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Mining Company Finds Gold in Tailings

Mogale Gold - control by Opto 22

With the help of Opto 22 products and International Distributor Opto Controls (Pty) Ltd, miner Mintails Limited is literally finding gold in surface tailings in the Witwatersrand (Rand) area of South Africa—a region that experts say has produced more than 40% of all the gold ever mined on Earth.

Reclaiming gold from gold-bearing tailings is never 100% efficient, and automation plays a significant role in improving return.

The system designed by Opto Controls manages and acquires data from a large assortment of field equipment and instruments. It also manages the mechanical and chemical processes used to remove the gold from the tailings.

Mintails' first processing plant, Mogale Gold 1, has been so successful that a second one is nearly finished.

InTech Magazine recently published the details of the case study: Mogale Gold.
There's also a printable version of the Mogale Gold case study on our website.

SPC/GMP Subroutines Speed Development for Manufacturers


New PAC Control subroutines are now available for manufacturers using Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP).

Written by OptoPartner Alfred Stadnicki of Controlled Environment Structures, these subroutines make it easy to calculate dispersion, minimize waste, and proactively address problems before falling out of spec.

Subroutines included:

  • Averaging
  • Median
  • Range
  • Standard Deviation
  • SPC control chart. Source: Wikipedia
  • RMS Deviation
  • XBar & R Chart Calculations
  • UCL & LCL Calculations

With these SPC/GMP Subroutines, you can quickly implement a real-time SPC system using SNAP PAC controllers and PAC Project software. Ideal for chemical or pharmaceutical process control applications, electronics or automotive parts manufacturing, or any manufacturer whose product has a high value in certain stages of assembly or process.

For more information, contact Alfred directly at 508-339-4237 or astadnicki@cesweb.com.

Tech Tip: Updating PAC Display Database Tags

PAC Display Autocorrect tags

Here's a reminder from our Product Support engineers to use AutoCorrect Tags, a handy tool when you're developing or changing an HMI project in PAC Display.

AutoCorrect Tags validates all your dynamic attributes by comparing them against the PAC Control tag database. If you've changed the name of a tag in the strategy or re-added a deleted tag, for example, the tool will automatically correct references in PAC Display.

We recommend you use AutoCorrect Tags any time you change a PAC Control strategy or a PAC Display project. When you're developing, run it on a regular basis—perhaps each time you save or at least once a day.

To run AutoCorrect Tags, when you're in PAC Display Configurator, just choose Tools > AutoCorrect Tags.

NOTE: If you've deleted an unused tag in PAC Control, but the tag is referenced in PAC Display, the AutoCorrect Tags tool cannot automatically fix it. But it will point out the problem so you can fix it yourself.

Questions? Comments? Contact Opto 22 Product Support.

Learn How to Use Recipes in PAC Display: Webinar Next Week

PAC Display Recipes Webinar

Recipes are text files that load data to a PAC controller or PAC Display. They're highly useful for batch processes with pre-determined variables that vary between runs or product types. You can also use recipes to save critical process settings or to restore a system after a failture.

In this webinar, you'll learn about:

- Uses for recipe uploads and downloads
- Creating, editing, and validating recipe file templates
- Configuring both trigger-based and operator-driven recipes

Recipes in PAC Display Seminar
When: Thursday, August 12, 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time (GMT 17:00)
Duration: 45 minutes plus Q&A
Recommended for: Customers with a basic understanding of PAC Display
Register Now

Other upcoming webinars for your calendar:
- Basic Troubleshooting for the SNAP PAC System, August 26
- Introduction to OptoDataLink, September 9


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