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New Releases: PAC Project 9.2 and Firmware 9.2

PAC Project Software Suite

The latest release of the PAC Project Software Suite adds eleven new PAC Control commands, support for new products, and enhancements to features in PAC Display and OptoOPCServer.

The new Firmware 9.2 release updates firmware on all SNAP PAC controllers and brains to match the new software.

New PAC Control commands have been added for working with time zones and NTP timestamps. New Logical commands give you more flexibility working with bits in OptoScript. And new Communications commands make it easier to transfer data from one device to another.

New products supported include:

  • G4EB2 brain board (part numbers G4D32EB2-UPG, G4D32EB2, and G4EB2)—This new brain lets you use legacy G4 digital I/O with the latest SNAP PAC controllers. It's a drop-in replacement, so you can leave I/O and field wiring intact while you upgrade.
  • SNAP-SCM-CAN2B serial communication module—Put this new module on your rack and receive data from a Controller Area Network (CAN).
  • SNAP-IDC-32D digital input module—This new 32-channel module senses on/off status for 2.5 to 12 VDC inputs from sources such as proximity switches, limit switches, push buttons, and pilot switches (PNP or sourcing type).
  • SNAP-OMR6-A and SNAP-OMR6-C mechanical relay output modules—four channels of switching for up to 250 VAC or 30 VDC, 6 amp loads. Choose the Form A or Form C module to suit your requirements.

Is this a free upgrade for you? Find out—read the Opto 22 Software Upgrade Policy.

For all the new enhancements and important installation and use information, see the PAC Project 9.2 Release Notes.
Download PAC Project Basic 9.2
Download PAC Project Pro 9.2
Download Firmware 9.2. Locate your SNAP PAC brain or controller in the list.

What Is Optical Isolation? New Video Explains.

Optical Isolation video

Our SNAP I/O modules have 4000 volts of optical isolation. Sounds great! But what exactly does optical isolation do?

If you've ever wondered, here's your chance to find out.

Our new Tech Talk video shows you how optical isolation works and why it's important for your system. Hint: Watch what happens when the lightning strikes.

Watch the Optical Isolation video.

Webinar Introduces Energy Management

Energy management webinar with eSight and Opto 22 eSight Energy and Opto 22 logos

If you're looking to reduce energy consumption and costs by up to 30%, register for the Introduction to Energy Management Webinar, hosted by eSight Energy and Opto 22.

  • Learn about the benefits of energy management
  • See real-life examples of actual savings achieved
  • Discover how OptoEMU Sensors quickly and easily integrate with eSight EMS

eSight's Introduction to Energy Management Webinar - featuring Opto 22!
Date: Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Time: 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time

Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/792253902

Tech Tip: Get Archives or Send Large Files to Product Support

Opto 22 Product Support Group (PSG) has just added a new tool: an FTP server. As PSG Lead Bill Steffens notes, "The FTP server provides an easy way to download Opto 22 content that's no longer on our website—like archived firmware and software—and also provides security for files sent to us by customers."

Opto 22 Product Support FTP Server

Here's how the FTP server works.

Getting archived content

Archived content includes older versions of firmware and software, for example earlier releases of PAC Project or FactoryFloor software, or earlier firmware releases going all the way back to Cyrano. (Current firmware and software releases are on our regular website.)

The FTP server also includes one or two archived documents; but most documents, even for legacy products, are still on our regular website.

  • 1. Open a browser and type ftp.opto22.com as the URL. If you are asked for a username, enter Anonymous. No password is required.
  • 2. Click the Public_Folders_(Unsecured) directory and drill down to the file you need.
  • 3. Click the file and save it to your computer.

Sending large files to PSG

Sometimes a problem requires that you send large files (like strategy files) to PSG for help. If you need to send a file that's too big to email, the FTP server gives you a way to send it securely. You can upload the file, and your account will keep your files private and prevent other customers from being able to see or access them.

  • 1. Contact Opto 22 Product Support and request an account for this purpose.
  • 2. Open your FTP client. (If you don't have one, FileZilla is a good open-source choice.)
  • 3. Set up ftp.opto22.com as a site and log in with the username and password PSG gave you. You'll find your own folder at the top level (no one else will be able to see it).
  • 4. Drag and drop the file(s) from your computer to your folder on ftp.opto22.com.
  • 5. Be sure to let PSG know what files you've uploaded.

If you have any questions or problems with the new FTP site, contact Product Support. Opto 22 Product Support is always free.


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