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New Temperature Input Module


The new SNAP-AIRTD-10 analog input module provides two channels of 10-ohm copper RTD temperature input.

Because the module monitors temperature by connecting to copper resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), it's well suited to older installations where these RTDs may be found. Nominal input range is -200 to +850 degrees C.

Like all Opto 22 analog input modules, this one is transformer isolated and optically isolated. It also has a lifetime warranty. See the SNAP-AIRTD-10.

If you're looking for a 100-Ohm Platinum RTD input, check out the SNAP-AIRTD.

OptoPartner TurboCraft Automates Nose Radome Testing

OptoPartner TurboCraft's project

Could you use some help designing, installing, programming, or integrating your system? Then you need an OptoPartner. OptoPartners can provide all these services and more.

Take OptoPartner TurboCraft, for example. Owner Kurt Hanke told OptoNews about one of his recent projects: an indoor radar range for testing aircraft nose radomes after they've been repaired.

"This project has seven axes of control," Kurt reports. "All axes are controlled by servo motors that communicate with an Opto 22 controller. Once the test is begun it is fully automated and tests per the RTCA DO-213 specs. And all engineering support is done via remote access over the Internet."

TurboCraft did the mechanical and electrical design, modeled the project in CAD, and installed the equipment in Miami, Florida.

Other recent TurboCraft projects:

  • Complete design, development, and testing of a portable "hot bonder" for controlling the cure of composite repairs, completed for a client in Washington.
  • Programming for environmental site cleanup equipment that uses a unique six-phase resistive heating process to pull pollutants out of the ground. This client is based in Texas but operates in several states and services projects remotely via the Internet.

So contact TurboCraft or other OptoPartners for any assistance you need. From limited help to complete project design, installation, and maintenance, an OptoPartner can provide the boost your project requires.

Learn Something New in a Free OptoWebinar

Optimizing SNAP PAC System Throughput Webinar

Whether you're an experienced Opto user or just starting out, an OptoWebinar is an easy way to learn.

You use your own computer to hear and see the live presentation, ask questions, and get answers. Listen through your computer speakers, or phone in if you have a very slow connection.

All webinars are given on Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time (GMT 17:00). Each lasts 45 minutes plus extra time for questions and answers. All webinars are free.

Upcoming OptoWebinars include:

Find out more information and register today.

Tech Tip: Easy Way to Inspect I/O in PAC Control

Inspecting I/O from flowchart block

Opto 22 customer Craig Robertson sent us this handy tip for PAC Control. (Have you got a tech tip to share? Send it to newseditor@opto22.com and if we use it, we'll send you a free Opto 22 polo shirt or 2 GB USB key!)

When you're in PAC Control's Debug mode, you can inspect I/O or variables by clicking on them in the Strategy Tree. But you can also inspect them from inside a flowchart block. Here's how.

If the block isn't open, double-click it in the flowchart.

1. Right-click the variable or point's name, choose Inspect, and the Inspect dialog box pops open, showing you the item's current value.

More info

2. Click the Expand icon to see more. Then click "More Info" for even more detail.

3. If it's a digital or analog I/O point, and if you're using PAC Control Professional 9.0 (soon to be released), click the Plot button to see the point's value over time, plotted on a graph.

I/O point plot

Thanks for the tip, Craig!


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