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New PAC Project Version Adds Modules, Features

Opto 22 PAC Project Professional automation software suite

Version 9.3003 of the PAC Project Software Suite offers support for new SNAP I/O modules, some handy new features in PAC Display, and in PAC Project Professional, an improved interface for OptoDataLink.

New I/O modules include the SNAP-AIRATE-HFi high-speed analog rate input module, which provides two isolated channels of 2 Hz to 500 kHz signal input, and the SNAP-AOD-29-HFi high-speed analog output module for time proportional output (TPO) and pulse width modulation (PWM), also with two isolated channels. Both modules are now fully supported in PAC Control and PAC Manager.

New features for PAC Display include the ability to export a project to a text file so you can compare the details of one project to another, and the ability to search and replace exact text in tag names, button text, labels, trend pens, and more.

OptoDataLink received a makeover in this version, with improvements such as keyboard shortcuts and better error handling. (OptoDataLink is available as part of PAC Project Pro, or by itself.)

For all the details on these and more features plus bug fixes, see the PAC Project Readme.

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Case Study: Mobile Interface Reduces Staff Travel

groov case study: Union Township

In the Charter Township of Union, Michigan, staff used to have to travel to each equipment location to check on wells, pumping stations, and water treatment plants.

Wastewater Superintendent Michael Dearing and Chief Water Operator Shaun McBride added PCs running HMI software plus remote desktop software to view them, but it wasn't enough.

What they really wanted was a mobile solution to monitor even the smallest installations and check on key process indicators like flow, tank levels, and power consumption.

groov provided the tool they needed. Learn about Dearing and McBride's experience using groov to build a mobile operator interface in the Union Township case study.

Free One-day PAC Class in Massachusetts

Martindale Associates teaches SNAP PAC System classes

Get an introduction to Opto 22 SNAP PAC controllers, I/O, and software in just one day.

Opto 22 Distributor and Certified Trainer Martindale Associates is offering a free jump-start class on December 5th at their offices in the northeastern U.S.

You'll learn about PAC Project software, SNAP PAC controllers, and SNAP I/O. All materials are provided.

SNAP PAC Introductory Class
When: Thursday, December 5th, 2013, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Where: 65 Avco Road, Unit M, Haverhill, MA 01835
Price: No charge.
Space is limited to six people.

Call now for information or to register.
Toll-Free (in the U.S. and Canada): 1-800-447-1191
Email: training@martindaleassoc.com

Tech Tip: DIY PAC Manager Inspect Window

In the last OptoNews we talked about the Status Read screen in PAC Manager's Inspect window. The Inspect window can be a big help in troubleshooting your Opto 22 Ethernet-based system.

The Inspect window does a lot more than just provide status, though. Because you're talking directly to SNAP PAC controllers and I/O units through the Inspect window, you can monitor, control, and configure I/O, network communications, PID control loops, and so much more.

But did you know you could create your own Inspect screen to manage just what you want to? This tech tip shows you how to customize the Inspect window by adding your own button and screen: sort of a do-it-yourself (DIY) project in PAC Manager.

Your custom screen can group together any memory-mapped values from one specific device. Or it can group values from several different devices. You create your screen by building a text file with the file extension .ciw. Once you've built it, it appears in the PAC Manager Inspect window as a menu item under the "Other" button (bottom-left corner of the window).

PAC Manager Inspect window


A custom screen example is in an OptoForum post on PAC Manager, recently updated. Here Mary is using her Opto iPAC app to monitor and control Opto 22 tag values from her iPhone. She wants to assign names, usernames, and passwords for all her Ethernet brains and controllers and change them periodically for security reasons. This is much easier to do if they're all in one place: PAC Manager.

For the details on building the .ciw file and sample files you can download, see the OptoForums post Expanding PAC Manager.

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