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New SNAP I/O Connects to HART Devices

HART SNAP I/O modules

Now you can integrate HART® (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) smart devices such as field-mounted process transmitters and analyzers with your SNAP PAC System.

Communicate status, diagnostics, configuration, and other information with smart HART devices using the SNAP-AIMA-iH analog input module and the SNAP-AOA-23-iH analog output module.

Both modules use a 4-20 mA current loop with the HART protocol superimposed on top. HART is the most widely used digital communications protocol in process automation, and now you can communicate with HART current loop devices and use their data.

HART SNAP I/O modules mount alongside other analog, digital, and serial modules on a standard SNAP PAC mounting rack with a SNAP PAC brain or rack-mounted controller.

Learn more about the new HART SNAP I/O modules.

HART, ODBC, More in New PAC Project 9.4

PAC Project Basic

With PAC Project 9.4, just released, you have some great new options:

  • Integrate HART field devices using the new HART SNAP I/O modules. We've added nine new PAC Control commands just for HART.
  • Configure lead-compensated point types on SNAP-AIRTD analog temperature input modules (SNAP-AIRTD, SNAP-AIRTD-1K, and SNAP-AIRTD-10).
  • In PAC Display, use an ODBC database to log SuperTrend, Historic Log, and Runtime Operator data files.
  • Import graphics in Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format to your PAC Display projects.
  • Use Unicode text for international characters in PAC Display Runtime.
  • Import and export flash memory images for SNAP PAC SB (serial) brains in PAC Manager.
  • Run PAC Project on Windows 8.1.

See all the new features and more in the PAC Project 9.4 Release Notes.
Get PAC Project 9.4!

Trade Show in Utrecht Now

World of Technology and Science 2014

Join OptoDistributor Mulder-Hardenburg and Opto 22's Gerhard Kreiling at the largest industrial trade show in the Netherlands, going on right now.

Come to Stand 9C082 at World of Technology and Science, and see groov in action.

Four worlds—Automation, Laboratory, Motion & Drives, and Electronics—will exhibit in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. And the co-located Macropak, the European Dairy Industry Show, and Industrial Processing will offer more contact options to visitors from industrial, healthcare, and science backgrounds.

World of Technology and Science
When: 30 September - 03 October, 2014
Where: Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Netherlands
Free Tickets available now!

Shellshock: Are Opto 22 Products Affected?

Shellshock security vulnerability

You've probably heard news reports about the Shellshock bug, a recent security threat that could allow hackers access to web servers and computers, not just to get data from them but even to take control.

Safe from Shellshock—Most Opto 22 products are completely safe from Shellshock, as they do not use the Linux Bash shell. Safe products include:

  • SNAP PAC controllers and brains
  • Earlier SNAP products, including Ethernet I/O and Ultimate I/O
  • E1 and E2 brain boards

IMPORTANT: Install security updategroov Boxes do use the Bash shell. For security, update groov Admin for all groov Boxes:


The groov Box is designed with multiple layers of defenses to prevent anyone's exploiting vulnerabilities like Shellshock, and so far, tests have been unable to exploit it. BUT just to be sure, we urge all groov Box administrators to install the latest groov Admin update, which eliminates the Shellshock vulnerability from the system. See more details and steps to install the update in the OptoKnowledgeBase article.

Other Systems—In addition to updating your groov Box, make sure you apply all recommended updates from reliable sources to any Unix, Linux, or Apple web servers and computers you have. You can find out more about the Shellshock vulnerability here:

Questions? As always, if you have any questions or need help, contact Opto 22 Product Support. Product Support is free.


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