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Availability: Obsolete
OBSOLETE SNAP Analog/Digital Brain, mistic/Optomux Protocol

Production Specification

**NOTE: The B3000 is obsolete and no longer available as of October 2009, due to the unavailability of essential parts.**

If you need a replacement for a B3000 used with the mistic protocol, see the B3000-B.

To replace a B3000 used with Optomux, see the B3000-B-OMUX.

NOTE: If you have an existing B3000 and need to purchase additional SNAP I/O modules to use with it, see Legacy and Current Product Comparison and Compatibility Charts for compatibility information.
Specifications are not currently available for this product.

Legacy and Current SNAP Product Comparison and Compatibility Charts

This document compares SNAP PAC System hardware and software with legacy Opto 22 SNAP systems and provides compatibility information in a series of detailed charts.

If you're combining SNAP PAC System components with older SNAP hardware and software, see Form #1688, the SNAP PAC System Migration Technical Note.

SNAP Analog/Digital Mistic/Optomux Brain Data Sheet

**** This product is obsolete and no longer available. ****
Please contact Opto 22 Pre-Sales engineers to discuss options for your specific application.

The B3000 is a high-performance I/O processor used to remotely control a mix of both analog and digital I/O modules using Opto 22's SNAP I/O B Series I/O mounting racks

Serial B3000 Firmware README

Serial B3000 Firmware README

Mistic Installation Guide

Guide for configuring and installing the Mistic 200 System.

Misticware Manual

The Misticware I/O driver is a software package designed to simplify communications with Mistic protocol I/O units.

Mistic Protocol User's Guide

This manual describes the communication protocol required to communicate with all Mistic brain board types. Every Mistic command is fully explained and illustrated by a programming example.

Tech Note: Using the B3000 in Custom Apps and 3rd-Party Drivers

This technical note describes how to configure module types used with B3000 brains when using a custom application or third-party driver that supports the mistic or Optomux Protocol but does not support configuring module types for the B3000. The information in this technical note does not apply to the B3000-B.

SNAP PAC System Migration Technical Note

This document describes migration options for customers integrating the SNAP PAC System with older Opto 22 systems. It explains the SNAP PAC System's similarities and differences with earlier systems, defines legacy products, and shows how to mix old and new hardware.

Customers moving to the SNAP PAC System may also want to consult form #1693, Legacy and Current Product Comparison and Compatibility Charts.

Technical Note: Using Offset and Gain

This technical note shows you how to set offset and gain for Opto 22 analog input modules.

Caso: Redes de Distribución de Agua en Monterrey, México (Spanish)

Caso sobre la automización de un amplio sistema acuífero en la ciudad de Monterrey, NL en México. (Case study describing a large water/wastewater control project in the city of Monterrey, Mexico. Document is in Spanish.)

CE Declaration: Low Voltage

This document is the Manufacturer's Declaration for the listed products as mentioned in the attachment - to which this confirmation refers - that they are in accordance with the mentioned European, international and/or national standards and regulations.

AutoCAD Drawings

This file contains AutoCAD drawings of Opto 22 products dating from 1988 to 2003. These are the same drawings that have been available on our BBS. Included is an Excel file describing the file names and relevant Opto 22 part numbers.


Mistic I/O is a serial (RS422/485) protocol allowing up to 4,096 I/O points (per serial link) to be connected to a computer or Mistic controller used with Mistic-protocol brains and brain boards such as the B100, B200, and B3000. For use with Mistic controllers and I/O.

Mistic I/O Scanning Utility

Mistic I/O is a serial (RS422/485) protocol allowing up to 4,096 I/O points (per serial link) to be connected to a computer or Mistic controller used with Mistic-protocol brains and brain boards such as the B100, B200, and B3000. For Microsoft Windows 95/Windows NT users.

Optomux Protocol drivers and utilities

This file installs drivers for E1, E2, B1, B2, and serial B3000 and B3000-B brains. It is based on the "iolib_optomux.dll" library. This toolkit is recommended for all new Optomux-based applications because it supports Optomux communications over both Ethernet and serial networks.

The toolkit can emulate the interface that the earlier library "OptoMWD.dll" provided; however, using this interface is not required. This legacy interface capability is included to help an existing OptoMWD.dll user make a smoother migration to this newer toolkit. The legacy utilities OptoScan and OmuxUser are also included.

This toolkit is compatible with Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systems. It is not compatible with .NET programming languages.


This file is used to configure analog I/O channels on the B3000 serial brain. Snapio.exe is typically used for applications with 3rd party software such as Wonderware or Intellution and a Mistic or Optomux protocol driver. After configuring the analog channels, the configuration is stored to flash in the B3000 serial brain, and your the third party software can read and write the I/O values.

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