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PAC Project 9.0 Sneak Preview

PAC Project 9.0

We expect to release PAC Project 9.0 next week. Here's a sneak preview with some advance information.

Important note on firmware:

PAC Project 9.0 works with either 8.5c or 9.0 firmware.
If you do not need controller redundancy, use firmware 8.5c.

All new SNAP PAC controllers and brains will continue to ship with 8.5c firmware installed. If you are using controller redundancy, you'll need to download 9.0 firmware from our website for your redundant SNAP PAC S-series controllers. (9.0 firmware will be released at the same time PAC Project 9.0 is released.)

Product upgrades:

You can upgrade to PAC Project Basic 9.0 for free (of course).

If you purchased PAC Project Professional 8.x or any of its software components on or after October 1, 2009, you can upgrade to the 9.0 version of your purchase for free.

If you purchased PAC Project Pro 8.x or any of its components prior to October 1, 2009, or have an earlier version of Pro, you'll need to buy 9.0 at the regular price. PAC Project Pro is still just $999, and its software components (PAC Control, PAC Display, OptoOPCServer, OptoDataLink) are available separately at $399 each.

Find out more:

Watch the What's New in PAC Control video—in just 60 seconds you'll see the high points.
Read the preliminary Release Notes to find out about new features in detail.

Questions? Call us: 800-321-6786 (toll-free in the U.S) or 951-695-3000

Learn PAC Display Tips & Tricks

PAC Display HMI for hospital

Learn real-world tips and tricks from Application Engineer Ben Orchard:

  • Speeding development with templates
  • Planning navigation systems for expansion
  • Using built-in and imported graphics
  • Launching other applications from within PAC Display

PAC Display Tips & Tricks Seminar
When: June 17, 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time (GMT 17:00)
Duration: 45 minutes plus Q&A
Recommended for: Everyone interested in PAC Display HMIs
Register Now

Another helpful OptoWebinar to put on your calendar:
Recipes in PAC Display, July 1

Tech Tips: Finding and Pinging IP Addresses

Two short tips this time: one on finding out the IP address of your Ethernet-based Opto 22 hardware, and the other a follow-up to the tip in the last OptoNews.

Finding out the IP address. It's best to write the IP address on a brain or controller's white label, where the MAC address of the unit is printed. But if the IP address isn't there or appears to be incorrect, there's an easy way to find it out using PAC Manager.

1. Open PAC Manager (Start > Programs > Opto 22 > PAC Project > PAC Manager).

2. In the PAC Manager main window, from the Tools menu, choose Find Opto 22 MMP devices.

3. When the dialog box opens, click the Find button at lower left.

Find OptoMMP Devices

All the Opto 22 devices on your network will appear. Locate the brain or controller's MAC address in the list, and you'll see its IP address.

Notice some other things about the list. It shows the device type and its current firmware version, so you can see if firmware needs updating. And for a lot more detail, just double-click the device in the list to inspect it.

Follow-up to our last tip. In the May 26th OptoNews, we brought you a tip on using a button within a PAC Display HMI to launch an application. Our example was a command prompt that pings a controller.

In the example, we mentioned that you have to watch closely for the ping response because the window closes quickly. In the .cmd file you create (see the original tip), you can keep the window from closing by adding /k to the instructions, like this:
cmd /k ping

This way the window stays open on the screen until the technician closes it.

Questions? Comments? Contact Opto 22 Product Support.

FactoryFloor and Other Useful Topic Pages

FactoryFloor logo

Topic pages pull together useful links and information on one subject—like energy monitoring or Wired+Wireless PACs and I/O—so you can see everything you need in one place.

It's easy to find topic pages. Just scroll down to the dark gray area on any Opto 22 website page and click "Topic Pages" under "Popular Links" in the lower right.

Our latest topic page focuses on FactoryFloor, the legacy automation software suite. Introduced back in 1996, FactoryFloor controllers still run systems around the world, and we still support them (for free, of course).

If you're using FactoryFloor, you'll find the links on the FactoryFloor topic page helpful. Software, firmware, and documents are there, as well as information about updating your system if you need to add new capabilities.

See the FactoryFloor topic page
See the topic pages index


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