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NASA Monitors Deep Space with Opto

DF1 Integration Kit Updated for PAC Project 8.1

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NASA Monitors Deep Space with Opto

NASA Satellite DishThe U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Deep Space Network monitors satellites, spacecraft, and space probes such as Voyager I and Voyager II. NASA uses a network of ultrasensitive receiving systems and large parabolic dish antennas located at three strategic sites on Earth, all operated by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

Last summer at the site in Madrid, engineers detected cracks in one antenna's large elevation bearing system. These bearings support the 4-million-pound (1.8 million kg) weight of the antenna as it rotates and tilts up and down. While the bearings could be repaired, this was the second time cracks had occurred in 16 years. Scientists and engineers at JPL needed more data to determine the cause of these premature failures.

Opto 22 Senior Technical Advisor Tom Edwards and other Opto 22 engineers provided pre-sales support to JPL and helped define the requirements and data acquisition solution for the antenna project. Force Switch Corp. of San Dimas, California, was contracted to design and build custom 5/8 in. (15 mm) thick plates, each with 35 load cells, to fit underneath the antenna and weigh the antenna as it moves across the bearings. The load cells will be wired to SNAP analog input modules on four distributed I/O racks and monitored by Opto 22's SNAP PAC System, which gathers the needed data and sends it to a JPL database via OptoDataLink.

Read the NASA/JPL case study

DF1 Integration Kit Updated for PAC Project 8.1

Allen-Bradley DF1 Integration Kit for PAC ControlNeed to interface your Opto 22 SNAP PAC System with Allen-Bradley drivers or PLCs using the DF1 protocol? You can.

We've recently updated the Allen-Bradley DF1 Integration Kit for PAC Control. This integration kit is a set of PAC Control subroutines, which can be called from any flowchart in the PAC Control strategy running on your SNAP PAC controller.

The controller can act as either a master or slave device and can be connected directly to the serial port on an Allen-Bradley PLC or to Data Highway networks using standard Data Highway interface devices.

Download the Allen-Bradley DF1 Integration Kit

New Bloggers Join OptoBlogs

Opto 22 in the firestorm You're seeing some new names in the Opto blogosphere.

Firmware engineer Mary St. John recently posted a blog about the wildfires near Temecula, which affected several of our employees. We're happy to report that Opto 22 founders Bob and Mary Jane Engman found their home safe and sound when they returned, as did our other employees who had to evacuate.

Marketing Specialist Kristie Allison reported on the G4 handler and its upgrade to the SNAP PAC system. Kristie has also started a series of blogs about people here at Opto. The first one introduces Preferred Customer Specialist Chery Cirigliano and Electrical Engineer Ron Schmidt, veterans of the Great Temecula Tractor Race.

Meanwhile, over on the OptoProducts blog, illustrator and Flash developer John Garrett introduced his animated PAC Display symbols, which you can use in your PAC Display projects for real pizzazz.

And Marketing's David Crump blogged the PAC Project 8.1 release and new SNAP PAC System hardware:

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