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For reference, past issues of OptoNews are listed below.

April 12, 2017—Connect serial devices to your groov Box with Admin 46, new pipes in the SVG library, water/wastewater SCADA system, Tech tip: Two Ethernet interfaces - different on PACs & brains

March 29, 2017—See you at Hannover Messe, new Node-RED examples for developers, Send temperature data to AT&T M2X in the cloud, Tech tip: Basic tool for troubleshooting PACs and more

March 15, 2017—Opto 22 partners with IBM Watson IoT, New white paper - 2017 State of the IIoT, PAC Project R9.6002 released, Tech tip: Essential network cables & adapters

March 1, 2017—New version of Node-RED for groov Box, industrial I/O for Raspberry Pi examples, KPIs for automation, Tech tip: Direct I/O & PAMUX SDKs now support Windows Professional 10, 8.1, 7

February 15, 2017—Opto 22 helps power the "Big Game", CLI & transparent windows in PAC Project R9.6000, Open IoT Summit, Tip: New groov API section for developers

February 1, 2017—New case study: University's solar power, Where's your drone? Smart Manufacturing Innovation Summit, Tip: New tech note shows protocol & tool support

January 18, 2017—New blog posts on security in automation, PAC Project R9.5003 released, thanks for choosing Opto 22 a First Team supplier, Tip: Essential tools for building & troubleshooting

January 4, 2017—Happy New Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi, groov R3.3 Data Store and API, custom desalination system for resort in the Bahamas, top 4 Tech Tips from 2016

December 14, 2016—Holiday schedule, THANK YOU! Data Center retrofit, New video: exchange data with Access database, Tech tip: Using Node-RED with Raspberry Pi

November 30, 2016—Now sense & switch industrial loads with your Raspberry Pi, Opto 22 a Dell IoT Solutions Partner, New PAC REST API to Excel video, Tech tip: Custom troubleshooting in PAC Manager

November 10, 2016—Are you an Operations Technology engineer? New Node-RED OptoForum, node.js Interactive conference, Tech tip: Share SNAP PAC data with Excel or Access

October 26, 2016—Node-RED in new groov Admin release, Node-RED explained, Industrial process case study, Tech tip: Find missing connections in PAC Control charts

October 12, 2016—Updates for PAC Project, groov, E1/E2; new IIoT case study & presentation; connecting to IBM Watson IoT; Tech tip: Send Comm Handle Command

September 28, 2016—Vista Irrigation video case study, new Opto iPAC/aPAC mobile app release, World of Technology & Science in Utrecht, Tech tip: PID control loop question

September 14, 2016—New IoT resources page answers your questions, new face for SNAP I/O modules, September trade shows, Tech tip: Changes to PID algorithms

August 31, 2016—Operators monitor refrigeration remotely, new OptoForum ready now, ICC conference: IIoT in action, Tech tip: peer-to-peer with REST

August 17, 2016—New groov 3.2 update, SNAP PAC System training in Georgia, automation & manufacturing tech in Chicago, Tech tip: REST API and IoT resources

August 3, 2016—New tech notes explain SNAP PAC REST API and the IoT, industrial refrigeration video case study, mobile-friendly OptoForum, easier PAC updates with OptoTagPreserve

July 21, 2016—Special Edition: Get major new features now in PAC Project 9.5!

July 6, 2016—New SNAP-AIRTD-8U RTD temperature & resistance input, San Diego Supercomputer Center case study, IoT Expo in Las Vegas, Tip: Update legacy I/O on B-series racks

June 22, 2016—Sneak peek: SNAP PAC delivers the IoT, new features in PAC Project R9.5, AMST controls coatings on tiny MEMS, Tip: Archive PAC Project files

June 8, 2016—Customize desktop & phone views in groov R3.1, Opto 22 ATEX-approved products, IoT Evolution Conference in Las Vegas, Tech tip: Free PAC Project sample files

May 25, 2016—Reliability, security, & energy challenges in enterprise data center; Legacy system data on the IoT; Technical Showcase in Ontario; Tech tip: SSR or EMR?

May 11, 2016—Invitation to The Automation Conference; New groov R3.1b; CalCA industrial refrigeration case study; Tech tip: Sinking or Sourcing Technical Note

April 27, 2016—Case Study: Vista Irrigation District, Customize your groov mobile operator interface, new OptoPartner, Tech tip: 4 subroutines for sorting tables

April 13, 2016—New Image Library in groov R3.1, Video: Create your own HMI graphics, Technology Showcase in Ontario, IoT Defined: OT and IT

March 30, 2016—New security updates for groov Box & E1/E2; new UL approvals for power supplies, brains, I/O; Frick industrial refrigeration case study; Tech Tip: spring clamp wiring video

March 16, 2016—New features for groov R3.1, test drive PAC Project, $100 off The Automation Conference, Tech Tip: Log events to file in PAC Display

March 2, 2016—More features & I/O for legacy systems, PAC Project Basic or Pro? Open IoT Summit, Tech Tip: PAC Control shortcuts save you time

February 17, 2016—Video: diving deep with James Cameron, troubleshooting your automation system, Embedded World 2016, Tech tip: Guide to Networking groov

February 3, 2016—Case study: automating aging wind turbines, your IoT Primer, ATX West Expo, Tech Tip: IVAL and XVAL

January 20, 2016—New breakout board saves cabinet space, groov 3.0e update, thank you for First Team honors, Tip: How to test an AC SSR

January 6, 2016—New G4 board adds power to SNAP HDD modules, Online PID loop tuner, Top 5 blog posts for 2015, Tech Tip: Getting weekly, monthly, yearly totals

December 16, 2015—Holiday schedule and Thank you! PAC firmware R9.4c release, Vote Engineers' Choice, Tip: PAC for legacy systems

December 2, 2015—Accuracy and resolution demo, Holiday schedule 2015, New blog series helps you troubleshoot, Tech Tip: Analog totalizing

November 18, 2015—New SNAP mechanical relay output with integrated transient suppression, M-Bus case study, SVG image library, Tip on Communication Handles

November 4, 2015—G4 I/O going stong since 1989, Choose control system components, ISA Process/Safety Symposium, Tip: More on sinking & sourcing

October 21, 2015—E1 & E2 firmware release, Engineers' Choice Awards, Troubleshooting resources, Tech tip on totalizers

October 7, 2015—New Modbus Integration Kit, Sinking and sourcing explained, Vote for automation favorites, Tech tip: Can multiple devices talk to a PAC?

September 23, 2015—groov mobile interface built for you, Monitor Modbus RTU devices, Smart Industry in Chicago, Unlimited Electro in Tijuana, Tech tip: Check if output's still on?

September 9, 2015—groov 3.0c update, groov Box redesign case study, New England training, SORT in Canada, Tech Tip: PAC Control Scheduler

August 26, 2015—New groov Admin update, HART & mechanical relay modules plus Topic Pages, Video case studies, Tech tip about time

August 12, 2015—SNAP brains get new aluminum base, New OptoPartner focuses on energy, Tech showcase in Canada, Tech tip: PAC Control quick tips videos

July 29, 2015—PAC Project, groov support Windows 10, groov Admin update, groov events & email how-to videos, Tech tip: Quick look at min/max values

July 15, 2015—Integrate CAN devices with your SNAP PAC, Event notifications on your phone, Fall training class in New England, Tech tip: Save time by auto-configuring I/O

July 1, 2015—How to control MicroLogix PLC from your phone, Careers at Opto 22, Happy 4th of July video, Tech tip: Accuracy & resolution

June 17, 2015—Choosing I/O for temperature monitoring, Pioneer Energy case study video, New groov webinar - Put your system on your mobile, Tech tip: get sunrise/sunset times

June 3, 2015—Updated groov View for Android and iOS, new .NET Controller SDK, groov 3 webinar, Tech tip: recovering PAC Control strategies

May 21, 2015—groov 3.0 new features; groov 3 platforms with lower pricing; PAC Project update; mini-lessons forum

April 29, 2015—Sneak peek - groov 3.0, avoiding liquid waste overflows, see groov in 3 U.S. locations, tech tip: Eval() in OptoScript?

April 15, 2015—New PAC Project Demo; Visualizing water usage in a drought; Free lunch and tech; Tech tip: Just 2 wires to a switch

April 1, 2015—New PAC Project release - Controller hostnames, legacy support; Facility management video; CSIA 2015; Tech Tip: Mobile interface for Optomux?

March 18, 2015—Aging wind farms, BACnet integration with SNAP PAC, behind the scenes with Deepsea Challenger, Build your I/O in the Configurator

March 4, 2015—groov Box creates its own WiFi network; new PAC-R upgrades Ultimate I/O; new OptoDistributor in Northeast U.S.; Tech tip: Invalid Control Engine Name error

February 18, 2015—Case Study: Sweetening Natural Gas; Beer and Hockey Pucks; Mexicali Supply Expo 2015; First Team Supplier and Engineers' Choice; Tech Tip: Debugging PAC Control Strategies

February 4, 2015—New 8-channel Voltage/Current Output Module; New PAC Project 9.4005 Release; Automation Shows in California and India; Tech Tip: Rotating groov Pages

January 21, 2015—SNAP PAC Firmware 9.4b and groov 2.3b Updates; See the World's Largest HVACR Expo; Video: Dispositivos Modbus/TCP desde su móvil; Tech Tip: Mean, Median, Variance, Standard Deviation

January 7, 2015—groov 2.3 Connects Directly to Modbus/TCP Devices; New Log Viewer in groov 2.3; Workshop Videos: Back up and Restore groov; Tech Tip: 3 Quick PAC Control Tips

December 17, 2014—We Thank You! What Is Automation? Webinar: Designing for the Internet of Things; Opto 22 Holiday Shipping Schedule; Engineers' Choice Voting Closes Soon

December 3, 2014—Integrate HART Devices with New SDK; groov Videos in Italian, French, Spanish; Engineer Blogger Brings New Perspective; Tech Tip: Free Updates for OptoMMP SDKs and Protocol Guide

November 12, 2014—Case Study: Students Upgrade 7 Control Systems; Which Mobile App? See Us in Mexico City and Nuremberg; Tech Tip: Find All Your Opto Devices

October 29, 2014—Zombies Attack Opto 22; Enclosures for Faster Installation; Vote for Your Engineers' Choice; Tech Tip: New groov How-to Videos

October 15, 2014—Sample Subroutines for HART SNAP I/O; groov Maintenance; Pioneer Energy Manages Flare Gas; Tech Tip: Logging to ODBC Databases in PAC Display

October 1, 2014—New HART SNAP I/O; HART/ODBC/more in New PAC Project 9.4; Trade Show in Utrecht; Shellshock: Are Opto 22 Products Affected?

September 17, 2014—Videos: Use Trends & Colors in groov; Vote for a World Leader; Exposición de Automatización en Tijuana, México; Tech Tip: Tabs in PAC Display

September 3, 2014—New groov 2.2: Faster Editing, Video Sizing, More; Upcoming Trade Shows; Video: ¿Qué es groov?; Tech Tip: OptoScript Parameters

August 20, 2014—New groov 2.2: Better Trends, Colors, New Button; SNAP TEX for Faster Wiring; Design World Highlights the New groov Box; New Quick Tip Videos

August 6, 2014—James Cameron's Deepsea Challenge 3D in Theaters this Weekend, New groov Box Quick Start video, SNAP PAC System Curso en español, Tech tip: See tags used in groov

July 23, 2014—Where Were You in 1974? Opto 22 Celebrates 40 Years in Automation—our Founders, Employees, and Customers

July 9, 2014—New PAC Support for 32 GB microSD Cards, B1 and B2 Migration - New Network Options, Update groov View for iOS and Android, Tech Tip: Where's My Flowchart?

June 25, 2014—New groov Box - Small, Tough, Fanless; B1 and B2 Migration - Optomux Over Ethernet; Try groov for Free; Tech Tip: Find Out an IP Address

June 11, 2014—Opto 22 & Allen-Bradley in the Same Mobile Interface, B1/B2 - Quickly Set or Read Jumpers, Expo Pack México 2014, Tech Tip: WeMo PAC Control Chart and Video

May 28, 2014—Visualizing the Internet of Things, B1 and B2 Migration: Connecting Optomux to Modbus Systems, Engineering Student Controls Fertilizer Runoff, Tech Tip: Simulating Digital Inputs

May 14, 2014—B1/B2 Migration Video, Tunnel/Traffic Control Video, See Us at Internet of Things and The Automation Conference, Tech Tip: Maintain Stable Voltage to I/O

April 30, 2014—B1/B2 End of Life and Migration Path, Mining Applications Use Opto 22 Systems, OPC Day Europe, Tech Tip: PAC Control Subroutines

April 16, 2014—Off-the-Shelf Mobile in Automation? 4 Factors to Consider; CSIA Next Week in Sunny San Diego; groov Featured at Hannover Messe; Tech Tip: Static vs. Dynamic Tags in groov

April 2, 2014—Product Review: Which groov?; Free One-day SNAP PAC System Training from ACS; Food Automation & Manufacturing Conference and Expo; Tech Tip: Update Selected I/O Values

March 19, 2014—Product Review: Switching Heavier Loads; Free SNAP PAC System Training Now Includes groov; Electrical Expo Next Week in Missouri; Tech Tip: What's a Pointer, and Why Use One?

March 5, 2014—groov 2.1 Simplifies Live Video Feeds; New SNAP PAC Controller & Brain Firmware 9.3e; Set Up groov View for iOS and Android; Tech Tip: PAC Control Communication Handles

February 19, 2014—groov 2.1 Adds Features, Improvements; ExpoManufactura 2014 en Monterrey; CSIA Comes to San Diego; Tech Tip: Variables vs. Tables in PAC Control

February 5, 2014—New groovHeads Videos; Taking Advantage of New Industry Technologies; Webinar de groov: Conecte Su Sistema a Su Móvil; Tech Tip: Using Formulas and Equations in PAC Control

January 22, 2014—New Releases of groov View for iOS and Android; Case Study: MSU Research Labs; Mobile Interfaces for Your Allen-Bradley PLC System; Tech Tip: Graphics Trick in groov

January 8, 2014—groov Your System: Build Interfaces for Siemens PLCs; New Developer Toolkits and Free Utilities; Disruptive Technologies and Your Business; Tech Tip: New Gadget Improvements in groov 2

December 18, 2013—See Your System on Your Mobile - Free Trial; Opto 22 Holiday Schedule and Thank You; Engineers' Choice Awards; groov 2 Free Upgrade

December 4, 2013—Holiday Shipping Schedule; New groov 2 Connects to All Systems, Offers Free Trial; Engineers' Choice Awards; Tech Tip: Free Upgrade to groov 2

November 27, 2013—groov 2 Adds Free Trial Plus Connectivity to All Systems; Free Upgrade for Early Adopters

November 13, 2013—New PAC Project Version Adds Modules, Features; Case Study: Mobile Interface Reduces Staff Travel; Free PAC Class in Massachusetts; Tech Tip: DIY PAC Manager Inspect Screens

October 30, 2013—Special Promotion: groov 2; New Integration Kit for IEC60870-5; Vote in the Engineers' Choice Awards Tech Tip: Troubleshooting Messages in PAC Manager

October 16, 2013—Case Study: groov Streamlines HMI Access; New Updates for groov Box; 8a Edición—Exposición BajaMak en Baja California, México; Tech Tip: SNAP PACs and groov Over the Internet

October 2, 2013—New I/O Modules Meet Your Need for Speed; Case Study: Huge Refrigeration System Updated; Build Interfaces for Mobile Devices; Tech Tip: Easier Table Settings

September 18, 2013groov Case Study: Electronics Manufacturer; Celebrate TekTOberfest; 5 Minutes to Mobile Video; Tech Tip: Tune Your Load Cell Module

September 4, 2013—Restaurant Controls Systems Onsite and by Phone; Small Business Energy Conference; Learn How To Build Mobile Interfaces; Tech Tip: When Someone Else Needs to Load a PAC Control Strategy

August 22, 2013—Water Treatment Case Study; Automation World Podcast on the Future of Industrial HMIs; groov Webinar on Building Mobile Interfaces; Tech Tip:Sending Information to Opto 22 Product Support

August 7, 2013—New groov Video; Remote Feed Mill Control Case Study; Opto 22 Visita a ISA ExpoControl 2013; Tech Tip: groov with Legacy FactoryFloor Systems

July 24, 2013groov Server for Windows Now Shipping; groov Case Study: Smartphone Controls Quarry Pumps; See groov Control a Yacht in Video Webinar; Tech Tip: New SNAP PAC 9.3c Firmware

July 10, 2013—New Options with groov Server for Windows; groov Case Study: Adjust Remote VFDs via Mobile; Best Practices for Building PAC Control Strategies, PAC Display and groov HMIs; Tech Tip: Different groov Gadgets on Mobile

June 19, 2013—New Gateway Strategy Simplifies groov for Allen-Bradley; Tech Tip: groov Find Video Helps You Connect; Clientes en Colombia Conocieron groov – Customers in Colombia Meet groov; What Do You Think?

June 5, 2013—New PCI Express Card for PC-based Control over Pamux; groov Updates Now Available; James Cameron's DEEPSEA CHALLENGER on its U.S. Tour; Tech Tip: Deeper Dive into HTTP and SSL

May 22, 2013—Expanded Line of ICTD Temperature Probes; 2D & 3D CAD drawings for groov Box; Your Favorite Conferences and Trade Shows? Tech Tip: groov Q&A

May 8, 2013—New Mobile Apps - groov View for iOS and Android; New Analog Thermistor Input with 8 Channels; Energy Management Road Show in Houston; Tech Tip: Free PAC Project Sample Files

April 24, 2013groov is Shipping! New Video: 5 Minutes to groov; System Integrators Conference Next Week; Tech Tip: Build a groov HMI for Allen-Bradley Systems

April 10, 2013—Imagine What You Can Do; New SNAP PAC 9.3b Firmware; Welcome New Opto 22 Distributors; Tech Tip: Simulation Commands

March 27, 2013—Introducing groov Webinar; Order your groov Now; groov YouTube Channel; Tech Tip: Sample Chart for a Change Log

March 13, 2013—New groov Makes Mobile Simple; groov Website Gives You the Details; But Don't Just Take Our Word for It; Join groov on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

February 27, 2013—Change the Way You Think about HMIs Forever; New white paper: Building an HMI that Works; Estudiantes en Venezuela Aprenden Acerca de los Productos de Opto 22; Tech Tip: Working with Self-powered and Loop-powered Sensors

February 13, 2013—All Opto 22 Videos Available on YouTube; Welcome New Opto 22 Distributors; Opto 22 is Hiring; Tech Tip: Monitor a Battery Bank

January 30, 2013—Controlling a Hydroelectric Plant—Online; SNAP PAC System Training in Massachusetts; Opto 22 on Google+; Tech Tip: Talk to Optomux

January 16, 2013—Network LED Dimmer Video; Shipping Changes for PAC Project Software; Automation Professionals Pick Opto 22 as First Team Supplier; Tech Tip: Maintain Stable Voltage to I/O

January 2, 2013—New Networkable Dimmer Controls LEDs via Serial; Amazing Discoveries from James Cameron's Adventure; Small Parts Now Available in 10-Packs; Tech Tip - True or False?

December 12, 2012—Opto 22 Holiday Shipping Schedule; Energy Management - What You Can Do Today; Cast Your Vote for Engineers' Choice; Tech Tip - Error Code Decoder

November 28, 2012—New SoftPAC Software-based Controller Now Available, PAC Project 9.3 Released, PC-Based Control Overview, Tech Tip: Better, Faster Way To Communicate with Databases

November 14, 2012—Distributed Control with SoftPAC Webinar; New Software Developer Toolkits for PC-Based Control; WEEC 2012 Showcases Energy Efficiency; Tech Tip: PAC Display Graphics with a Transparent Background

October 31, 2012—Distributed Control with SoftPAC Webinar; Track Energy Like Other Product Costs; Intro to SoftPAC Webinar Now on YouTube; Tech Tip: Maximize SSR Effectiveness

October 17, 2012—Introduction to SoftPAC Webinar; Visitantes a la Exposición Ven lo Viejo y lo Nuevo; Vote for Automation World Leaders; Tech Tip: FactoryFloor and Windows 7

October 3, 2012—Curious about the New SoftPAC Software-based Controller?; Get your Free Pass to World Energy Engineering Conference; SNAP PAC System Training in Massachusetts; Tech Tip: Timers, Timer Tables, and Rollover

September 19, 2012—New Data Log Import/Export in PAC Display; Vote for an Automation World Leader; eSight and Opto 22 Show L.A. How To Save on Energy; Tech Tip: Edge Cases and Timestamping

September 5, 2012—New Current Transformers (CTs) for Accurate Energy Monitoring; Caso: Industria Química de Istmo; Get Ready to Go Green; Tech Tip: IVAL vs. XVAL

August 22, 2012—New SNAP PAC Enclosures for Easy Installation; Opto aPAC Mobile App Wins First Place at ISA ExpoControl; PID Loop Control; Tech Tip: Copying Status Data

August 8, 2012—New Easy HMI Shows Energy Data; Code Contest Winners; Get Your Own Private Webinar plus Coffee and Donuts; Tech Tip: Sending a Control Strategy for Others to Download

July 25, 2012—Code Contest Ends Today - Vote Now; eSight Energy Summit; Latest Product Guides and Comparison Charts; Tech Tip: Relative Paths in PAC Display

July 11, 2012—New Modbus Integration Kit for PAC Project; Tech Tip: Put Weather Data in your Strategy the Easy Way; Mobile Apps for Automation; Curso Opto 22 en Español

June 20, 2012—New Software and HMI in PAC Project Demo; Energy Monitoring for Profit Webinar on You Tube; Energy Road Show in Philadelphia; Opto 22 Code Contest

June 6, 2012—Opto 22 Code Contest; I/O and Networking at the Bottom of the Sea; Aprenda Como Usar PAC Control—3 Nuevos Videos; Tech Tip: Open a Video Window in PAC Display

May 23, 2012—New OptoEMU Sensor DR Energy Monitoring Units; Learn How To Monitor Energy for Profit; Meet the OptoEMU Family (Video); Tech Tip: Time Savers for PAC Control

May 9, 2012—New! Mobile Automation on Android; Put Energy Data in Your Browser; Energy Management is a Financial Issue, not a Technical Issue; Tech Tip: Getting Controller Status Data

April 25, 2012—3 Videos to Get Started with PAC Control; Demand Response as a New Source of Revenue; See OptoEMU at Energy Saudi Arabia; Tech Tip: Working with Someone Else's Control Strategy, Part 2

April 11, 2012—SNAP-PAC-S2 Dives Deep with James Cameron; Tech Tip: Dealing with Someone Else's Control Strategy; Energy Management Road Show in Chicago; Can Your SNAP PAC Learning Center Do This?

March 28, 2012—James Cameron and DEEPSEA CHALLENGE Make History; New Communication Module for Controller Area Network (CAN); Managing Power and Devices at Remote Telecom Sites; Energy Management Webinar Recording Available

March 14, 2012—New PAC Project 9.2 and Firmware 9.2 Releases; What Is Optical Isolation?; Webinar Introduces Energy Management; Tech Tip: Get Archives or Send Large Files to Product Support

February 29, 2012—G4EB2 Brain = New Life for Old Systems; Heavy-industry Conglomerate Integrates Energy Data with ERP; Flowchart Programming and More in New Tech Talk Videos; Tech Tip: Splitting Strings

February 15, 2012—New Temperature Module with 1000 Ohm Platinum Inputs; Promote Your Business with a Case Study; Energy Monitoring Sample Flowchart; Tech Tip: Incrementing a Numeric Variable

February 1, 2012—Using Analog I/O with VFDs; N-TRON Products No Longer Available from Opto 22; Tech Tip: Use Your Brain to Avoid Disaster; Opto 22—Your First Team Supplier

January 18, 2012—Tech Tip: Improved Get Chart Status Command; Nueva Página Web Lista los Videos y Documentos de Opto 22 en Español; Website Tricks for Faster Access; OptoFamily on Facebook

January 4, 2012—OptoGreen Grant Helps Students Learn About Energy Data; Gesture-based Machine Control; Aviation Lighting and Control Case Study; PAC Control Tech Tip

December 14, 2011—Opto 22 Holiday Schedule; New 32-Channel Digital Input Module, 2.5-12 VDC; Video: Three Steps to Maintainable Code; Vote Opto iPAC for Engineer's Choice

November 30, 2011—New OptoVideos Explain Sinking/Sourcing Modules and Flowchart Programming; Tech Tip: Easy Copy/paste for Variable Names; Free Product Support Ad Gets Reactions; Industrial Control through Gestures?

November 9, 2011—New Breakout Board for Easier Switching of Loads to 10 A; Opto iPAC App an Engineers' Choice Finalist; Fedora Farms Case Study Video en Español; LMN Architects Blog about Energy Monitoring

October 26, 2011—Integrate your Opto 22 SNAP PAC System; Tech Tip: Translating PAC Control Error Codes; Sinking and Sourcing DC Output Modules; Video: Using Energy Data from OptoEMU in Industrial and Business Systems

October 12, 2011—New Output Module for Stepper Motor Drives; SSR Cross Product List; Curso de Inducción a los Sistemas PAC en México; Tech Tip: Change Default Out-of-range Value

September 28, 2011—New HDD Module - SNAP-IDC-32DN; Free Integration Kits for your SNAP PAC System; Tech Tip: Power Supplies and UPS Recommendations; Five Tips for Energy Monitoring

September 14, 2011—OptoEMU Sensor 2.0 Release; NGV Fueling Stations Case Study; Un Video Nuevo en Español Introduce la Aplicación de Opto iPAC; Win a Free Conference Pass to WEEC

August 31, 2011—New SNAP Mechanical Relay Modules; OptoGreen Grant Helps Students Explore Alternative Energy; Training Class in Massachusetts; Tech Tip: Sample Chart for New Commands in PAC Control 9.1

August 17, 2011—New OptoMMP Server Speeds Peer-to-Peer Communication; Ad-Hoc Wireless Video; ISA ExpoControl 2011 México; Naming Conventions Debate in OptoForums

August 3, 2011—New PAC Project and Firmware 9.1 with Authenticated Emails; New Opto iPAC Video; eSight Energy Summit; Tech Tip: Connect Wirelessly without an Access Point

July 20, 2011—Reviews for Opto iPAC App; Find Recently Updated Products/Documents/Downloads; Free Workshop in Georgia; New Regional Sales Office Serves Southeastern U.S.

July 6, 2011—Opto iPAC App!; SNAP PAC System Self-training Guide; Fall Training in Massachusetts; Strategies for Energy Monitoring from Design News

June 22, 2011—Grocer Reduces Energy Costs with Demand-Response; Tech Tips from OptoForum; Are You on Facebook?; Papel Blanco: Automatización y La Red Inteligente (Smart Grid): Gestión de Energía

June 8, 2011—Tech Tip: Mirroring I/O; OptoVideos Now with Closed Captioning; Expo Frío Refrigeration Expo in Santiago; OptoTerminal G70 and G75 Near End of Life

May 25, 2011—New OptoEMU Sensor .NET Toolkit; Tech Tip: Update Firmware on Many Devices at Once; Free Conference Pass to West Coast EMC; Electronics & Automation 2011 in Utrecht

May 11, 2011—Integrate OptoEMU Energy Data with Control Systems; Tech Tip: PAC Control Spring Cleaning; Win a Free Energy Conference Pass (WCEMC); Opto 22 Product Pages

April 27, 2011—Higher Voltage Range for Power Monitoring Modules; New Feature in Website Search; Turn Your Refrigeration System into a Money-making Machine

April 13, 2011—OptoGreen Grant Helps Aquatic Centers Save Energy; OptoEMU Sensor QR Code; Productivity Tip: Compare Product Features; New Belgium case study video in Spanish

March 30, 2011—New SNAP PAC .NET OptoMMP Messaging Toolkit; OptoEMU Sensor Video in Spanish; AMPER 2011 Exhibition in Brno; Globalcon 2011

March 16, 2011—New SNAP-AITM-4i Thermocouple/millivolt Module; Fedora Farms Video Case Study; New OptoCertified Trainer in Chile; Free Globalcon 2011 Expo Ticket

March 2, 2011—OptoEMU Sensor Wins Engineers' Choice Award; OptoEMU Sensor Video and Energy White Paper; Metrology Case Study; New SNAP-AIPM-3V Power Monitoring Module

February 16, 2011—OptoEMU Sensor Now Shipping; See Live Energy Data from OptoEMU Sensor; April training in Massachusetts; Opto 22 is Hiring!

February 2, 2011—New SSR Heat Sink and Thermopad; Configure I/O Unit Plus Accessories Online; Tech Tip: Keep a Window on Top in PAC Display; Ask Your Questions in New OptoForum

January 19, 2011—New Windows 7 Toolkit for PCI-AC5 Adapter Cards; Pulse Energy and Opto 22 Partnership; Productivity Tip: Save Time with Favorites

January 5, 2011—Thomson-RCA Uses Energy Monitoring to Cut Costs; OptoEMU Webinar Archive Available Now; January Training in Massachusetts; Productivity Tip: New Links for Easy Access

December 15, 2010—OptoEMU Energy Monitoring Webinar; New CTs; 3D Product CAD Files; Opto 22 Holiday Schedule

December 1, 2010—New OptoEMU Sensor Makes Energy Monitoring Simple; New Case Study on UOVs; Opto 22 Recognized as Save Energy Now LEADER; Tech Tip: Download Free PROFIBUS DP Sample Control Strategy

November 10, 2010—Three Cheers for New Belgium Brewing; Webinars: PID Loops, Recetas en PAC Display; December Training Class in Massachusetts; Tech Tip: Legacy Versions of PAC Project Guides

October 27, 2010—New SNAP Input Module Acquires Serial Data from Transducers; Productivity Tip: Get Fast Access to Just the Information You Want; In Argentina, a Combination for Success; Tech Tip: Debugging PAC Control Strategies

October 13, 2010—Optimizing Throughput & Recetas en PAC Display Webinars plus Training in Massachusetts; Free Publicity in Opto's Case Study Program; Refrigeration Workshop in South Florida; New SNAP I/O Configurator

September 29, 2010—Tech Tip: Easy Visio Graphics for HMIs and More; Opto 22 Distributor Offers Training, Receives Certification as Woman-owned Business; New Videos in Chinese; Introducción a OptoDataLink webinar

September 15, 2010—Webinar: Improve your Bottom Line through Energy Monitoring; Mariah Meat Packing Plant Case Study; Industriële Week 2010; Archiving PAC Display Files

September 1, 2010—Exchange Control System Data with Computer Databases; Tech Tip: Recovering PAC Control Files; Opto 22 Group on LinkedIn; Articles and Ads in New Editorial Page

August 18, 2010—Verify Voltage to Avoid Hardware Problems; Landfill Sites Use PACs to Clean Up Leachate; Live Demos in Georgia Workshop; Basic System Troubleshooting Webinar

August 4, 2010—Mining Company Finds Gold; SPC/GMP Subroutines; Tech Tip: Updating PAC Display Database Tags; Using Recipes in PAC Display Webinar

July 21, 2010—Webinars: Controller Redundancy and OptoTerminals; New Argentinian Distributor; Tech Tip: Shortcuts in PAC Control 9.0; Training in Massachusetts

July 7, 2010—Controller Redundancy Webinar; What's New in 9.0 Videos; ISA Expo Control in Mexico City; Tech Tip: Find Agency Approval Data

June 23, 2010—Download PAC Project 9.0 Now; What's New in PAC Project 9.0 Webinar in English y en Español; Tech Tip: Product Comparison Charts; Summer Classes in Massachusetts

June 9, 2010—PAC Project 9.0 Sneak Preview; PAC Display Tips & Tricks Webinar; Tech Tips: Finding & Pinging IP Addresses; FactoryFloor & Other Topic Pages

May 26, 2010—N-TRON Wireless Access Point; Getting Started with PAC Manager & PAC Control OptoWebinar; SNAP PAC System Video in Arabic; Tech Tip: Launch an Application from a PAC Display HMI

May 12, 2010—Energy Management at ConnectivityWeek; Tech Tip: Connector Change on SNAP Temperature Modules; June Training Class in Massachusetts; Learn PAC Control Tips & Tricks Next Week

April 28, 2010—New SNAP-AIRTD-10 Temperature Input Module; OptoPartner TurboCraft; Webinar Schedule; Tech Tip on Easy Way to Inspect I/O in PAC Control

April 14, 2010—PID Loop Control & Que Hay de Nuevo en PAC Project 9.0 Webinars; Wired+Wireless is Golden Mousetrap Finalist; Wired+Wireless Video in Chinese; CSIA Executive Conference; Send a Tech Tip—and Get a Free Gift

March 31, 2010—New SSRs Have Built-in Heatsinks; Save on the Best Industrial Ethernet Switch; Webinars: PID Loop Control and Que Hay de Nuevo en PAC Project 9.0; Join Other Opto Users on LinkedIn

March 17, 2010—What's New in PAC Project 9.0 Webinar; OptoGreen Grant for Hydrogen Technologies; Hardware Tips on Wiring; Find an OptoPartner

March 3, 2010—Optimizing Throughput Webinar; PAC Project 9.0 Almost Here; Topic Page Index on Website; PSG Tips on OptoScript

February 17, 2010—IO4AB Webinar; New Energy White Paper; Help Design Advanced Training; PSG Tip on Free PAC Project Example Files

February 3, 2010—Engineers' Choice: Opto 22 Wired+Wireless I/O; PAC Display Tips & Tricks Webinar; New Wireless Video; What Training Do You Need?

January 20, 2010—Wired+Wireless Webinar; Publicize Your Business with a Case Study; Tech Tip: Formatting Data in a Text File (PAC Control); Automation Exhibition in Slovenia

January 6, 2010—PAC Control Tips Webinar; Migration Webpage; Troubleshooting & OptoKnowledgeBase; Free Training

December 16, 2009—Troubleshooting Webinar; Holiday Schedule; Wired+Wireless Video en Español; Thank You!

December 2, 2009—OptoWebinars Rescheduled; Greener Coal; Tech Tip on Saving in PAC Display; Opto 22 Holiday Schedule

November 19, 2009—OptoWebinars; Case Study on Upgrading Furnace Control to SNAP PACs; Tech Tip on PAC Project Sample Files; Discover Card Accepted on Opto 22 Website

November 4, 2009—Engineering with Ethernet Webinar; SNAP I/O Selector; Tech Tip on Getting Controller Status Data; Go Wired or Wireless WebEx Seminar

October 21, 2009—N-TRON 700-series Ethernet Switches; Updated Specification Guide; Watch OptoVideos without Internet Connection; Industry Exhibit in Alabama

October 7, 2009—New Visio Images for HMIs and System Diagrams; B3000 Brain Replaced by B3000-B; Find an OptoPartner or Distributor; Tech Tip: Making Websites in Firefox Easier to Read

September 23, 2009—Industrial-Grade N-TRON Ethernet Switches and APs; OptoVideos on the New Website; PSG Tip: PAC Manager Inspect Window;Test Drive the SNAP PAC System

September 9, 2009—PAC Project 8.5 Ready for Download; Opto Month at Allied Electronics; New Opto 22 Website Almost Here; Hot Tips from PSG: Back it Up!

August 26, 2009—Wired+Wireless Overview & Configuration Videos; Opto Customer Saves Jobs; Design World Discusses Wireless; PSG Tip on Auto-Negotation

August 12, 2009—Wired+Wireless Data Sheets Now Available; Incremental Encoders: Tech Note Explains Quadrature Counting; Learn about Remote I/O for A-B PLC Systems; Florida SNAP PAC System Class in Spanish

July 29, 2009—New Kepware OPC Driver; Airport Control Articles; New Opto 22 Website Coming Soon; Tech Tip on Moving PAC Control Strategy to a New PC

July 15, 2009—New Protocols Tech Note; Gongkong Interviews Opto; IO4AB WebEx Demo; Tech Tip on Initializing Global Variables

July 1, 2009—IO4AB Video Part 4: PID Loops; New 32-ch Digital Input Module with Positive Commons;Updated Modbus/TCP Integration Kit; Tech Tip on Offsite Testing

June 17, 2009—New Leakage-Tolerant High-Density Digital Input;PAC Display Tips and Tricks Video; PSG Tips for PAC Control; Background Downloading

June 3, 2009—PSG Tip: Getting Troubleshooting Data;New Digital Module for 70-130 VAC Inputs;SNAP PAC System Video in Japanese;OptoGreen Grant for Wind Turbine Development

May 13, 2009—New IO4AB Learning Center and EtherNet/IP Configurator R3.0;SNAP I/O for A-B PLCs Demo; IO4AB Video on Analog Features; PSG Tip on Persistent Variables

April 29, 2009—PSG Tip on Persistent Variables; New PAC Display SuperTrends Video; Updated SNAP PAC System Specification Guide; July Training Class Added

April 15, 2009—Wireless White Paper; Wired/Wireless PACs and I/O; CSIA Conference; Florida and Michigan SNAP PAC System Classes

April 1, 2009—PAC Project Supports Vista; IO4AB Video Part 2 and IO4AB Seminars in Texas; Automation Exhibition in Warsaw; New Belgium Brewery Case Study

March 18, 2009—2 GB Removable Storage in SNAP PACs; Case Study: Managing Fuel Costs; Hungarian Automation Exhibition; SNAP PAC System Class in Massachusetts

March 4, 2009—Manage 3-Phase Power Usage; "Green" Beer, Belgian Ale, and Opto 22; PSG Tip: Troubleshooting Help from the OptoKB; IO4AB Seminars in Southern California

February 18, 2009—Engineers' Choice Award; Coal Research Case Study; PSG Tip on Updating Tags and Modifying Controllers in PAC Display; Opto on Twitter

February 4, 2009—Technical Seminars in Tampa & Nashville; How-to Video: SNAP I/O with Allen-Bradley PLCs; PSG Tip on Deleting Unused Tags in PAC Control; OptoMinute Videos in Chinese

January 21, 2009—Control Magazine on Open I/O Systems; PSG Tip on 64-bit Literals in OptoScript; New Videos in Spanish; Classes in Massachusetts

January 7, 2009—New Factory Mutual-approved Products; Case Study: IO4AB at Fulghum Industries; New Russian Distributor; IO4AB Technical Seminars

December 17, 2008—Holiday Schedule; SNAP I/O for Allen-Bradley: Software and Firmware; Green Power Plant and Opto 22 Systems; Happy Holidays

December 3, 2008—Holiday Schedule; IO4AB Seminars in 2009; OptoGreen Grant for UCI; PSG Tips on OptoDataLink

November 19, 2008—DNP3 Integration Kit; New OptoPartners; IO4AB in Control Design; More PSG Tips on Nested Ifs

November 5, 2008—Free IO4AB Technical Seminars; PSG Tip on Nested Ifs; SPS/IPC/DRIVES Exhibition (Germany); SNAP PAC System Training in Spanish (Florida)

October 22, 2008—PSG Tip on FTP and Data Logging; SNAP PAC Learning Center Video; SNAP PAC System Training in Massachusetts

October 8, 2008—Technical Seminars: SNAP I/O in Allen-Bradley Systems; PSG Tip on Measuring RPM; R1 vs. R2; OptoVideos on Design News, Design World

October 1, 2008—Special Edition for Readers near Chicago and Detroit: Technical Seminars on Expanding Allen-Bradley Logix systems with intelligent remote I/O

September 24, 2008—Opto Talk at ISA Expo; PSG Tip on Powerup Message Sample; SNAP-TEX-32 Breakout Board; New Videos in English, Spanish, Chinese

September 10, 2008—New SNAP PAC System Video; Office Opened in Shanghai; PSG Tip on I/O Enabler Sample; Training Classes in Massachusetts

August 20, 2008—PSG Tip on New Control & Display Examples; Managing Electrical Power on NY Farms; Fused SNAP TEX Breakout Boards

August 6, 2008—PSG Tip on Background Strategy Downloading; SNAP TEX Mechanical Relay Breakout Boards; SNAP PAC Class in Spanish; OptoMinute Video: Temperature Inputs

July 23, 2008—Secure Strategy Distribution Protects Intellectual Property; SNAP TEX Cables; Design Your Control System with Visio

July 9, 2008—New SNAP TEX Cables & Breakout Boards; PAC Project 8.2 Release; Products Moved to Accessories; SNAP TEX Compatibility Charts

June 18, 2008—PSG Tip on Changing Variables from Global to Persistent; OptoSubscriptions video; CAD Drawings on the Opto 22 Website

June 4, 2008—Connect Opto 22 I/O to PLCs; PSG Tip on FTPing files from PACs; Michigan Fish Hatcheries video case study; SNAP PAC System classes in Florida

May 14, 2008—Tips from PSG on tables and hard-coded values in PAC Control; Waterford Township DPW new case study; Upcoming SNAP PAC System class in Massachusetts; Is this the last FactoryFloor training class?

April 30, 2008—Carnegie Science Center Video Case Study; Tips from PSG on time since powerup and module discovery; Securing and Removing SNAP I/O; Which S-Series PAC?

April 16, 2008—Tips from PSG: What's the Scan Rate?; Verizon Video Case Study; Faster, Easier Video and Screencast Players; Opto 22 Website Tour

April 15, 2008—Special Edition for Southern Florida Readers: Local Seminars and Training in July; Introducing New Distributor Optomize, Inc.

April 2, 2008—Free Posters; Tips from PSG on PAC Terminal; Case Studies in Spanish; FactoryFloor Training Class

March 19, 2008—New PAC Control & PAC Display OptoMinutes; Tips from PSG on RS-485, loopback, strategy performance; Funny Ad; Classes in Massachusetts

March 5, 2008—Optomux Integration Kit; Hot Tip from Product Support on PAC Display; OptoSubscriptions; Jam PAC'd Mouse Pad

February 20, 2008—Integrate SNAP PAC and Modbus Systems; Tech Tip: Specifying a SNAP PAC System; 2nd OptoGreen Grant; Case Study Program

February 6, 2008—PAC Project Demo 8.1; Tips from PSG on Solid State Relays; SNAP PAC System Training Class Offered in Spanish; Considerations for Choosing a PAC White Paper

January 23, 2008—Lumenyte Case Study (video + PDF); Georgia Pacific Case Study (Spanish); Software for PACs White Paper;Tips from PSG on SNAP I/O

January 9, 2008—Email Product Update Notifications (OptoSubscriptions); PayWerks Video Case Study; First OptoGreen Grant; OptoForums

December 12, 2007—SNAP I/O Selector; OptoMinute Video: R-series PACs; Holiday Schedule at Opto 22

November 28, 2007—New OptoDataLink Video; OptoGreen Grant Program; More Tips from PSG; Turkey Trot Winners

November 14, 2007—More Tips from PSG; East Coast SNAP PAC System Training; Turkey Trot at Opto

October 31, 2007—NASA Case Study; DF1 Integration Kit; New OptoBloggers; Lunch Seminar

October 17, 2007—New PAC Project 8.1, 8-channel Analog modules, S2 Controller, and Serial Brains; Case Study: Michigan Fish Hatcheries; Jam PAC'd ad; Motion Control video on CEtv

October 2, 2007—Special Edition announcing New SNAP PAC System Products and New Opto 22 Website Homepage

September 26, 2007—SNAP PAC System Motion Control at Opto 22; Freescale Case Study; Hot Tips from PSG;"Shoot This, Opto!" August Winner; Lunch Seminar

September 12, 2007—Case Study: Ballarat Upgrades to SNAP PAC System; Lunch Seminar; Newark's Online Opto 22 Catalog; OptoGear

August 22, 2007—Case Study: AZEVAP Keeps It Cool; Governor's Green Letter and Live EDGE Competition; Order Your Lunch Seminar; More Hot Tips from PSG

August 8, 2007—Old SSR Still Has It; New PAC Manager Video; "Shoot This, Opto!" July Winner; Schedule Your Lunch Seminar

July 25, 2007—Free Lunch Seminar, Meet Your Learn Section Hosts, Hot Tips from PSG

July 11, 2007—OptoGreen; Search the Opto 22 KnowledgeBase; OptoGear; "Shoot This, Opto!" Contest Winner

June 27, 2007—SNAP PAC System Video; "Shoot This, Opto!" Contest; Webcast Archive; Tips from the OptoForums

June 6, 2007—Automation World PAC Webcast; "Shoot This, Opto!" Contest; Motion Control; SNAP PAC System Specification Guide and Networking Demo

May 23, 2007—New SNAP PAC System, PAC Project Demo, and SNAP PAC System Upgrade Offers


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