About Canary

Canary is a process data historian solution that allows you to collect and store your data, assign context to that data, and maximize your operation with better decisions.

Virtual Views lets you easily organize your tags into asset models. Calculation Server lets you create calculated tags and also includes over 70 predefined functions. Canary also includes Event Monitoring, which helps you create condition-based rules that you can apply to your asset models.

The Canary Historian is a NoSQL time-series database that uses lossless compression algorithms to give you high-speed performance without requiring data interpolation. Canary offers a wide variety of Data Collectors, letting you capture data from a wide variety of devices and PLCs. Watch the Canary Whiteboard Explainer video below for a more detailed explanation.

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Integration with Opto 22

Opto 22’s groov EPIC edge programmable industrial controller and groov RIO Ethernet edge I/O natively support the MQTT Sparkplug B communication protocol. Since MQTT Sparkplug B is offered as one of Canary's Data Collector options, data transfer between the groov products and Canary is plug and play.

The Canary Sparkplug B collector lets you subscribe to MQTT topics and filter the tags you wish to historize, and then auto-discovers any new tags that are added to your topic subscriptions.

What problems can it solve?

Do you find it difficult to put your data to work? Many industrial companies do. Maybe you have an overwhelming amount of unused process data, data that requires too much hands-on maintenance, or data trapped in legacy systems. Your company may even lack automation in data workflows, either relying on manual data collection or not having data available in any form.

New or additional process control. If you need to add real-time control to replace a manual system or extend data collection to new processes, Opto 22’s groov EPIC system offers traditional monitoring and control, local data processing, and the MQTT communication abilities to get that data safely and efficiently to Canary. 

Trapped data. If you need to get data that’s locked in proprietary machines and processes, groov RIO edge I/O can connect directly to sensors and actuators in parallel with existing systems, to gain needed data without disturbing them. Then, like groov EPIC, groov RIO can communicate that data via MQTT to Canary.

With Canary, you don’t need previous database experience or specialized training to easily collect and store data. You can contextualize data to make it easy to access and understand, and use the integrated analytics tools. You can also control data by automated workflows, scheduled reports, and an easy to use trending and dashboard tool.


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