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See Energy Management at ConnectivityWeek


If you're concerned about managing the energy your company uses, then you'll want to attend ConnectivityWeek.

While you're there, be sure to stop by for a demonstration of Opto 22's OptoEMU Energy Monitoring System in booth 508.

You'll also want to hear speakers like our own Benson Hougland discussing "The Future of Industrial Automation" and "Industrial Automation and the Smart Grid." Also speaking is Vint Cerf, father of the Internet, V.P. of Google, and Governing Board member of the NIST Smart Grid Interoperability Panel.

Where: Santa Clara, California
When: May 24-27, 2010

See the ConnectivityWeek website.
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Tech Tip: Connector Change on SNAP Temperature Modules

SNAP-AITM-2 with new connectors

As some of you may have already observed, we've recently changed the connectors on some of our SNAP temperature modules.

The new connectors are easier to use: the wire is easier to insert and less likely to slip off when tightening. The new connectors also make it easier for us to manufacture a high-quality product, so it's a win-win solution for you and us.

The following modules have changed, and all except the SNAP-AITM are shipping with the new connectors now:

  • SNAP-AITM2-i

We've tested the modules with the new connectors and confirmed that performance has not changed. Wiring diagrams and functionality are the same as before.

Questions? Comments? Contact Opto 22 Product Support.

June Training Class in Massachusetts

Martindale Associates logo

If you're located in the northeastern U.S. and looking for SNAP PAC System training, here's a hands-on class in Massachusetts.

The three-day class is given by Regional Distributor and OptoCertified Trainer Martindale Associates. Packed with information you can use, the class introduces PAC Project automation software, SNAP PAC programmable automation controllers, and SNAP I/O, including system components and configuration, networking capabilities, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and communication methods.

SNAP PAC System Training
When: June 15-17, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Where: 65 Avco Road, Unit M, Haverhill, MA 01835
Price: $600 per person. Lunch is included all three days.
Space is limited to six people.

For information or to register, call or email Martindale Associates:
Phone: 978-372-2120 ext. 114
Toll-Free (in the U.S.): 1-800-447-1191
Email: training@martindaleassoc.com

Learn PAC Control Tips & Tricks Next Week

PAC Control Tips & Tricks Seminar

If you use PAC Control, you won't want to miss next week's free webinar.

Opto 22 Director of Training Alexi Beck Gray shows you tips and tricks you may not know, including archiving, persistent variables, automatic I/O re-enabling, and tips for faster OptoScript programming.

You hear and see the live presentation on your own computer, and there's plenty of time for questions and answers.

PAC Control Tips & Tricks Webinar
When: Thursday, May 20, 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time
Duration: 45 minutes plus Q&A
Recommended for: Customers with a basic understanding of PAC Control
Register now

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