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New SNAP TEX Cables & Breakout Boards Make Wiring a Snap

PAC Project Version 8.2 Released

Where are the DIN-Rail Kits?

New Product Compatibility Charts

New SNAP TEX Cables & Breakout Boards Make Wiring a Snap

SNAP TEX video Wiring installation, maintenance, and debugging are now a whole lot easier, thanks to our new SNAP TEX cables and breakout boards.

Part of the new SNAP TEX family of wiring and mounting accessories, these cables and boards reduce the time and effort required to wire field devices to SNAP I/O modules.

SNAP TEX cables provide neat, protected wiring from the top of a SNAP I/O module to a SNAP TEX breakout board or your own board. Each cable is 6 feet (1.8 m) long.

SNAP TEX breakout boards take field wiring away from the crowded I/O rack and give you more space to work.

  • SNAP-TEX-32 is a straight-through board that handles 32 I/O points.
  • SNAP-TEX-FB16-L and SNAP-TEX-FB16-H include fuses, fuse-blown indicators, and bussed power for digital modules. The -L provides 12-24 V and the -H provides 120-240 V. Each board handles 16 points.
  • The SNAP-TEX-MR10-4 and SNAP-TEX-MR10-16 include 4 or 16 mechanical relays, one for each point. These boards boost the switching power of a SNAP digital output point to 10 amps!

SNAP TEX family Watch the OptoMinute video on SNAP TEX.

Read the SNAP TEX Cables and Breakout Boards data sheet (also includes high-density cables and breakout boards, which are now included in the SNAP TEX family).

See the whole SNAP TEX family of wiring and mounting accessories.

PAC Project Version 8.2 Released

PAC ProjectAs those of you with OptoSubscriptions may already know, we've just released version 8.2 of PAC Project, our complete and easy-to-use automation software suite.

This latest version includes:

  • faster subroutines
  • Interrupt chart support for legacy mistic I/O units
  • PAC Display login enhancements
  • more flexible digital events
  • new digital TPO, totalizing, and pulse generation features for SNAP-PAC-R2s, SNAP-PAC-EB2s, and SNAP-PAC-SB2s
  • and more

Read the Release Notes to find out more.

Be sure to also download new 8.2 firmware for your SNAP PAC brains and controllers. The new firmware release adds support for Secure Strategy Distribution (SSD), a separately purchased option for OEMs, integrators, and others who need to protect by encryption the firmware and software they download to SNAP PAC controllers and brains. Stay tuned for more on SSD in our next OptoNews.

Where are the DIN-Rail Kits?

SNAP_PSUDINWhen we introduced our new SNAP TEX family of wiring and mounting accessories, we took the opportunity to move several older product groups into a more central place in the Products section of our website.

So you'll now find the following parts in Accessories:

  • OptoTerminals
  • Cables
  • Breakout boards
  • DIN-rail kits
  • Fuses
  • Jumper straps
  • Spare parts
  • Tools
  • ICTD temperature probe
  • Adapter cards for ISA or PCI bus (Adapter cards for controllers are still in the Controllers section.)

As always, let us know if you have any problem finding the product you need. Email sales@opto22.com or call us: 800-321-6786 (toll-free in the U.S.)
or 951-695-3000

New Product Compatibility Charts

Find a CAD drawing

Isn't it easier if there's one place you can look to see which products work together?

Our Product Comparison and Compatibility Charts page is that place. We've just added two new charts for the SNAP TEX family:

While you're there, check out our other product charts, too. You can compare PAC Project Basic vs. Pro, compare all SNAP PAC controllers and brains, see which legacy and current products work together, and more.


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