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Have You Tried the PAC Project Demo?

Hot Tips from Product Support on SSRs

SNAP PAC System Training Class Offered in Spanish

New White Paper: Considerations for Choosing a PAC

Have You Tried the PAC Project Demo?

PAC Project BasicIt's new! It's improved! Now updated for release 8.1, the PAC Project Demo download file contains everything you need to demonstrate or explore PAC Project, our industrial automation software.

Included in the demo file are:

If you haven't tried PAC Project yet, now it's easier than ever. Try it for yourself. Download the PAC Project Demo now.

Hot Tips from Product Support on SSRs

Opto 22's Product Support Group (PSG) develops some helpful tips as they work with customers who contact them for free product support.

Back in 1974, Opto 22's first products were solid state relays (SSRs). Over 30 years later, we still make the most reliable SSRs in the world, and they still sell like hockey pucks. Here are some tips about SSRs from Product Support engineers.

For SSR Outputs

Whenever you're using a solid-state relay output to control a solenoid or a relay, always use a commutating diode on the coil. The diode protects the solid-state output from inductive "kick" when the load is turned off.

Choose a silicon diode, such as a 1N4005. Locate the commutating diode as close to the coil as possible, and install the diode's cathode on the side of the coil with positive excitation voltage.

SSRs AC Power SeriesHandling the Heat

Did you know that SSR's dissipate power—in other words, they heat up? And the relay's current rating is substantially degraded the hotter it gets.

When using the Power Series solid-state relays, make sure to design adequate cooling systems to dissipate the heat emitted by the relay. Use items like heatsinks (with thermally conductive grease), fans, and air vents to ensure that the relay operates at an appropriate temperature.

For guidelines, see the Solid State Relays Data Sheet, form #859.

SNAP PAC System Training Class Offered in Spanish

In April we'll again be offering our free, hands-on SNAP PAC System training class in Spanish. Normally given in English, these well-attended training classes include lunches, a tour of the Opto 22 factory, and a chance to meet Opto 22 employees, as well as four days of instructor-led training.

To sign up for a class in either Spanish or English, see the class schedule on our website.

Clase en Español: 14-17 de Abril, 2008
Ubicación: Opto 22 oficina principal, Temécula, CA
Para más información, contáctenos en: training@opto22.com.

New White Paper: Considerations for Choosing a PAC

Tank farmIf you've been reading about programmable automation controllers (PACs) and are thinking they could be useful in your application, you'll want to read our new white paper, "Considerations for Choosing a Programmable Automation Controller (PAC)."

The white paper introduces several considerations you may want to keep in mind as you look at available PACs, and it compares PAC features with those of more traditional automation technologies, including PLCs, DCSs, RTUs, and PCs.

Read the white paper.


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