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OptoGreen Grant Helps Aquatic Centers Save Energy

OptoEMU Sensor and AutoPilot save energy at wellness center pool

Our latest OptoGreen Grant goes to Scott Energy. The grant is for SNAP PAC System controllers and I/O to help pool owners and operators improve energy management and air quality.

Scott Energy owner Richard C. Scott, AIA, designed the Atlanta Olympic Pools for Georgia Institute of Technology and also owns Aquatic Excellence, which designs aquatic centers.

Scott's new energy company uses Opto 22's SNAP PAC System with Holmes Energy's AutoPilot software to monitor and analyze energy and other data. A system is already in place at a wellness center in Texas.

At the wellness center, the SNAP PAC System feeds data from electric, gas, and water meters, pool heaters, and HVAC and lighting systems, plus data on temperature and humidity, to the Holmes AutoPilot server. The server analyzes the data, sends alarms for out-of-range sensors, and records and stores historical data. Within a few days of installation, data analysis indicated specific opportunities for substantial utility savings plus improvement in humidity levels and air quality in the pool area.

The OptoGreen Grant provides equipment for a mobile unit, which will be used for education, training, and demonstration of energy and air quality management. This training is aimed at architects, engineers, and mechanical contracting companies engaged in energy conservation or sustainability consulting; the mobile unit will help teach them how to retrofit existing buildings with the system or install it in new buildings.

For more information, contact Scott Energy (email: richard.scott@scottenergyusa.com) or Holmes Energy.

Could you use an OptoGreen Grant? If you're working on products, services, or research related to "green" energy, a grant can provide you with Opto 22 automation hardware and software at no charge. Learn more about OptoGreen Grants.

Get Quick Information with OptoEMU Sensor QR Code

OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring unit

Have you noticed the QR (quick response) code on the front of the OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring unit, and wondered what it was?

A QR code is like a two-dimensional barcode. You see them in ads, on billboards, and sometimes on products. A lot of them are for marketing, but for the Sensor, the QR code opens links to install and use your OptoEMU—including specs, wiring diagrams, troubleshooting tips, and documentation in PDF format.

You don't have to carry around the user's guide or go back to your desk; just pull out your smart phone. Here's how it works:

OptoEMU QR code for smart phones

1. Get a QR reader for your smart phone. Google Goggles is ideal for Android; Red Laser is great for the iPhone. Or search your App Store for "QR reader."

2. Now scan or take a photo of the code with your phone and follow the link.

3. Watch what happens. For the Sensor, you'll get a page with buttons for helpful information.

Try it now. Scan this QR code with your smart phone and see where it goes.

Productivity Tip: Easy Way to Compare Product Features

Opto 22 product comparison and compatibility charts
  • What does a SNAP-PAC-R1 controller do that a SNAP-PAC-R2 doesn't?
  • Will the free PAC Project Basic work for your application, or do you need to buy PAC Project Professional?
  • Can you use a SNAP-AIPM-3 power monitoring module with a SNAP-B3000-ENET brain?

You can find out easily in the detailed product comparison charts on our website. Just click the Learn tab, and then click Charts or Product Comparison Charts. All charts are in PDF format.

Here's what you'll find:

New Belgium Brewing—Caso: Video en español

New Belgium Brewing case study video in Spanish

New Belgium Brewery produce deliciosas cervezas inglesas mientras también dedicandose al cuidado del medio ambiente. De hecho, la compañia fué nombrada como "Planta Sostenible del Año" del 2010 por Food Engineering.

Desde el princípio, Opto 22 ayudó a New Belgium producir cerveza sosteníblemente. Nuestro video del caso le enseña como, y ahora puede ver el video en español.

Con energía eléctrica producida eólicamente, con su propia planta de tratamiento de agua que co-genera energía de gas metano, con 870 páneles solares para el techo, y más, la dedicación de New Belgium al cuidado del planeta está claro. Vea como lo hacen con la ayuda de Opto 22.

Gracias a Dolores Lanatta de Instrumentalia, distribuidor de Opto 22 en Argentina por la traducción, junto con Ing. Javier de la Garza de Instrumentación y Control 22 distribuidor de Opto 22 en México y a Ing. Norma Rodriguez de Opto 22, quienes hicieron las voces en en el video.

Vea el video de New Belgium Brewing.

New Belgium Brewing crafts delicious beers with an eye toward sustainability. In fact, the company was named "Sustainable Plant of the Year" in 2010 by Food Engineering.

At Opto 22, we've helped New Belgium brew beer sustainably from the beginning. Our case study video shows how, and now you can watch the video in Spanish.

With energy provided by wind power, their own water treatment facility that co-generates energy from methane gas, 870 rooftop solar panels, and more, New Belgium's commitment to protecting the planet is clear. See how they do it with help from Opto 22.

Our thanks to Dolores Lanatta of Instrumentalia, Opto 22 distributor in Argentina, who provided the translation. We also thank Javier de la Garza of Instrumentación y Control 22, our Mexican distributor; he and Opto 22 Engineer Norma Rodriguez provided the voiceover.

Watch the New Belgium Brewing case study video in Spanish.

You can also watch the New Belgium video in English.


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