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OBSOLETE RS-232 to 422/485 Converter

Production Specification

*** NOTE: This part is obsolete and no longer available when current stock is depleted. ***

RS-232 to 422/485 Converter

AC7 [Obsolete when inventory is depleted]

Power Requirements
(Optical Isolation Mode)

200mA @ +5 VDC
50 mA @ +12 VDC      Voltage Tolerace = ±0.1 VDC
50 mA @ -12 VDC

Power Requirements
(Non-Isolated Mode)

200 mA @ +12 VDC VDC 5      Voltage Tolerace = ±0.1
0 mA @ -12 VDC

Temperature Range

0 °C to 70 °C
0 to 95% Humidity (non-condensing)


4,000 VAC (RS-232 to RS-422)

RS-232 Interface

25-pin, DB-25 female connector

RS-422/485 Interface

Screw terminals

Baud Rate

Up to 38,400 baud
(Boards earlier than Rev.1 are limited to 19,200 baud)

RS-232 Distance

Up to 50 feet

RS-422/485 Distance

Up to 5,000 feet


RS-422 full duplex over two twisted pairs and a signal common.
Shielded cable recommended.
Does not support RS-485 2-wire mode (see AC7A/B)


Transmit, Receive


RS232 to RS422/485 Converter Data Sheet

The AC7 is a stand-alone adapter card that converts RS-232 serial communication to RS-422 serial communication, which is directly compatible with the  Optomux brain boards .

AC7A - AC7B Users Guide

This document gives instructions for installing the AC7A/B adapter card in an Optomux network in 4-wire RS-422/485 mode with a PC and how to communicate with equipment other Optomux.

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