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PAC Project Demo

SNAP PAC System Special Upgrade Offers


You've probably already heard about Opto 22's new SNAP PAC System, designed to make it simpler to understand, select, buy, and apply control, monitoring, and data acquisition systems.

Featured recently in Automation World, Control Engineering, and on automation.com, the SNAP PAC System includes the PAC Project Software Suite, standalone and rack-mounted SNAP PAC programmable automation controllers, the powerful EB1 and EB2 SNAP PAC brains, and analog, digital, serial, and special-purpose SNAP I/O, including new higher density modules.

If you've been using other systems (even older Opto 22 systems), you'll appreciate the benefits and simplicity of the new SNAP PAC System:

  • Fewer part numbers means simpler selection and buying as well as fewer spares to keep on hand, while still providing all the features you need.
  • No compatibility worries. All SNAP PAC System parts work together, and the entire system is based on open, standard networking and communication protocols.
  • Support for legacy hardware and software (FactoryFloor and mistic).
  • FREE programming software and simulator. Try out your idea or begin your application development with little or no capital expense.
  • Inexpensive and easy-to-use data exchange between your control system and enterprise databases—without having to implement a third-party HMI.
  • A single tag database for all software, so the I/O points and variables you create for control are immediately available for HMI development, OPC communication, and data exchange.
  • FREE product support and FREE training.

For a complete introduction to the SNAP PAC System, including system architecture, component descriptions, specifications, and wiring diagrams, check out the new SNAP PAC System Specification Guide.

PAC Project Demo

Here's a fun way to experiment with our PAC Project software, and you don't even need any hardware to do it.

Our new PAC Project Demo includes a sample PAC Control strategy and a sample PAC Display project with interactive HMI files you can use any way you like. The demo files run on the SNAP PAC Sim, a software application that simulates a SNAP PAC controller right there on your PC.

Whether you're an engineer, programmer, prospective customer (or maybe you're all of the above), you can run this demo and see for yourself the tight integration between the Opto 22 hardware and software.

The new PAC Project Demo sceencast explains how to set up and use the demo. After watching, simply download the free PAC Project Basic software suite, SNAP PAC Sim, and the demo files, follow the instructions, and you're ready to go. Take control of a bottling plant, or sail or sink a catamaran!

Visit the PAC Project Demo Quick Start page to get up and running quickly.

SNAP PAC System Special Upgrade Offers

Here are two special offers for current customers who want to upgrade to the SNAP PAC System: a FREE PAC Project Professional upgrade for those of you who recently purchased ioProject applications, and a FREE PAC Project Professional license ($999 USD value) when you buy a new SNAP PAC controller to replace an ioProject controller.

FREE PAC Project Pro Upgrade

If you purchased ioProject Professional—either the complete suite or any individual software title within the suite—on or after November 1, 2006, you're entitled to a FREE upgrade to the PAC Project Professional version of the item you purchased.

Software titles eligible for upgrade are:

  • ioProject Professional
  • ioControl Professional
  • ioDisplay Professional
  • OptoOPCServer

Here's how to get your free upgrade: First download the latest version of PAC Project Professional. Then call Opto 22 Inside Sales (1-800-321-6786 or 1-951-695-3000). Inside Sales will confirm you are a registered ioProject application user, that you purchased the product on or after November 1, 2006, and give you a password to use for installing PAC Project Professional. You'll receive your license number when you register the software online.

FREE PAC Project Pro with SNAP PAC Purchase

Support in PAC Project for SNAP Ultimate I/O (UIO) and SNAP-LCE controllers is limited. For this reason, we're offering a special incentive.

If you purchase a SNAP PAC R-series or S-series controller to replace your UIO or LCE controller, you'll receive a FREE full download license for PAC Project Professional (a $999 USD value) for each new controller you buy, even if you have never purchased ioProject Professional. This offer is limited and rules apply.

You must own one of the following controllers:

  • SNAP-UP1-M64
  • SNAP-UP1-D64

You must purchase one of these SNAP PAC controllers as a replacement:


This offer is valid only for SNAP PAC controllers purchased after May 15, 2007.

To receive your FREE PAC Project Professional, complete the Upgrade Offer form, providing the MAC address of the eligible controllers along with the MAC addresses of the newly purchased controllers. (MAC addresses can be found on the label affixed to the side of the controller.) Purchase date and location are also required. When it's complete, submit the Upgrade Offer form online. We'll contact you with passwords to use for installation, and you'll receive your license number when you register the software online.

The download includes all software and documentation in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Printed documentation for PAC Project Professional is available for separate purchase.

This offer expires July 31, 2007, and is subject to cancellation at any time.


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