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Get Started with PAC Control—3 Videos Show You How

Opto 22 PAC Control quick-start video

If you're just getting started with PAC Control development software, we've got three new videos you'll want to see.

Opto 22 Engineer Alexi Beck Gray walks you through the basics with our free PAC Project Basic software.

New Source of Revenue: Demand Response

Demand Response White Paper from Opto 22

It's true: energy monitoring can not only reduce your energy costs, but in some cases provide your company with a significant source of revenue.

Our new white paper, Energy Monitoring for Profit: Introducing Demand Response, looks at how electrical energy gets to your business and then shows how you can take advantage of demand response (DR) programs from your local energy provider.

  • Find out how energy markets work.
  • Learn the types of DR programs available.
  • Read specific, practical steps you can start now.

Read the white paper.

See OptoEMU at Energy Saudi Arabia

Opto 22 MENA exhibits OptoEMU Sensor at Energy Saudi Arabia

Join distributor Opto 22 Middle East & North Africa (MENA) at the 15th International Trade Exhibition for Electricity, Power Generation, Alternative Energy, Water Technology, Lighting & HVAC for Saudi Arabia, to be held this May.

Engineers from Opto 22 MENA will be demonstrating energy monitoring and management solutions, especially the OptoEMU System, in their booth at the exhibition.

The Saudi Energy Exhibition is one of the largest energy fairs in the region. This year it adds a special section for alternative energy technologies and applications. Attended by energy professionals from government, business, and industry, the exhibition brings together all the latest energy-related technologies and products in one place.

What: 15th International Trade Exhibition for Electricity, Power Generation, Alternative Energy, Water Technology, Lighting & HVAC for Saudi Arabia
When: 07-10 May, 2012
Where: Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center (RICEC), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

For information or to register: www.saudi-energy.com
Or contact Eng. Sahar Al-Marie at Opto 22 MENA.

Tech Tip: Working with Someone Else's Control Strategy, Part 2

PAC Control development software

In the last OptoNews we gave you a few tips on what to do first if you've inherited an unfamiliar Opto 22 SNAP PAC System. Step 1 was to check part numbers. Step 2 was to inspect the controller using PAC Terminal. Now let's continue.

Step 3. Open the strategy

Find the PC where PAC Control is installed. Choose Start > Programs > Opto 22 > PAC Project > PAC Control. Open the strategy file (PAC Terminal showed you its name).

  • - If you don't have PAC Control, download the free version of PAC Project.
  • - If you don't know where the strategy file is, read the Archiving Strategies section in Chapter 7 of the PAC Control User's Guide (form 1700). If PAC Terminal shows the strategy was archived to the controller, follow steps in the user's guide to restore it.

Step 4. Take a high-level look at the strategy

Open up folders in the Strategy Tree (on the left) and get an idea of the strategy's complexity.

  • A large number of charts usually means the strategy is more complex.
  • If there are no subroutines or pointer variables, the strategy is simpler.
  • Hexagonal OptoScript blocks inside charts mean you'll need some programming skills to understand and change the strategy.
  • Comments on flowcharts or inside OptoScript blocks should make it easier to follow strategy logic.

Step 5. Start to understand strategy logic

Open the Powerup Chart and see what it does. This is the only chart that automatically runs when the strategy starts, and often its only functions are to initiate variables, check for essential communication, and start other charts.

Then open each chart in the order it's started in the Powerup Chart. The logic in each chart begins at Block 0. If Block 0 isn't obvious, find it by right-clicking on an empty spot in the chart and choosing Center on Block 0.

Follow the logic in each flowchart from block 0. Double-click a block to open it and see the instructions (commands) inside. If you don't understand a command, highlight it and click the Command Help button for details.

For Help. Hopefully these steps get you started with an unfamiliar strategy. Remember you can always ask for help in the OptoForums. Experienced Opto customers usually answer questions quickly. The PAC Control User's Guide gives step-by-step instructions for building charts and strategies. And also remember that Product Support is free.


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