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New SSR Heat Sink and Thermopad

New SSR heatsink and thermopad

In addition to our SSRs with integrated heat sink, we now offer separate heat sinks (part number SSR-HS) and thermal conductive pads (part number SSR-THERMOPAD) for Power Series solid-state relays (SSRs).

Power Series, like all SSRs, produce heat when switching loads. The higher the current, the more heat they produce. How much current you can safely use with a given SSR depends on ambient temperature and the rating of the heat sink.

Custom designed for the Power Series SSRs, the SSR-HS heat sink provides excellent heat dissipation when mounted to the SSR with the matching thermal conductive pad. For specific derating charts using the new heat sink, see page 3 in the SSR Data Sheet, form 0859.

The thermal conductive pad is used in place of silicon grease. One thermal pad is included with the heat sink, and additional thermopads are available in packs of 10.

Here's a little history you may remember—Opto 22 introduced the first liquid epoxy-filled line of power solid-state relays in 1974. The new design was a win-win: it improved SSR reliability and reduced manufacturing costs.

In the same year we began testing every individual SSR we manufactured, rather than testing only a percentage of each batch. The combination of better design and better testing made our SSRs so reliable that we guarantee them for life.

All SSRs are still manufactured (and tested) at our headquarters in Temecula, California.

See the new heat sink and thermopad.

Configure I/O Unit Plus Accessories Online

SNAP PAC Configurator - build an I/O unit with accessories

Have you built an I/O unit with the SNAP PAC Configurator yet?

It's an easy (even fun) way to choose the rack, brain, and I/O you need for a specific project or location.

Now we've expanded the Configurator to include accessories for the I/O unit: SNAP power supplies, plus SNAP TEX breakout boards and cables for easier wiring. The breakout boards and cables are especially useful for 16-point and 32-point I/O modules, but they simplify and protect wiring for 4-channel modules, too.

The Configurator actually makes it easier to find the right breakout boards and cables, since you choose them based on the I/O modules you've picked. Highlight the module, and the Configurator shows you the accessories that work with it.

Remember that you can save your I/O units (including accessories) to see them later in the Configurations tab in your My.OptoProducts page. Saved configurations are handy for building other I/O units off existing ones, creating a bill of materials (BOM) for a project, or sending the part numbers to an Opto 22 distributor for a quote.

Try the Configurator.

Tech Tip: Keep a Window on Top in PAC Display

PAC Display HMI from Opto 22

PAC Display HMIs often include windows for warning messages, alerts, or alarms. How do you keep one of these windows on top, so they don't get lost among other windows?

This tip comes from our Training Department, in answer to a customer's question.

To create a new window in PAC Display Configurator, you choose New from the Windows menu. In the New Window dialog box, you can choose the window's behavior.

Keep window on top in Opto 22 PAC Display HMI

The default choice is to make the window a "child" window. In PAC Display Runtime, child windows stay within the main project window and can be covered up by other windows.

To make your new window stay on top, choose Popup as the Behavior (see image). In PAC Display Runtime, a popup window will stay on top even if another window below it is clicked.

Questions? Comments? Contact Opto 22 Product Support.


Ask Your Questions in New OptoForum

Ask and answer technical questions in OptoForum

Do you have a question about using Opto 22 products? Sometimes the best answers come from other experienced automation engineers.

Now you can ask your questions—and share your expertise with others—in the new OptoForum.

Anyone can read the questions and answers. To post, you'll need a My.Opto22 account (it's free).

We've already had some interesting posts, such as this one about a totalizer that appears to be wrong or this question on common voltages for 3-phase power outside the U.S.

Some of you may remember the OptoForum we had on our website a few years back. Most of the old questions and answers are still useful, so we've included them in the new OptoForum, too.

One reminder: the Forum is a way to get informal help from other Opto 22 customers, but questions there are not monitored by our Product Support Group. For free Opto 22 Product Support, email or call Product Support directly.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions about using the Forum.
Check out the OptoForum now.


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