Opto 22 Campus - Manufacturing Virtual Tour

Virtual Tours of the Opto 22 Campus:



Yes, Opto 22 products are manufactured in the U.S.A., right here in our factory in Temecula, California. The guts of newer products are built here in the clean surface-mount machine room, where tiny parts in rolls are picked and placed on PCB boards. 

Products are assembled and tested in adjacent areas of the factory, and it’s true what you’ve heard: we don’t do batch testing. We literally test every hardware part we sell, so you know it will work when you get it. 

Receiving and Product Carousel

This massive product carousel, two stories high, is pretty cool when it’s in action. Designed and built in-house using Opto 22 controls, the whole carousel swings around to automatically present the parts to be picked for use in manufacturing. 

Turn to the right and you’ll see the warehouse, with stocked parts ready for shipping. Typically we stock one month’s worth of raw materials, have one month’s worth of products in production, and keep another month’s worth ready on the shelves to ship to you. 


We ship all over the world to customers and distributors in nearly every country. Because we normally stock raw materials and finished products and manufacture our products in the U.S.A., you’ll usually experience no delay getting what you need. 

Under current conditions, however, our stock is fluctuating with supply chain variability, and you may see some products marked “Call for Availability.” Contact us and we’ll let you know about shipping these.