto 22 Opens Representative Office in China
Expansion Throughout Asia Continues with New Chief Representative in Shanghai
Pressroom1868 Videos Prove Popular with Industrial Automation Market
Opto 22 Informs and Entertains as “OptoVideos” Proliferate on the World Wide Web
Pressroom1870 Opto 22 Introduces SNAP TEX Product Line
Terminal Extender Cables and Breakout Boards Lead Off New Line of Mounting and Wiring Accessories for SNAP PAC System
Pressroom1869 Opto 22's PAC Project Adds Secure Strategy Distribution System
Original Equipment Manufacturers, Machine Builders Benefit from Automation Software Suite’s Control Program Encryption, User Authentication Features
Pressroom1871 State University of New York is Newest OptoGreen Grant Recipient
SUNY New Paltz School of Science and Engineering Receives Funding for New York State Farm Solar Energy Projects
Pressroom1867 Opto 22 Announces First OptoGreen Grant
Makila Hydro LLC Receives Sponsorship to Automate Maui-based Hydroelectric Plant
Pressroom1862 Opto 22 Releases New SNAP PAC S-Series Programmable Automation Controller
Multiple Serial and Ethernet Communication Ports Make SNAP-PAC-S2 Ideal for Modern Control System Architectures
Pressroom1861 Opto 22 Releases New SNAP PAC Serial I/O Brains
New I/O Processors Offer Additional Network Choice and Distributed Control Functionality
Pressroom1860 Opto 22 Releases New Current, Voltage, and Temperature 8-Channel Analog Input Modules
New SNAP Analog Input Modules Offer High Density, Field Termination, and Lifetime Guarantee
Pressroom1859 Opto 22 Releases PAC Project 8.1
Latest Version of Opto 22’s Automation Software Suite Offers New Distributed Control Functions and Support for Newly Released SNAP PACs, Brains, and I/O
Pressroom1857 Opto 22 Gets Greener
”OptoGreen” Initiatives Aim Towards Environmental Responsibility, Offsetting Company’s Carbon Footprint
Pressroom1856 Opto 22 Announces New Version of OptoTerminal Software
Qlarity™ Foundry™ Object-Oriented Development Environment for Designing Operator Interface Applications
Pressroom1858 Opto 22 Announces the SNAP PAC System
Company’s New Products and Corporate Strategy Simplify Understanding, Selecting, Buying, and Applying Industrial Automation Solutions
Pressroom1855 Opto 22 Adds New Distributors
Allesco Corporation, Fluid Conditioning Company, Kiser Controls, and MCR Technologies to Carry the Opto 22 Brand
Pressroom1854 Opto 22 Adds New Line of Solid State Relays with LED Indicators
New Power Series™ Relays Now Also RoHS-compliant
Pressroom1853 Mark Engman Named Opto 22 President and CEO
Company Founder Robert Engman Steps Down, Will Take Advisory Role
Pressroom1852 Opto 22 Offers Free Software Integration Kits for Modbus Serial and TCP, and DF1 Devices
New Integration Kits for ioProject Enable Connection to Modbus/Serial, Modbus/TCP & Allen-Bradley DF1 and Data Highway
Pressroom1851 Opto 22 Announces New High-Density Thermocouple Input Module
Chevron Corporation Among First to Adopt New Technology that Offers Four Times the Density of Previous Thermocouple Modules
Pressroom1850 New SNAP-HD-G4F6 Header Cable Connects G4 Digital I/O to SNAP PACs and SNAP Ethernet I/O
Pressroom1849 Opto 22 Adds to Rack-mount PAC Family
New SNAP-PAC-R2 Programmable Automation Controller Supports Additional I/O Configurations
Pressroom1848 Opto 22 Authors PAC White Paper
“Understanding Programmable Automation Controllers in Industrial Automation” Now Available for Download
Pressroom1847 Opto 22 Introduces SNAP PAC Learning Center
Self-Paced Training System for Control, Monitoring, and Data Acquisition Utilizes Company’s Newest Programmable Automation Controller
Pressroom1846 Opto 22 Receives Two Industry Awards
Control Engineering Magazine Recognizes Company for Ethernet Optomux® Product Line and Overall Customer Satisfaction
Pressroom1845 Opto 22 to Sponsor Machine Vision Show
Pressroom1844 Opto 22 Introduces New Isolated Analog Modules
Pressroom1842 Opto 22 Introduces SNAP PAC Family
Two New Programmable Automation Controllers Deliver High Performance, Simplicity, and Versatility Backed by Years of Field Experience
Pressroom1840 Ethernet in Automation Hits the Road
Opto 22’s Free “Ethernet in Automation” Seminar Scheduled for Nationwide Tour
Pressroom1839 Opto 22 Announces Ethernet Optomux Brain Boards
New E1 and E2 Processors Allows Easy Migration of Serial-based Optomux Systems to Ethernet
Pressroom1838 Opto 22 Starts Corporate Blog
Company’s Blogs to Keep Customers and Partners Better Informed
Pressroom1837 Opto 22 Introduces 32-Channel Digital Output Modules
High Density I/O Modules Provide 32 Channels of Digital Output


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