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Exchange Control System Data with Computer Databases

OptoDataLink webinar

Join our next webinar and learn how to exchange SNAP PAC System data with your company's database. Opto 22 Engineer Alexi Beck Gray introduces OptoDataLink and shows you how to:

- Configure a data link
- Log data to an ASCII file and to a database
- Send data to a PAC controller from a database
- Trigger handshakes to control data flow

Introduction to OptoDataLink Seminar
When: Thursday, September 9, 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time (GMT 17:00)
Duration: 45 minutes plus Q&A
Recommended for: All customers (some knowledge of PAC Control may be helpful)
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Tech Tip: Recovering PAC Project Files, Part 1

PAC Control
  • What if your hard drive fails while you're developing a PAC Control strategy?
  • What if you need to update an old strategy built by someone else?
  • What if you want to revert to a previous version of a PAC Display project?

You can plan now for future needs, simply by archiving your PAC Control and PAC Display files.

This OptoNews edition shows you how to archive PAC Control strategies. Next time, we'll cover PAC Display project files.

Archive to the computer during development.

If your hard drive fails or the PAC Control files you're developing become corrupted, you'll be glad you archived the strategy files to your computer and saved them in a separate location. Here's how:

1. To make an archive file manually, with the strategy open in Configure mode, choose File > Archive Strategy.

2. Or for automatic archiving, choose File > Strategy Options. Click to put a check mark next to "Archive strategy to disk when strategy is closed."

For both manual and automatic archives, the archive file is created on your PC in the same directory as the strategy file. The date and time are included in the filename.

3. Copy archive files to an external hard drive, CD, or USB key. Keep another copy in a separate physical location.

Archive strategy

Archive to the controller when development is finished.

When you've almost finished development, begin archiving to the controller itself. An archived strategy can be pulled from the controller months or even years later.

1. With the strategy open in Configure mode, choose File > Strategy Options.

2. Put a check mark in "Archive strategy to disk when strategy is downloaded," and put another check mark in "During download, save archive to the control engine and save strategy to flash memory."

Only the latest strategy archive is kept on the controller; any older archive is replaced. The strategy is also saved to flash memory, so it is still there if power to the controller is lost.

For more on archiving strategies, see the PAC Control User's Guide, form #1700. Look in the Index under "archiving strategies."

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LinkedIn Opto 22 Group

Have a question about Opto 22 products? Want to see news about Opto 22 faster? Then join the Opto 22 group on LinkedIn.

Group members can post questions, start discussions, learn about events at Opto, and help other members with their issues.

A recent question concerned floating point values and how to work with them.

A recent posting from Opto 22 gave information about a new webinar scheduled for September 23: "How to Use Energy Monitoring to Improve the Bottom Line"

If you're already on LinkedIn, you'll want to join the Opto 22 group. If you're already in the group, remember that it's a great place to get your questions answered or start a discussion on automation issues. See you there!

Find Automation Articles and Download Opto 22 Ads in New Editorial Page

Opto 22 'Got Questions?' Ad

Here's a new resource on our website you may find useful: the Editorial Coverage and Ads page.

The left column lists online articles of interest to Opto 22 customers, like these:

  • From InTech: "Programmable Automation Controllers: Finding common ground and determining where there are differences"
  • From Control Engineering: "Virtual Power Plant Implements Opto 22 SNAP PAC System for Hydrogen Production"
  • From Design World: "What's New in Ethernet?"

From the right column, you can download printable copies of recent Opto 22 ads from trade publications. All ads are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you're an OptoPartner or system integrator, you may want to reprint these ads for prospective customers. Or just get a great-looking little poster for your office wall.

If you lose this link, you can find the page in the About Opto tab on our website. Click "Pressroom" and then click the "Editorial Coverage and Opto 22 Ads" link next to David's picture.


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