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Climate Control

408 Mersea Rd 3
Leamington, Ontario N8H3V5
Phone: 519 322 2515


  • ​Canada

Signature Projects

  • US Military: greenhouse for base food production, Korea.
  • MCM Farms: complete control system with nutrient control and ozone treatment for zero discharge operation.
  • Agriculture Canada: Harrow Research facility for fertilization and irrigation control
  • Global projects related to restricted water usage

Partner Overview

Climate Control Systems Inc. has been manufacturing greenhouse automation systems since 1985. We carry 3 flagship products all designed to help growers maximize crop yields and help with water conservation and energy savings for commercial greenhouse operations worldwide.

With major leaps forward in water purification, recycling, and reducing energy consumption, Climate Control Systems Inc. is sought after internationally for greenhouse automation technology. We have dedicated ourselves to produce innovative technology that will not only save growers time and money, but also conserve the environment that surrounds them.

Our systems have been installed in Canada, US, Mexico, and abroad.

Applications Experience

  • Industrial Automation: 20 years
  • Remote Monitoring: 15 years
  • Data Acquisition: 10 years
  • M2M/IIoT: 10 years


Since Climate Control Systems has developed its own sensors, fertilizer, irrigation, and cooling platforms, we utilize just about every product in the Opto 22 arsenal.

The SNAP PAC system is our go-to platform for climatic control. SoftPAC PC-based control is utilized to develop custom control requests from Building Management companies seeking to integrate living walls, green rooftops, and other novel building envelope enhancements.

Presently our developers are building a robust remote access control product based on groov.

We have also been researching the integration of the OptoEMU energy monitoring unit into the climatic control system, to provide more transparency into the cost per meter of crop production.

Product Experience - Hardware

  • groov EPIC
  • Optomux
  • Custom hardware
  • Environmental temperature, humidity, sensors

Product Experience - Software

  • PAC Project/ioProject
  • Custom software
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Database/enterprise