Opto 22 Campus - Main Building Virtual Tour

Virtual Tours of the Opto 22 Campus:

Main Building


Yes, that’s a real person there at the reception desk, who answers your calls and greets you as you enter the building. 

While you’re here, take a look at the awards wall on the left, including a special thank you from James Cameron for our help in his successful record-setting exploration of the Marianas Trench—and his safe return.

Training Classroom

This room is where you attend our groov EPIC Premium Factory Training. With your own Opto 22 hardware and PC setup, other automation professionals as fellow students, and an experienced instructor, this is a great way to learn what you need for your automation or IIoT application. 

In-person, hands-on training resumed in 2023 so check our schedule of classes and availability.  If you can't make the trip to Opto 22 headquarters, you can still learn all about groov EPIC, as well as other Opto 22 products, through our free online training.

Conference Room

Our main conference room has seen some history: the first draft of the OPC Specification was signed at this huge granite table. Opto 22 was one of five founding members of the OPC Task Force (later the OPC Foundation), formed to develop standards for interoperability among vendors' products. (Of the original five members, only two are still in business: Opto 22 and Microsoft Corporation.)

Downstairs Hallway

What’s so exciting about a hallway? There’s a little history here, too. Look closely at the framed items on both sides. These are old Opto 22 ads, and they give you a sense of how long we’ve been in business and the kinds of products we introduced in the early years.

This hall also leads to Studio 22, where we shoot many of our videos, and to the Training Room.