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New Gateway Strategy Simplifies groov for Allen-Bradley

Want to build groov operator interfaces for an Allen-Bradley RSLogix PLC system? You can.

All it takes is a SNAP PAC controller and our new EtherNet/IP Gateway Strategy for groov. The Gateway Strategy runs on the PAC, which acts as a gateway between groov and the A-B system.

groov HMIs for Allen-Bradley PLC systems

With groov, it's simple to build operator interfaces for your control system. And you can use these interfaces to monitor and control your system from virtually any device with a modern web browser, from an iPod touch all the way to a web-enabled HDTV. Just imagine what you can do!

A future release of groov will support OPC UA, and at that point you'll be able to build groov HMIs for any system that's compatible with OPC UA. In the meantime, this Gateway Strategy gives you a way to make it work.

The EtherNet/IP Gateway Strategy is available for free in our Samples & Freeware downloads. It includes all the files you need plus a technical note that shows you how to use them.

Download the EtherNet/IP Gateway Strategy for groov.
Read the EtherNet/IP Gateway Strategy for groov Technical Note to see how it works.

Tech Tip: New groov Find Video Helps You Connect

groov Find video

If you've followed the groov Quick Start or watched the 5 Minutes to groov video and gotten stuck along the way, watch our new groov Find video to get unstuck and connected in just a few minutes.

If you get stuck connecting to groov, it's usually because your network has no DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) or DNS (Domain Name System) server.

A DHCP server automatically assigns an IP address to any new device on the network. Because that IP address may change over time, the DNS server matches device hostnames with current IP addresses so communication always works.

The groov Box expects DHCP/DNS. Adding a groov Box to your network is just like adding a PC: when you put a new PC on your network, you don't assign it an IP address. All IP addressing is automatically handled by the network itself.

In this way the groov Box is different from a SNAP PAC controller or brain. With a SNAP PAC, you have to assign a fixed IP address. With the groov Box, you don't assign a fixed IP—unless your network doesn't use DHCP/DNS.

Steps in the groov quick start and the 5 Minutes to groov video work just fine if your network has DHCP/DNS. If it doesn't, watch the groov Find video and get going again.

Still have questions? Contact Opto 22 Product Support for free help.

Clientes en Colombia Conocieron groov – Colombian Customers Meet groov

Sincrón and Opto 22 introduce groov in Colombia

"Nuestro departamento de diseño debería ver esto."
"Our Design Department should see this."

Los clientes en Bogotá reaccionaron con entusiasmo al observar groov durante una visita reciente a la capital de Colombia.

Sincrón, distribuidor de Opto 22 en Colombia, y representantes de Opto 22 introducieron groov a una docena de compañías, incluso Ecopetrol, la compañía más grande en el país, y a profesores de la Universidad Militar Nueva Granada. El Departamento de Servicios Comerciales de Estados Unidos en Colombia ayudó u agendar muchas de las citas con clientes.

En la foto al lado derecho, tomada en la Universidad, se ve a (izq. a der.) Scott Manhard de Worldwide Exporters, Nathalie Checa de Sincrón, Ing. Norma Rodríguez de Opto 22, Ing. Gustavo Saa, Profesor Hernando León, y Benson Hougland de Opto 22.

Y como se puede ver en la foto al lado izquierdo, la buena fama del café Colombiano es bien merecida!

Colombian coffee

Customers in Bogotá reacted enthusiastically to groov during recent visits in the capital city of Colombia.

Sincrón, Opto 22 distributor in Colombia, and representatives from Opto 22 introduced groov to a dozen companies including Ecopetrol, the country's largest company, and to professors at the Universidad Militar Nueva Granada. The U.S. Commercial Services Department helped set up many of the appointments with customers.

The photo at right, taken at the university, shows (l. to r.) Scott Manhard from Worldwide Exporters, Nathalie Checa from Sincrón, Opto 22's Norma Rodriguez, Ing. Gustavo Saa from Sincrón, Professor Hernando León, and Opto 22's Benson Hougland.

And as you can see in the photo at left, Colombia's reputation for excellent coffee is well deserved!

What Do You Think?

groov from Opto 22: the simple way to create and use operator interfaces

Right now groov comes as an appliance: the groov Box with the groov software (groov Build and groov View) inside.

Would you like to see the groov software run on other platforms, like maybe a Windows PC? If it did, what advantages would it give you?

What do you think? We'd like to know. Send us an email at marketing@opto22.com


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