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JSat Automation Inc.

1730 Walton Rd Suite 100
Blue Bell, PA 19422
Phone: 297-903-1800
Website: www.jsatautomation.com
Additonal website: www.jsatone.com
Email: sales@jsatautomation.com


  • United States
  • Puerto Rico
  • Asia
  • Europe

Signature Projects

JSat deployed a SCADA cloud-based system that connects to groov EPIC controllers at a Life Science client site. This is a huge step forward for the life science industry since it is a cloud first deployment. The groov EPIC controllers allowed us to do this in a compliant way for the Pharmaceutical/Life Science industry. The use of groov EPIC controllers allowed us to accomplish this in a reliable and secure way with minimal site requirements.


Partner Overview

JSat Automation is a global, full service, SCADA & MES Software-as-a-Service, operational Consulting, Systems Integration & Validation firm headquartered in “Blue Bell PA USA”. JSat Automation provides its client base with innovative and progressive operational consulting, engineering, data integration, and information technology solutions. JSat Automation is focused on Industry 4.0 and Pharma 4.0 implementations.

Key to the continued success of JSat Automation is the ability to provide competitively priced, value-added professional services to its customers. The quality and value of the services currently provided by JSat Automation (as supported by our customer service surveys) are superior to those offered by competitors. JSat Automation utilizes domain specific process and technical knowledge, flexibility, innovative business concepts and economies of scale to offer its’ clients solutions that will save money in development time, startup costs and total cost of ownership. Also, by operating as a fully integrated industrial automation, validation and information technology professional services business, the company continually creates business value for its customers by improving their product quality, safety performance and productivity while providing innovative perspectives on cost reduction, reliability and asset utilization.

The industries served by JSat Automation include Chemical & Fine Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences & Biotechnology, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Water/Wastewater, Discrete manufacturing, Cement, Metals, and Energy industries, as well as large engineering and construction firms. By carefully analyzing customers’ needs, business objectives and operations, JSat Automation functions as an extension of in-house engineering & IT groups, thus supporting the industry trend of outsourcing technical services.

The JSat Automation concept provides an efficient cost-effective approach to implementation of projects that allows it to establish long-term relationships as a technical partner with its customers. Coupled with our reputation for superior quality services, these long-term partnerships result in a broad base of well known, reliable, repeat customers.

JSat Automation was founded to offer “next generation” systems integration services that “Bring Shared Vision and Integration to Engineering and IT”. The key is JSat Automation three-prong strategy. We will provide Industrial Automation (IA) functions in conjunction with Information Technology (IT) services and information to industry (i2i) capabilities. Our core strength lies in a talented and committed team of engineers, project managers and process specialists enabling us to provide unique, turnkey solutions to our customers.


Applications Experience

  • Industrial Automation
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Data Acquisition
  • M2M/IIoT
  • SaaS
  • MES

Product Experience - Hardware

  • groov EPIC
  • groov RIO

Product Experience - Software

  • groov Server for Windows
  • Ignition/Ignition Edge
  • IoT Platform
  • Linux SSH
  • Node-RED
  • PAC Project
  • Custom Software
  • Third Party Integration
  • Database/Enterprise


  • Academics/Research
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Buildings & Facilities
  • Cement
  • Chemical
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Energy Management
  • Energy/Power Distribution
  • Energy/Power Generation
  • Food & Beverage
  • Glass
  • Government/Defense/Homeland Security
  • Green/Sustainability
  • HVAC
  • Machine-to-machine (M2M)
  • Material Handling
  • Medical
  • Oil & Gas Refining/Storage/Distribution
  • Other Discrete Manufacturing Markets
  • Other Process Control Markets
  • Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology
  • Pulp/Paper
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Retail/Commercial
  • Robotics
  • Rubber/Plastics
  • Security
  • Semiconductor
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Water/Wastewater