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New groov Box: Small, Tough, Fanless

GROOV-AR1 groov Box

We're delighted to announce the second-generation groov Box, GROOV-AR1. With solid-state fanless operation, a tiny footprint, and operating temperature of 0 to 70 °C (32 to 158° F), the new groov Box hosts the same easy-to-use groov software.

With groov you can build mobile operator interfaces for just about any automation system and securely use them on virtually any smartphone or tablet. It's the mobile app you build yourself, with no programming.

The new GROOV-AR1 boasts high-performance quad-core processing, gigabit Ethernet interfaces, and USB expansion for wireless LAN interfaces. At just 4.2 x 6.8 x 1.4 inches (106 x 171 x 33 mm), the compact size and rugged design of the groov Box make it perfectly suited for use by OEMs, in machine design, and in harsh industrial environments.

Learn more about the GROOV-AR1:

Order your new groov Box.

B1 and B2 Migration: Optomux Over Ethernet

Optomux over Ethernet architecture

E1 and E2 brain boards are drop-in replacements for B1s and B2s, which have reached their end of life due to the unavailability of essential parts.

  • The digital E1 replaces the B1.
  • The analog E2 replaces the B2.

But the great thing about E1 and E2 brain boards is that they offer new functionality in addition to simple replacement.

E1s and E2s include both serial and Ethernet networking. So while you can continue to run the Optomux protocol over a serial network, you can also run Optomux over Ethernet.

What's the advantage? You can extend your system beyond serial network physical limitations, because Ethernet networking allows multiple hosts and more than 255 I/O units. And the I/O units can be literally anywhere in the world.

All Optomux brain board features are available over Ethernet, and you don't need to change your host software if you use the first E1 or E2 as a serial-to-Ethernet router (see steps in the E1 and E2 Architecture and Migration Overview).

Here's how to do it:

  • 1. Replace your B1s and B2s with E1s and E2s, keeping the same racks and I/O.
  • 2. Retire the serial network except for the PC link to the first brain board, and put all the E1s and E2s on an Ethernet network.
  • 3. Configure the first E1 or E2 as a serial-to-Ethernet router (see the E1 and E2 Architecture and Migration Overview). The first E1 or E2 translates communications between the host and all other I/O units.

And remember that you can acquire data over Ethernet via OPC or Modbus/TCP at the same time.

More on B1 and B2 migration:

Try groov for Free

Get started with the groov free trial video

If you've been thinking about trying groov, now's a good time.

In this short video, Opto 22's Ben Orchard walks you through getting the free trials of both groov Server for Windows and the KEPServerEX tag server, installing them, and building and testing your own groov mobile interface.

Whether you have your eye on the new groov Box or you prefer groov Server, you can try out groov for free right now. The project you build with the free trial can be archived and run on either groov once you purchase.

Watch the groov free trial video.
Read the Getting Started with the groov Free Trial pdf (same steps as in the video).
Get your groov free trial.

Tech Tip: Find Out an IP Address

SNAP PAC S-series controller

Suppose you have an Opto 22 Ethernet-based controller or brain, like a SNAP PAC. It already has an IP address, but you don't know what the address is. How do you find out so you can communicate with it?

Our Product Support Group (PSG) suggests a few solutions.

Use PAC Manager

This is the easiest solution, assuming you can see the white MAC address sticker on the side of the controller or brain and that you have a PC on the same network segment. Remember that SNAP PAC controllers have two MAC addresses (three for a Wired+Wireless device): one MAC for each network interface. Write down the MAC address for the interface that's on the same network as the PC.
1. Open PAC Manager on the PC.
2. From the Tools menu, choose Find OptoMMP Devices (bottom of the list).
3. When the dialog box opens, click Find.
A list appears showing all the Opto 22 Ethernet-based devices with IP addresses compatible with your PC. Find the MAC address of the device you want in the list and then read across to the IP address. You can verify the device type to help make sure you got the right one.

PAC Manager finds all OptoMMP devices


Use Wireshark

Another way to find out the IP address is to sniff Ethernet packets with Wireshark (www.wireshark.org). You still need to know the MAC address of the controller or brain, and you still need to have a computer on the same network segment as the device.
1. Open Wireshark on the PC.
2. Cycle power to the controller or brain. When the SNAP PAC device powers up, it sends a gratuitous ARP.
3. Search the Wireshark Ethernet capture for an ARP from the MAC address of the device, and determine the IP address from there.

Reset to factory defaults

OK, admittedly this doesn't tell you what the IP address is, but if the SNAP PAC controller or brain isn't currently in use, it's the easy way to get going again.

Open the user's guide for your controller or brain and find the instructions to reset the device to factory defaults—usually in the Maintenance chapter.

If you don't have the guide, you can get it on www.opto22.com. Search on the controller's or brain's part number, for example SNAP-PAC-R2. Follow the results link and when the product page opens, click the Documents tab. Locate the user's guide in the list and download it.

For next time...

One way to help avoid this problem in the future is to write the unit's IP address on the MAC Address sticker as soon as you assign it. We've left space so you can do exactly that.

Questions? Contact Opto 22 Product Support.


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