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FactoryFloor Software

Production Specification

FactoryFloor is Opto 22's legacy suite of industrial control software applications for solving control automation problems, building easy-to-use operator interfaces, and expanding your manufacturing systems’ connectivity. It includes OptoControl, a graphical flowchart-based development environment with optional scripting, OptoDisplay, a full-featured HMI with advanced trending, and OptoServer, an OPC/DDE server. Compatibility: Windows 2000, Windows XP.

NOTE: The PAC Project software suite is recommended for new development. PAC Project Basic includes all the software you need for most automation and monitoring applications. For OPC and database connectivity, legacy mistic controller support, segmented networking, or Ethernet link redundancy, choose PAC Project Professional.
Installation Requirements:
  • A computer with at least the minimum processor required for your version of Microsoft® Windows® (1 GHz Pentium®-class or better recommended). If using an M4-series controller with M4SENET-100 Ethernet adapter card, must have Ethernet capability. Must also have an RS-232 serial port and serial cable for downloading firmware updates to a controller.
  • Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 2000® workstation operating system with the most recent service packs.
  • VGA or higher resolution monitor (Super VGA recommended)
  • Mouse or other pointing device. Printer optional.
  • At least 128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
  • At least 180 MB of available hard drive space

FactoryFloor Software Data Sheet

FactoryFloor is a suite of industrial control software programs offering an unprecedented level of price and performance to PC-based automation users.

OptoDisplay Readme Notes

Latest readme for PAC OptoDisplay. Includes information on bug fixes, new features, and enhancements.

FactoryFloor 4.1 Release Notes

Release notes for FactoryFloor version 4.1


OptoControl Command Reference

Command reference for OptoControl software, part of the legacy FactoryFloor software suite


OptoControl User's Guide

User's guide for OptoControl software, part of the legacy FactoryFloor software suite


OptoDisplay User's Guide

User's guide for OptoDisplay software, part of the legacy FactoryFloor software suite


OptoServer User's Guide

User's guide for OptoServer software, part of the legacy FactoryFloor software suite

Finding FactoryFloor Documents

Overview of available documents and built-in resources for FactoryFloor software.

FactoryFloor Master Glossary

Master Glossary for FactoryFloor software suite

FactoryFloor to PAC Project Migration Technical Note

This document describes how to migrate from FactoryFloor to PAC Project Professional.

OptoControl 4.0 Beginner's QRC

Beginner's Guide to OptoControl Commands (version 4.0). Also includes frequently used OptoControl commands.

OptoControl 4.1 Commands QRC

Quick Reference Card for OptoControl Commands (version 4.1). Includes standard and OptoScript commands.

FactoryFloor PCI ARCNET

This document includes instructions and troubleshooting information when using PCI-ARCNET adapter cards with FactoryFloor.

Cyrano to OptoControl Migration Technical Note

Those who have used Opto 22’s Cyrano 200 Visual Control Language and are now making the switch to OptoControl or PAC Control will need this document's instructions on converting a Cyrano strategy to OptoControl. This document also provides a brief run-down of the major differences between Cyrano and OptoControl, as well as a comparison between the command sets for the two languages.

Customers moving to PAC Control from Cyrano must complete the intermediate step of converting Cyrano strategies to OptoControl; they will also need form #1692, the FactoryFloor to PAC Project Migration Technical Note.

OptoControl 3.1 Beginner's QRC

Beginner's Guide to OptoControl Commands (version 3.1d). Also includes frequently used OptoControl commands.

OptoControl 3.1 Commands QRC

Quick Reference Card for OptoControl Commands (version 3.1d).

FactoryFloor and SNAP Control System Overview

A single page overview describing the roles of the different components of a FactoryFloor and SNAP based control system.

OptoControl SDK

The OptoControl SDK includes example material showing how to call Opto 22 drivers when communicating with Opto 22 FactoryFloor-based controllers. This version has been updated for FactoryFloor R4.0.

BETA version of OptoDisplay Software

This download contains a BETA version of Opto 22's OptoDisplay HMI software.

Beta Version Disclaimer:

OptoDisplay is a legacy product, which is no longer getting new features and no longer going through official release cycles. Beta versions of the software are made available as-is for those who need the related bug fixes.

In general, beta versions will include bug fixes since the last official release, without adding new features. This usually enhances product stability without introducing unwanted side effects. Beta versions for legacy products have been through basic testing only, and will not be formally tested.

Ultimately, the choice will be up to the user as to whether the benefit of using the beta version is worth the risk. We simply want to make the beta version available so that you have options.

Ethernet Controller Driver - Linux

A demo that's like the OptoTerm program for Windows. It demonstrates how to retrieve strategy information from the controller and other simple information. This package only supports an Ethernet interfaced controller (SNAP-LCM4, M4, or M4RTU).

FactoryFloor patch for PCI ARCNET card

Software patch for using FactoryFloor software with a PCI adapter card for connecting to ARCNET networks.

Note: See the included README file for installation and configuration instructions.

OptoControl R4.1f Patch

OptoControl R4.1f software patch for OptoControl, part of the Opto 22 FactoryFloor software suite.

OptoTerm Utility for OptoControl Controllers

This download contains a full installation of the most recent version of OptoTerm, a software utility for:

  • Downloading new firmware to an OptoControl-based controller.
  • Viewing the status of an OptoControl-based controller.

PAC Display, ioDisplay, and OptoDisplay Patch

This software patch for PAC Display, ioDisplay, and OptoDisplay software replaces the problematic Borland C++ Runtime library file cw3220.dll, which caused random crashes in PAC Display, ioDisplay, and OptoDisplay.

For installation instructions and more information, see Opto 22 KnowledgeBase article KB 80147.

No videos or demos are available for this product.