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New groovHeads Videos

Google Glass to LED Sign

Want to see something cool you can do with Google Glass?

Need to access your groov mobile interface over the web, but not quite sure how to set it up?

Either way you'll want to check out our new groovHeads YouTube channel. A couple of videos are there now and we'll be adding lots more.

Google Glass to LED Sign!—Ben Orchard shows one of his experiments with Google Glass: he speaks into Glass and the message appears on an LED sign. In the background a Communication Handle command in a PAC Control strategy and a website called If This Then That make it happen. Fun stuff!

Cradlepoint router to groov Box for mobile Internet interface

Cradlepoint and groov—Benson Hougland walks you step by step through configuring a Cradlepoint MBR1200B router so you can use your smartphone to access your groov Box over the Internet, using port forwarding. Concepts are similar for other routers. Note that we do recommend using a virtual private network (VPN) for better security.

Subscribe to the groovHeads channel for more cool and helpful videos. And who knows? We may ask for videos from you, too. Stay tuned.

See groovHeads videos.

Taking Advantage of New Industry Technologies

ARC Industry Forum

Escape to Florida next week and learn how your business can utilize new trends at the 18th annual ARC Advisory Group Industry Forum, February 10-13, in Orlando.

And while you're there, stop by Opto 22's booth to see how your smartphone can securely monitor equipment and systems using a groov operator interface.

This year's forum explores a host of potentially disruptive technologies that are already affecting industrial companies: mobility, wireless, the Internet of Things, predictive analytics, additive manufacturing, cloud computing, and 3D visualization.

What strategies can you adopt to take advantage of new technologies and thrive in this sea of change? Come to the ARC Advisory Group Industry Forum and find out. This year's event is entitled Industry in Transition: The Information Driven Enterprise, and Opto 22 is pleased to be a sponsor as well as an exhibitor.

Register now.

Webinar de groov: Conecte Su Sistema a Su Móvil

groov is the simple way to build and use mobile operator interfaces to automation systems

groov de Opto 22 es la forma más sencilla de crear y utilizar interfaces de operador móviles para prácticamente cualquier sistema o equipo de automatización. En este webinar, nos gustaría mostrarle lo fácil que puede ser.

Con demos en vivo usando equipos locales y remotos, incluyendo los sistemas de automatización de Rockwell/Allen-Bradley y Siemens, aprenderá cómo groov le permite:

  • Supervisar y controlar casi cualquier sistema o equipo desde su interfaz de groov—sistemas de automatización industriales, sistemas de automatización de edificios, sistemas de energía, y más.
  • Corra una interfaz de operador en cualquier dispositivo móvil con un navegador web moderno, independientemente de su tamaño o el sistema operativo en que se ejecuta.
  • Diseñe una interfaz de groov utilizando sólo un navegador web. Sin necesitar Java o plugins. Arrastre y suelte los gadgets para construir pantallas; asocie los gadgets desde su existente base de datos de tags. Sin codificación. Sin programación.

Reserva su lugar en el Webinar ahora.

Fecha: miércoles, 12 de febrero, 2014
Hora: 16:00-16:45 horas (45 minutos incluyendo preguntas y respuestas)

Tech Tip: Using Formulas and Equations in PAC Control

Need polynomial equations in your PAC Control strategy? Not a problem.

polynomial equation in OptoScript

When you have complex math to do, you'll want to use an OptoScript block in your flowchart. And like anything else, an example and a little guidance will make it easy to get the result you want.

This tip comes once again from the OptoForums, this time in answer to a question about velocity and Delta P readings in an air flow station.

The answer not only shows how to express the equation in OptoScript but also provides some general tips for equations in PAC Control. For example, using named variables rather than just x or y, so you can search them easily. And avoiding rounding problems with floats.

For more tips on equations, read the OptoForum post.

Post your questions and answer others on the OptoForums. Forums are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and all it takes to post is a free My.Opto22 account.


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