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New Windows 7 Toolkit for PCI-AC5 Adapter Cards

PCI-AC5 adapter card gets new Windows 7 toolkit

PCI-AC5 and PCIe-AC5 adapter cards just got a new developer toolkit and driver for Windows 7 (32-bit).

You can use the toolkit for new projects and update existing applications as well.

Designed for Windows 7 32-bit systems, the new toolkit supports C++, C#, and other .NET languages and includes a sample application, utility application, and driver. The toolkit's source code and sample code are available in Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 project formats. The 2008 projects can also be opened by Visual Studio 2010.

The new toolkit is included in the Opto 22 Adapter Card Toolkits download and on the Toolkits CD that ships with the cards. Older toolkits are still available in the same download.

You can find detailed information on using the toolkit in the PCI-AC5, PCIe-AC5, and AC5 User's Guide.

For more about the adapter cards, see the PCI-AC5 (PCI bus) or the PCIe-AC5 (PCI Express).

Pulse Energy and Opto 22 Deliver Energy Data

Pulse Energy - detailed energy data online

When commercial and industrial businesses are trying to cut back energy costs, they need details that just don't appear on a utility bill.

So we've partnered with Pulse Energy of Vancouver, Canada, to give facilities managers that detailed data. Pulse, famous for tracking energy consumption at key sites for the 2010 Olympic Games, makes it easy to see your energy usage.

Here's how it works: our OptoEMU Sensor connects to utility meters, panels, and machines, monitoring usage in real time. The Sensor then sends energy data to Pulse, using a standard wired or wireless Ethernet network.

Pulse collects, analyzes, and presents the data online, so you can see it from any authorized computer with an Internet connection. The Pulse Analystics Engine learns how buildings behave under a wide range of conditions and immediately alerts you about problems. And all energy data is reported and saved for future reference.

Learn more

Productivity Tip: Save Time with Favorites

Navigation bar on right side of Opto 22 web pages

Our last productivity tip listed the useful things you can find from the right navigation bar on our website. Let's take a closer look at one of the most useful: your favorite products.

The Opto 22 website lists over 650 products, and they're all needed by somebody. But you don't need them all.

Favorites make it easier for you to find the ones you use, so you can check specs, read the data sheet, and buy them again when you need to. And you can even do more than that.

Choosing favorites

Products become your favorites in one of these ways:

  • You put them in your Cart (whether or not you buy them).
  • You choose the part for an I/O unit you build in the Configurator, and you save the configuration.
  • You go to the product's page and click the star Click the star to make the item a favorite to make the product a favorite. When you make it a favorite, its star turns yellow: Yellow star means the item is a favorite

Try that last one: find a product you use, either by navigating to it through the Products tab or by searching on its part number. When you find it, look for the star and click to make it yellow:

Product page with favorite yellow star


Viewing favorites

In the navigation bar on the right side, click My OptoProducts. (The navbar appears in most Opto 22 website pages.) You see a list of your favorites. (If you're not logged into your My.Opto22 account, click Log In in the right navbar to save favorites.)

Now here's the fun part. You can click the part number to go right to the product page and see the description, price, specs, photos, and related documents and downloads.

And all the small icons under Actions show what else you can do with your favorites:

My OptoProducts page shows favorite products
  • Add favorite Opto 22 product to your Cart Add the product to your Cart
  • Add favorite Opto 22 product to a bill of materials (BOM) Add the product to a bill of materials (BOM) for a project (you can create a new BOM or add this product to a BOM you've already created)
  • Subscribe to email updates for a favorite product Subscribe to email updates for this product (You get an email only when the product or its documents have changed, and you get a maximum of one email per day for all subscriptions.) A red Already subscribed to email updates means you've already subscribed.
  • Delete product from favorites Delete the product from your favorites.

Bottom line: using favorite products can save you a lot of time!
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