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OptoSQL Proxy sample files and installation program

Filename: OptoSQLProxy.zip
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Last Update: 3/11/2004


OptoSQL Proxy is a free utility that allows our SNAP Ultimate I/O and SNAP-LCE controllers to send data to and request data from an OLE-DB data source. It was built to show how to send data to a Microsoft SQL Server but uses features supported by any OLE-DB data source. We also include the source code for customers who wish to adapt the program to their particular application. Hence, we do not support it as a product; rather we provide it as an example.

You can learn more by downloading the application note (1428_AppNote_OptoSQLProxy.pdf - see Related Documents below), but here is a summary:

OptoSQL Proxy requires the .NET framework, and runs as a service on any suitably equipped workstation or server.

A user interface referred to as the Virtual Link Manager allows you to create links to any OLE-DB data source using a series of configuration screens. For example, you might create a link called "MySQLDatabase" which links to an specific database on a specific server. Once created, an Opto 22 controller can send a TCP string to OptoSQL proxy. The string contains the link name and any text that is meaningful to the database. OptoSQL Proxy receives the string and forwards text to the database. Typically, the text is an SQL statement (e.g., "Insert into Table(Field1, Field2) values (23.48, 'C')") or a stored procedure call. OptoSQL Proxy also forwards the reply from the database to the Opto 22 controller.

OptoSQL proxy also includes a link testing utility that lets you send data to and request data from your database in order to test the links you create.

The following files are available:

OptoSQL_InstallProxyOnly.zip -- This installs OptoSQL Proxy but not the .NET framework OptoSQLProxySamples.zip -- Sample ioControl strategy for use with MS SQL Server and MS Access 2002. OptoSQLProxy-Source 9-12-03.zip -- Source code


This file is freeware. Before you download, read the Opto 22 Samples & Freeware Legal Agreement.

OptoSQL Proxy requires the .NET framework, and runs as a service on any suitably equipped workstation or server.


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