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Webinar Reminder: Distributed Control with SoftPAC

Webinar explains distributed control with SoftPAC software-based controller

If you're interested in PC-based control, but you're not sure how it'll fit in with the rest of your control system, join us Thursday for this 10,000-foot view.

In the Distributed Control with SoftPAC webinar, we'll explore ways to:

  • Save time and minimize risk with options built into hardware you already own
  • Save money and worry by distributing intelligent control functions automatically
  • Connect to other systems quickly and easily with minimal programming
  • Work with time-critical applications

Webinar: Distributed Control with SoftPAC
Date/Time: Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012, 11:00 a.m. PST (UTC-08:00)
Duration: 30 minutes plus Q&A
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New Software Developer Toolkits for PC-Based Control (Direct I/O and Pamux)

New Pamux software developer toolkit

For those of you using PC-based control, either directly to I/O or using a Pamux brain, we have new SDKs compatible with Windows 7 and Vista (32-bit and 64-bit). These new SDKs let you take advantage of newer programming tools such as C#, VB.NET, and other .NET languages.

Two new SDKs are available now:

PC-Based Direct I/O SDK for PCI Adapter Cards—A software developer kit for direct, high-speed control of digital I/O points. No brain is needed; communication goes directly to I/O points. Requires one of the following adapter cards:

PAMUX Systems SDK for PCI Adapter Cards—A software developer toolkit for high-speed control of multiple digital and/or analog I/O points, using a brain and the Pamux protocol. Requires a PCI-AC51 adapter card and one of the following brains:

See more SDKs under Developer Toolkits and Energy Management.

WEEC 2012 Showcases Energy Efficiency and Management

Opto 22 shows OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring at WEEC

Were you at the World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) in Atlanta, Georgia? The largest energy event of 2012, WEEC showcased the latest technologies in energy efficiency and management in a series of seminars, conferences, and the expo hall.

If you were there, you probably stopped by the Opto 22 booth and saw a live demonstration of our OptoEMU Sensors delivering energy usage data online. With this kind of detailed energy data, you can see exactly where and when your facility is using energy—the first step to reducing energy costs.

If you missed WEEC, you can still take a look at the OptoEMU Sensor family, including the OptoEMU Sensor DR with demand-response capability.

Tech Tip: Making PAC Display Graphics with a Transparent Background

Transparent graphics for PAC Display

A recent OptoForum post asked the question, how do you produce a graphic for PAC Display with a transparent background?

With a transparent background, you can place graphics closely together on your HMI screen or put one on top of another without that annoying white box getting in the way.

Transparent graphics can be useful in many types of applications. For example, in the pilot's HMI for James Cameron's submersible, a needle with a transparent background was placed on top of a compass. The compass rotates underneath the needle to indicate the direction of travel. Without the transparent background the image would not be so clear.

Fortunately one of our graphic artists here at Opto has a lot of experience making transparent graphics for PAC Display, and he was able to provide an answer.

Read the OptoForum post.


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