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Going to ISA Expo in Houston?

Tech Tips: Powerup Message PAC Control Example

Making Wiring Easier with SNAP-TEX-32 Breakout Board

PAC Project Video plus Spanish, Chinese Translations

Going to ISA Expo in Houston?

ISA Expo

If you're going to the ISA Expo in Houston this October, be sure to hear Opto 22's Arun Sinha speak on Ethernet I/O for Industrial Automation.

Arun explains why Ethernet is valuable for automation and shows how Ethernet makes it possible for two partner companies to share data between dissimilar systems: Opto 22's SNAP PAC System at Fulghum Industries and an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC system at another firm.

The talk includes other speakers as well and is part of the Wireless & Networking Technology track of the ISA conference.

  • When: October 15, 3:45 to 5:15 p.m.ISA Logo
  • Where: Room 205

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Tech Tips: Powerup Message PAC Control Example

PAC Control

Opto 22's Product Support Group (PSG) develops some helpful tips as they work with customers who contact them for free product support.

Here's a very simple new PAC Control sample strategy that makes it easy to find out if the controller has been turned off and back on or if the strategy has been stopped and restarted.

The PAC Control message queue logs error, information, and warning messages that may be helpful in troubleshooting. Most of these are placed in the queue by the controller, but you can place messages there, too. The sample strategy uses this feature, adding messages to the controller's message queue each time the controller powers up and each time the strategy is started.

For more about the message queue, see the section "Viewing the Message Queue" in the PAC Control User's Guide, form #1700.

The sample strategy is compatible with PAC Control Basic and PAC Control Professional, versions R8.0f or higher.

Download the sample strategy.
Questions? Contact Opto 22 Product Support.

Making Wiring Easier with SNAP-TEX-32 Breakout Board

SNAP-TEX-32We've gotten great comments on our new SNAP TEX breakout boards. These boards make it easier to wire field devices by moving terminals away from the I/O rack, giving you location flexibility and more room to work.

The SNAP-TEX-32 may be the most flexible of the new breakout boards. With straight-through wiring, it handles 32 input and output points. And it can be used with analog as well as digital modules.

For a complete description, specs, and module compatibility for the SNAP-TEX-32, see the SNAP TEX Cables & Breakout Boards Data Sheet.

PAC Project Video plus Spanish, Chinese Translations

Our cameras keep rolling, and now you can see Opto 22 videos in multiple languages!

PAC Project OptoMinute New video #1 (English):

The new PAC Project Software OptoMinute takes just 60 seconds to compare our two automation software suites: the FREE but powerful PAC Project Basic and the comprehensive yet still low-cost PAC Project Professional.

PAC Control OptoMinute in Spanish New video #2 (Spanish):

Ingeniera Norma Rodriguez de Opto 22 introduce el software de PAC Control en español. (Opto 22 Engineer Norma Rodriguez introduces PAC Control software.)

SNAP PAC System Video in ChineseNew video #3 (Chinese):

The SNAP PAC System Overview video is now available in Chinese. No, Engineer Alexi Gray hasn't suddenly become fluent in Mandarin. The sound is a dubbed translation that Surge Yu in our new Shanghai office arranged. Thank you, Surge!


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