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Did you miss our live demonstration of industrial wireless this morning? Engineer Alexi Beck Gray and special guest star, Design Engineer Nick Riley, presented the first in a series of WebEx seminars.

But don't worry; more OptoWebinars are scheduled for December. Mark your calendar now!

Case Study: Furnace Control Upgraded to SNAP PACs

I/O for furnace control

If you have legacy Opto 22 products, you may be considering upgrading to the newer SNAP PACs and PAC Project. If so, you'll want to read our latest case study.

The study describes a thermal processing furnace control system that OptoPartner Malisko Engineering recently upgraded from FactoryFloor controllers.

Advanced Energy, the furnace owner, manufactures gas and liquid flow-management systems, thermal instruments, and other power systems and components. Their rapid temperature cycling (RTC) furnace requires precise control at high temperatures to properly fire components.

While the legacy control system ran perfectly, the older PC running the HMI had failed. And Advanced Energy knew they could improve performance and add features by moving to newer products. With Malisko's help, they were able to do just that.

Read the case study.

Tech Tip: Use PAC Project Sample Files

PAC Project sample files

Did you know that when you install PAC Project, you're also installing sample files that can save you a lot of time and trouble?

These sample files help you learn how to use PAC Control and PAC Display and provide code you can simply copy and use or modify for your own application.

Take a look: On your PC, open Windows Explorer and look on your hard drive where PAC Project is installed, usually C:\Program Files\Opto22\PAC Project. Open the folders Control Basic (or Pro) Examples and Display Basic (or Pro) Examples to see what's inside.

For PAC Control 8.5:

  • FTP and Data Logging (example of logging data to a string table and transmitting it to a remote FTP server)
  • InitVariables (initializing PAC Control variables)
  • IO_Enabler (recommended for all systems; automatically recovers communication with I/O units that temporarily go offline)
  • ioCookies (sample strategy files used with the tutorial in the PAC Control User's Guide, form 1700)
  • OptoScript Examples (great scripting examples—copy and paste into your OptoScript blocks)
  • Powerup Message
  • RPM Measurement (Pro only)

For PAC Display 8.5:

  • Alarming
  • Example1
  • ioCookies (sample project files used with the tutorial in the PAC Display User's Guide, form 1702)
  • Message Logger (recommended for all systems; logs messages from the controller to make troubleshooting easier)
  • SuperTrend
  • XYPlot

Take a few minutes to explore the examples and see which ones could help you.
Questions? Comments? Contact Opto 22 Product Support.

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Opto 22 website

The easiest way to buy Opto 22 products is through your local distributor (U.S. regional, national, or international). But if you're in the U.S. or Canada and want to buy products online, you can also get them from the Opto 22 website.

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You'll need a my.opto22 account—it's easy to get one—and you can use a purchase order or any of the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

See more about how to buy online.


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