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Posters! Posters!

Hot Tips from Product Support: PAC Terminal Software

Read Case Studies in Spanish

FactoryFloor Training Class Available

Posters! Posters!

Jam PAC'd and Sweet Suite postersYes, we now have full-color, 24x36 in. (61x91 cm) posters of our recent Sweet Suite and Jam PAC'd ads.

And because you're a loyal OptoNews subscriber, you can get your very own set of posters free for a limited time.

We've just added the poster set to the OptoGear section of our website. A $9.95 value, these posters not only make a bright spot on your wall, they also remind you of all the great features in our PAC Project software suite and our SNAP PAC R-series rack-mounted programmable automation controllers.

If you're in the U.S. or Canada, we'll ship the posters directly to you; outside the U.S. and Canada, they'll be shipped from your local distributor.

Here's how to get your posters:
Email us at marketing@opto22.com
Request your free set of posters.
Include the email address your OptoNews subscription is mailed to.
And be sure to include your mailing address for shipment.

Hot Tips from Product Support: PAC Terminal Software

Opto 22's Product Support Group (PSG) develops some helpful tips as they work with customers who contact them for free product support. Here are a few tips from our PSG engineers.

PAC Terminal, a utility program in the PAC Project software suite, offers a couple of features that can be very useful, especially for OEMs and system integrators.

Completing tasks automatically

In addition to having the usual graphical interface, PAC Terminal also supports command line usage. That means you can create a DOS batch file to complete tasks automatically for the end users of your strategy.

To see a list of tasks you might want to do within PAC Terminal, open a command prompt window in the folder where PAC Terminal is installed, and then type iotoerm /help. (Note that the executable file is named ioterm.exe and not PAC Terminal.exe.)

For more on using the command line, see the section on Using a DOS Batch File in form #1700, the PAC Control User's Guide.

Minimizing strategy copying

Many customers who provide strategies to end users ask if there is a way to minimize the possibility of their proprietary strategy logic being copied.

You can help prevent copying by using PAC Control to compile a Controller Download File (.cdf). Once you have the cdf file, you can download it to the controller using the PAC Terminal command line, as discussed above.

For instructions to compile a CDF, see the section "Downloading without using PAC Control" in Chapter 7 of the PAC Control User's Guide.

Questions? Concerns? Contact Product Support.

Lea Casos en Español

Caso: Soto la MarinaDesde el procedimiento de azúcar, al tratamiento de aguas y aguas residuales, a la manufactura de adhesivos y papel, varios casos que presentan clientes de Opto 22 en México, se encuentran en nuestra página web en la sección de Learn. Todos estos casos están escritos en español.

Read Case Studies in Spanish. From sugar processing, to water and wastewater, to the manufacture of adhesives and paper, several case studies in the Learn section of our website feature Opto 22 customers in Mexico. These case studies are all written in Spanish.

See all Opto 22 case studies.

FactoryFloor Training Class Available

For those of you who are still using our legacy FactoryFloor software suite, here's a rare opportunity to receive training.

FactoryFloor class dates: June 2-5, 2008
Location: Opto 22 headquarters in Temecula, CA
Cost: $1195 ($995 for three or more students from the same company)

This class is not listed on our website. For more information, please email our Training Department or call us at 800-321-6786 or 951-695-3000.


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