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Get Network Flexibility with New SNAP PAC System Release

Fish Hatcheries Automate with Opto 22

Features You Need Highlighted in New Jam PAC'd Ad

Motion Control Video Debuts on Control Engineering's CEtv

Get Network Flexibility with New SNAP PAC System Release

PAC Project software suiteAs you've heard by now, we've just released version 8.1 of the PAC Project software suite. We've also released some new customer-requested hardware:

  • Double or quadruple your analog point count in the same cabinet space. New cost-effective current, voltage, and ICTD modules boast eight channels each, all wired to top-mounted connectors.
  • Get four flexible serial ports on the new SNAP-PAC-S2 controller. Software configurable for RS-232 or RS-485, these serial ports give you up to four ports for distributed serial I/O. Or use them to communicate with chart recorders, printers, RFID and barcode devices—any serial device—or for modem/PPP communication with a remote host.
  • Need serial I/O? The new SNAP-PAC-SB1 and SNAP-PAC-SB2 brains provide full analog and digital distributed I/O functions on a serial link. High-speed and quadrature counting, latching, pulsing, TPO, watchdog, thermocouple linearization, min/max values, scaling, clamping, ramping, 96 PID loops per brain, and many more features work the same in these brains as in their Ethernet-based siblings, the SNAP-PAC-EB1 and the SNAP-PAC-EB2.

Download PAC Project Basic 8.1.

Download PAC Project Professional 8.1.

Download 8.1 firmware for SNAP PAC controllers and brains.

Fish Hatcheries Automate with Opto 22

Michigan Fish Hatcheries control water quality

Salmon, sturgeon, pike, trout, splake, and other Michigan fish species are all thanking Opto 22 control systems for providing healthy water and ideal conditions to produce the next generations of fish.

Our new case study provides details on the process control and alarm systems at the six Michigan Fish Hatcheries. The system, developed by Opto 22 partner and integrator Windemuller, interfaces with flow meters, float level sensors, variable frequency drives, and the hatcheries' other power, oxygen, and water-related equipment.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources' Chris Klage notes that besides meeting all of his functional requirements, Windemuller could integrate nearly all six systems with Opto 22 hardware for the price it would cost to do just one system with components from competitor Allen Bradley.

Read the Michigan Fish Hatcheries case study.

Features You Need Highlighted in New Jam PAC'd Ad


Just open the cover of our new ad insert to see all the useful features of the SNAP PAC System.

From dual Ethernet controller interfaces to 16- and 32-channel digital modules to cold-junction compensated terminals for thermocouples, the SNAP PAC System delivers.

Where did you see our new Jam PAC'd ad? Was it in:

  • Control Engineering
  • Control
  • Control Design
  • InTech
  • Automation world
  • Design World

Let us know where you saw the ad—and what you thought of it—and we'll send you an Opto 22 LED flashlight!

Motion Control Video Debuts on Control Engineering's CEtv

SNAP PAC System Motion Control videoCheck out CEtv, where Control Engineering hosts videos of interest to engineers.

Our "Motion Control, Data Acquisition Retrofit" video is on CEtv now. This video describes how Opto 22 upgraded our G4 module testing machine with the SNAP PAC System, which handles motion control as well as analog and digital control.

See the Motion Control video on CEtv.


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