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New SNAP High-Density Digital Module

SNAP-IDC-32DN 32-channel digital input module

The latest addition to our high-density digital (HDD) lineup is the SNAP-IDC-32DN.

This 32-channel digital input is ideal for NPN or sinking type inputs, since its common connections are positive. Input range is -2.5 to -12 VDC, compared to the similar SNAP-IDC-32N, whose range is -10 to -32 VDC.

The 32 channels on these modules are wired in four groups of eight inputs each. Points in each group share a common positive connection.

SNAP HDD modules offer 16 or 32 channels in the same rack space as standard four-channel digital modules. They're great for OEMs or anyone who needs a large number of digital inputs or outputs in a small amount of space.

See the SNAP-IDC-32DN.
See all HDD modules in the SNAP High-Density Digital Modules Data Sheet.

Free Integration Kits for your SNAP PAC System

Opto 22 integration kit for Modbus serial

SNAP PAC controllers and brains have built-in communications for Modbus/TCP, EtherNet/IP, and several other protocols.

But what if your SNAP PAC controller needs to communicate with other systems—like serial Modbus, Allen-Bradley DF1—or with energy protocols like BACnet and DNP3?

We've got you covered with free integration kits for these protocols and more. Our new Integration Kits topic page describes all of them and links to the free downloads.

Most kits include sample PAC Control flowcharts or subroutines, so you can see how to set up communications and exchange data.

If you have questions on any kit or don't see the one you need, give us a call.

See all the integration kits.

Tech Tip: Power Supply and UPS Recommendations

Opto 22 power supplies

A recent question about power supplies and UPS recommendations got some detailed and helpful responses in the OptoForums.

The questioner had experienced some recent problems with brownouts and power cuts, and was looking for general advice on power supplies for his Opto 22 system.

The two responses cover a lot of ground: where to buy (or not buy) power supplies, hazards of swollen batteries, wiring to racks, a chart that checks power supply status, checking voltage, advice for talking to an electrical contractor, even a link to an off-topic but funny video.

Read the power supply tips.

Feel free to post your own questions and comments. Just log into your My.Opto22 account and you're ready to post.

Five Tips for Energy Monitoring

Pulse Energy Dashboard shows your energy usage data

Thinking about monitoring your energy usage and reducing your utility bills? Here's some advice that could help you get started.

The new Five Tips for Energy Monitoring article gives you some plain-speaking ideas for:

  • 1. Getting buy-in from the top in your company
  • 2. Gathering data before you manage
  • 3. Choosing the right hardware
  • 4. Considering software options
  • 5. Realizing that monitoring is just a means to an end, and focusing on that end

Read Five Tips for Energy Monitoring.


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